Comics, Harley Quinn Vengeance Unlimited

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So, I finally got around to reading a comic about my comic crush Harley Quinn, it was Vengeance Unlimited by A. J. Lieberman, Mike Huddleston and Troy Nixey.

This was something of an origin story (at least in a basic sense), it didn’t go into detail but it covered Dr Harlene Quinzel encountering the Joker at Arkham Asylum and becoming enamoured to him and helped him to escape, leading into their adventures – and his many attempts to kill her.

Back to modern day and whilst attempting a robbery she interrupts and ends up killing another thief (who happens to be in the police). His partner doesn’t know he’s not honest and goes after Harley Quinn whilst he is assigned to a new psychiatrist who happens to be Harley Quinns alter ego.

The story was ok, it flowed well, although it felt like it needed more information for a casual reader and there were some odd jumps in the story. I also would have liked to see more of the Joker – although it’s a Quinn comic their ‘relationship’ is a huge influence on her decision making 

Comics, the New 52 Captain Atom Volume One Evolution

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So, at the minute i just can’t stop myself, I’m flying through my comic collection- the latest is my first New 52 comic and its a hero I know little about (new 52 refreshed the universe so I guess nobody knows about him). Captain Atom volume 1 by J. T. Krul and Freddie Williams II, after a freak accident USAF pilot Nathaniel Adam was supercharged by nuclear energy and can now absorb and control energy as well as interact with his surroundings at a molecular level.

It was a decent read, not an origin story, but clearly early on as he’s still coming to terms with his power and limitations and hasn’t really established his network of ‘friends’ or ‘allies’ yet- though it is mentioned that the Justice League don’t want him. Feared by most who meet him and desired by the military as a nuclear deterrent he hasn’t really got anyone to turn to when things go wrong, though there is a brief interaction with the Flash that didn’t go anywhere- I’d hope that would be taken further in other volumes rather than just being a major hero appearance for the sake of it.

This didn’t excite me as much as the last few Iv read, but it was interesting to see inside the mind of an angry scared superhero who clearly doesn’t know his place in the world. 

Plus the last page has a many years later shock ending (again I’d hope that’s expanded on in the future). I won’t be buying volume 2 with any urgency, though if I see it I might be tempted.

Comics, Injustice Gods Among Us Volume One

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So, I went straight from identity crisis onto another DC collection- Injustice; Gods Among Us by Tom Taylor, Jheremy Raapack and Mike S Miller.

It’s funny timing as Iv just recently had a clear out of time wasting games on my iPad and one that I didn’t mention was the Injustice game (which I’d deleted a whils back), I’d enjoyed it but it was a simple two button fighter that just got a little dull over time. I’d been rotating harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, solomon Grundy, the flash and the joker through my team so i was curious to see what the characters were up to in the prequel to the game.

Well the jokers busy, he kills Lois Lane making Superman more than a little angry, he snaps and goes on a crusade against all war and violence with the majority of the superheroes behind him- specifically Wonder Woman who seems to be whispering in his ear and keeping him angry the whole time.

Meanwhile Batman refuses to stand with Superman (further angering him) and Aquaman takes his underwater allies to war against the heroes over a whaling fleet.

It all comes to a head as superman leads heroes to Arkham Asylum to take vengeance on the incarcerated maniacs and Batman and Nightwing stand against him. My comic crush Harley Quinn releases Solomon Grundy who causes mayhem before everything reaches a very dramatic climax.

I enjoyed this one, it maintained the humour id discovered in identity crisis and covered a lot of heroes very well. It was a very quick read- it was fairly clear it was meant as a game tie in as opposed to a stand comic run but it was fun enough that I immediately ordered volume two.