I have a dream, one with a sequel

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so, this dream came in two parts. I can’t remember if it was over two nights or one, but when I woke from the second to felt as though the first happened previously.

Dream one

It’s my first day at university and I’m attending a group of some kind (more of an impromptu meeting than a lecture). There are around 8 people there of different sizes and shapes- almost like a TV shows disparate groups of characters. Initially I don’t fit in with the group but over time my unique social skills win them round and the group becomes friendly.

Dream two
Time has passed and the group is friendly, however there is a big falling out.

I’m sat on top of Poole sculpture when I see flashing lights that somehow tell me someone loves me. Sliding down the sculpture I find a girl from the group. She looks familiar but I can’t place her (In real life). She laughs that I slid down the sculpture with the bird poo on it.

We reminisce about how we got close- apparently early in the ‘group’ meeting I helped her home after she broke a heel

I walk her home and we encounter her housemates who seem to know who I am, though we haven’t met. they leave to give us ‘space’

We go to her room (inches bigger than a single bed) when two others from the group turn up, they decide to play a board game in the kitchen whilst me and the girl stay in her room. We kiss briefly.

No doubt Rox will be annoyed about this one, but it wasn’t real and was set well before we met (with a group of people I never met)

I have a dream, of damage and repairs

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so, yesterday the landlord was in fixing a minor wallpaper tear (it was a tiny one but of course the children picked at it) and of course my stupid brain incorporated it into my broken sleep
The landlords just left after patching holes in my house, which is converted from my old games workshop store, and I go upstairs to find someone has snuck in, taken the wallpaper and made two large holes in the wall. As well as this they’ve graffitied two words ‘twit’ and another I can’t recall now (equally tame). As I’m wondering how I can fix it without upsetting the landlord a group of builders turn up with chipboard and cover the wall entirely. Apparently a different landlord has fixed it as part of a regeneration of the buildings in the street. At this point I remember there are high value toys behind the walls and consider how to get to them without rebreaking the wall.

I have a dream, of children in peril 

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so, I just had a short nap that felt far longer and this occurred 
I was putting the children to bed in my grandfathers house and after doing so led down for a short one myself .

Upon waking (in dream) I found the boy at the top of steep stairs and the girl having some kind of fit and sweating a white powder.

Following this I entered the kitchen to find a variety of women I’ve known- some important some not, some related some I’ve barely met- preparing a meal.

Having now woken up it occurs to me I have indeed just put the children to bed and had a short doze, I should check them

The children are fine and there isn’t a harem of women in the kitchen either, mores the pity

I have a dream, appointments at uni

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So, there hasn’t been a dream post for a while- Iv been dreaming but not remembering them beyond vague memories on waking. I also haven’t been sleeping well so probably less dreaming anyway
I’m running around my old university campus with Myles in my backpack to get him to an important hospital appointment but everyone I ask for directions gives me a different direction. After getting stuck in a locker room and bumping into polar bears and penguins I finally give up as its half an hour after my appointment. 

I reach reception to let them know I won’t be making it and bump into two French people I lived with in my final year (they were awful). I take off my bag to show off the boy only to find he’s gone. Running outside I see him excitedly sprinting towards a bus. He trips and the bus goes over him, completely missing him.

As it passes I lift the boy and worry about Rox finding out.

I have a dream, of relationships and weirdness

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So, another weird dream last night. It was a long and a lot of details have faded (and more are fading the more I try to get hold of it) so I’ll get straight into it

I’m walking down the street in my old home village when i bump into an ex girlfriend whos crying. I naturally ask if she’s ok, but she’s just lost a baby. I introduce her to myles and we go to the village library where we lose one of myles’ shoes- but replace it with one from a lost property bag.
As we’re leaving the library we bump into my my partner and my ex girlfriends parents. They all take Myles back to my mums house, whilst I get in the car with my sister and she drives me home. She then proceeds to show off by racing into the driveway and crashing into the house in the process. Pulling away from the house she does exactly the same thing again, before doing it a third time- this time covering us both in glass as the back end of her car is destroyed.
I go into the house to find my partner resting on the sofa with my ex girlfriends parents whilst my ex girlfriend is doing the same next to my mum.
At this point I realise things could be very awkward (it hadn’t occurred previously).
Next I’m eating Mexican food in a dark room with someone I went to school with, with the occasional passer by also looking like old school friends. The guys school time girlfriend sits down,eats some food that had been sitting there and asks me when I’m going to choose which girl I’m going to upset- this hasn’t come up previously.
Suddenly I have a timer infront of my face with one minute thirty two seconds ticking down.
My mind flashes over every ex girlfriend (I think) and I’m faced with a choice- not sure why I’m suddenly choosing all of them. Come to think of it I’m not sure why I’m choosing at all.
We’re back in my mums house where my parents and my ex girlfriends parents have decided I’m better off keeping both of them as they both need someone to look after them- physically and mentally each. I’m given no say and the two girls are too tired to argue.


