Month: November 2014

Films, Alexander’s really awful crappy day

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So, another daddy daughter trip to the cinema. The cinemas always a good option because it’s simple, but there was a terrifyingly heartbreaking moment when I learnt the children’s film every day was the ‘Frozen’ singalong, but fortunately Alexander’s crap day was also on. I can’t remember the full title so I apologise.

Yep, it was entertaining, and even quite funny at some points. I personally felt it was another example of a film that can’t decide between being a kids or adult film and it needed to be either less or more risqué. The girl didn’t laugh a great deal, but there were a good number of chuckles, a few giggles and then suddenly Steve carrell chases a kangaroo and she’s shrieking.
The big realisation for me was that Jennifer garner has reached a point in her career where she’s just a generic character in these films- Steve carrell too to a point, but he’s had some success and can afford to relax- she’s at an age where there clearly aren’t any outstanding roles for her, but she’s a good enough actress’s to keep getting cast in films. I’ll have to look into that, a lot of her films seem to be the same situation.

Anyway the film was entertaining, a good time was had with the girl and I got to spend some money on geeky stuff too.

My geek box November opening

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So, my Christmas present from my other half (still not settled on a name, part two of that post needs to be written) is a six month subscription to my geek box ( #MYGEEKBOX )
Obviously it isn’t christmas just yet but I was allowed to open the November box on arrival, but I’v been told I need to hold onto the December box until Christmas Day.
Well I returned from my weekend in liverpool to my first box and got to opening it as soon as possible- by which I mean after I’d unloaded the car, reloaded the car, driven the inlaws to the airport, had dinner, driven back from the airport, put the kids to bed, sorted the bins, sorted the recycling, sorted the dishwasher, made my partner a coffee and sat down.
After all that I opened up the box,


A box. Full of geeky goodness.


Another box, the actual box. This months theme was ‘best of british’ so I’m about to uncover a hoard of British themed geeky goodness.


It’s nicely filled, all is good.


First out of the box, a red dalek that shouts two phrases “you would make a good dalek” and the obvious “exterminate!!!” A good fun item that has already been claimed by the boy, who ultimately will probably end up with most of my geeky stuff one day anyway


A 2000AD comic. Iv been picking up 2000AD for the last couple of months but had missed a few so this was a pleasant addition to the box to get me buying them again


A metal Baker Street sign, from Sherlock Holmes, another cool item, though I have no idea where I’ll put it. Iv been contemplating decorating my man cave so it could attach to the drop down table front surround by a few posters.


The only thing in the box I’m not too fussed on, thunderbirds shot glasses. I think they’re cool, but I don’t remember the last time I had a shot, let alone one at home. Again, I like them but they don’t serve any purpose to me. What’s cool though is that there is one for each of the main thunderbirds craft with an image of each on a glass.


These I’d almost missed in the bottom of the box, a packet of dennis the menace sweets, they’re call weirds which is quite fitting as they are a bit weird, something between millions and dweebs/nerds but with a sogginess that isn’t right for either


And finally the monthly t shirt, which is going to be the most functionally useful item most months (at a guess). My initial thoughts were “this is huge” and “I don’t like white tshirts” and then I saw the front image and tried it on and all was good, it fits and a red dwarf star bug schematic is cool.

And that’s that, my first month over and I’m pretty happy.
Next months theme is ‘geekmas’ so I’m a little curious as to how that will manifest, there’s a whole host of geeky Christmas films, Christmas specials etc and I’m sure there’s merchandise for everything that has a Santa hat, so we’ll see how we go.

Family guy the quest for stuff and simpsons tapped out comedy moments

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So, Iv been playing family guy the quest for stuff for a while, it’s exactly like the simpsons tapped out but with family guy characters. I’m also still playing tapped out, even if it’s getting a little lame.

