Eye injury part four

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so, Iv been detailing my recent corneal abrasion

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As you’ll read, I’m healed over and pretty much back to normal, with seemingly a slight reduction in distance- which given my current short sightedness after a few feet is probably going to cause problems many years from now. However, despite this ‘healing’ I’m still feeling pain. Suddenly increases in light hurt more than before, and there’s a regular itchiness to it.

The itchiness I’m putting down to potential scar tissue on the cornea, and I should probably be using my eye drops more frequently- prescribed four times a day but to use as much as I need to. My worry is it’s going to be one of those things that’s continued use creates a need for permanent use- such as lip balm.

The bigger worry is of course the light sensitivity. Of course eyes don’t like sudden increases in light, but the pain increase seems a worry. However, I’m beginning to suspect it’s psychological more than physical. Every time the boy approaches my face I tense, and fingers cause a recoil. There’s no real need as generally speaking the chances of damage are minimal, yet I’m naturally defensive of the eye- and certainly more aware of the potential for harm. With this in mind I can only assume the squinting and recoiling from bright lights are also due to a natural defensiveness.

I have an appointment in ten days (which it was implied I could cancel) but if the light sensitivity is still there I plan to attend in order to confirm no issue.