I wouldn’t know where to start in understanding the dream, the ex girlfriend isn’t someone Iv known in many years (though I suspect the faces are random in dreams) and I’m certainly not looking to cohabit with ex girlfriends or swap out rox for anyone (shed probably suggest I’d swap her for some peace and quiet).
In fact I’m not even going to try and decipher it

I have a dream, of giving out my number

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So, I haven’t done a dream post in ages- not because I haven’t been dreaming (I have), but because my dreams have either been mundane and barely memorable or interspersed with other small dreams and untranslatable by morning, but last night I had a dream which was mundane yet memorable.

I had been in a hotel for a few days (it was attached to a bar very similar to my local pub) and was just packing my suitcase to check out but was running a bit late.
The maid came in to clean the room whilst I was finishing my packing and burst into tears. (The maid had a familiar face but I can’t remember now where from) Being a gentleman I asked if all was ok. I forget the next chunk, but after comforting her (and I believe getting the reason for the tears) I gave her my number and said she could call me if she needed to talk. At this point my phone rang and it was my partner.
When I hung up the maid slapped me for giving her my number when I had a girlfriend, which was a little unfair as it was entirely innocent- not that I’m in the habit of giving out my number.

When I told my partner this morning she had s grump on, so clearly I was wrong to try to help my imaginary maid.

I have a dream, of sitting in a pub and fishing

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So, another big weird diary dream, this one a bit dull. I suspect there was more to it that I didn’t write down/remember.

Me and some friends are in the woodville pub in Cardiff. We’re all having a good time when my sister arrives to take me home. She drives too fast and crashed into the back of a postvan, fortunately the doors opened as we crashed so we just landed in bags of letters.

To make up for it, another dull one.

Me and my friend MGJ were fishing in his boat (he doesn’t have one). I fell in and get washed away. He managed to drag me in with a net. We were surprised an iPhone in my pocket still worked when wet. Then we discussed iPhone apps with someone called adrian.

I have a dream, of church visits and a short one

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So, another entry from the big weird diary, I must have have some disturbed sleep at the time.

Me, Dainton (of dirty Sanchez fame), mb, gas and two or three others are in Cardiff, we pass through a church because it’s a shortcut (?). Only a few of us put money in the donation box and the priest locks the door for not giving alms.

Also, another short dream one.

I’m disappointed I’d forgotten most of this one before writing it down, but I’m at a bar with my friend rl and he has a babies body and limbs, but his adult head, which is quite large anyway

I really do wish I’d remembered more of this one

I have a dream, of pigs

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So, another dream from my big weird diary. And this one vivid enough that I still remember the pain.

Me and my sister go to buy some pet pigs, I find one I like and it likes me, it’s pink and black.
The other pigs start biting me and I think it’s jealousy, but then I look down and realise there are bright pink pigs two inches long that Iv been stepping on.
Then the pig I want starts biting me, but doesn’t have any teeth.

Yeah a weird one

I have a dream, of a random journey

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So, another dream. This one came from my big weird diary, so it’s a few years old

Me, ant, bf, ro and a guy I worked with called troy decide to walk from Cardiff to Bournemouth but turn back after one day, then try again the next.
This annoys bf immensely.

The names have been edited obviously

This was a weird one, I suspect if you looked into dream meanings you’d say I was feeling like I was on a stalled journey and wasn’t moving forward with the friends I had at the time, and the work colleague (who I barely knew) signified Sainsbury’s was also a dead end to me.

I don’t read into dreams a great deal, I think I was just weird