Everytime I see something humorous Iv been screenshotting it with the intention of blogging it once I get the chance. Unfortunately I never actually uploaded them and have probably forgotten the joke, so here’s a dump and I’ll see what I remember

Cletus bribes the police to hide his scarecrow labour


Bruce freaks out at Consuela cleaning a body


Arnie Pye reports on an Easter Fight



Cow isn’t too happy with Chris’ choice of drink


The doctor sneaks up on Consuela- Peter protects


The blue haired lawyer justs wants his cheque


Yeah not that funny, more coming

Books, malus darkblade reaper of souls

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So, I have finished the third malus darkblade book- reaper of souls by dan abnett and mike lee.
Whilst I had enjoyed the previous books I had growing concerns that every book would follow a simple plot- malus takes a beating a lot and finds the artifact he needs in the last few chapters. The beatings were mental in the first book, but as I said previously the second book toned down the damage whilst also finding useful plot points to explain them away. This book was better. For a start Malus spent most of his time in full armour, allowing him to take a beating without bleeding out constantly. Also there is time given for recuperation after serious injuries. He also spends the second half of the book in incredible pain and damaged but with no choice to go on.
As for my plot concerns this one surprised me as (no real spoiler) he acquired the artifact really quickly, before a shocking few chapters which changed the whole direction of the story, the series and Malus’ life, as well as robbing him of the three artefacts he’d already claimed.
The time is running out too for him to find all five artefacts, with only a few months left to do so he’s going to be hard pressed, especially given that events towards the end of the book have essentially robbed him of so many of his resources (and naturally added to his list of enemies).

The next book is on order so I’ll be getting to it soon. I’m excited as Malus is heading for the City of Executioners- where handily enough a whole host of his enemies are waiting.

Books, malus darkblade bloodstorm

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So, after a host of short stories I read the second Malus darkblade book. I enjoyed the first one, but felt it overdid the injuries suffered by malus without getting hurt, and it was a worry that there were four more books for him to get injured through.
Well I’m pleased to say the injuries were toned down. The fighting was as intense and he did take beatings from time to time- he was even skinned at one point, but some magical trickery healed that one. Additionally the daemon possessing him is taking much more control over his body, giving him slightly more resilience to pain. This story was probably better than the first, I enjoyed the use of a fleet hunting out a mystery island before some intense battles against some nurgle warriors and a nasty nurgle daemon.

It also threw Malus into contact with his brothers and sisters, relying on them whilst scheming against them.
The best thing about the book is that it covers at least four months of the the twelve months Malus has to find all five of the artefacts meaning he’s now in a race against time to recover the remaining ones.

I’ll be onto the third book soon, but first some more short stories

Books, flying through short stories part 2

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So, another batch of the short stories Iv been getting through really quickly.

redeemed by james swallow 40k
Blood angels, vampires in space etc etc. I’m not really a fan of them, but I did enjoy this one, probably because astorath the grim is such a bastard he’d kill a brother marine just in case. The story itself though felt like it was unfinished. I may look into the blood angels trilogy at some point to find out where it fits

the shadow in the glass by Steve Lyons 40k
This one was brilliant. It didn’t focus on any imperial armies or wars or any real 40k lore (aside from a brief inquisitorial moment) but instead on the hopes and dreams- and pathetic lives- of ordinary civilians on underdeveloped backwater worlds, far from the war zones. It read almost as a short horror story and was really really good.

freedoms home or Glorys grave by graham McNeill fantasy
Bretonnians stories tend to be dull, and this one was not an exception, I don’t know what it is because I really like the idea of knights and peasants and the honour system they have, but the stories just don’t do it for me. However, it’s one did at least have a lot of action, plus a huge part of the story was knight and page questioning their roles and relationships with each other.

ancestral honour by gav Thorpe fantasy

Any story with a dwarf slayer has the potential to be enjoyable, this one cleverly eased off on the danger in order provide some character depth to one. He wasn’t just a crazed dwarf desperate to die, but instead still suffered for his shame. The use of a potential slayer also helped this as the slayer seemed to be steering him away from taking the oath, almost as if he regretted it.

a gentlemans war by neil Rutledge fantasy
Another good one, more for putting characters out of their comfort zones. A proud lord joins his fathers army and immediately finds himself dumped in with scoundrels and vagabonds in a pistoliers and conscripts regiment. Despite his best efforts to get himself killed he suspects the men around him of ruining the war efforts, when in fact he has a lot to learn himself. As I said, good because it puts a character right where he doesn’t want to be. Plus it uses stirlanders, my favourite imperial force.

the doorway between by rjurik Davidson fantasy

Imperial witch hunters that hate each other forced to work with each other. Yep, more good stuff. It’s a fairly standard story of them hunting out chaos forces and worshippers, but the dislike of each other adds a nice edge to the story.

And that’s it for now, Iv moved onto the second Malus Darkblade book, so expect a follow on from the first soon enough