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Review – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Pre-Release thoughts

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It’s really nice to see a positive approach to the inevitable internet backlash as keyboard warriors fear the sky is falling

Guerrilla Miniature Games


Hey folks,

I don’t normally do this, but my chats, inboxes and basically any other form of communication are actually exploding with people asking my my thoughts about the spoilers for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar’s four pages of rules, which will be available with a baggie’d Stormcast Eternal this Saturday, July 4th at a friendly local gaming store near you. As usual, someone has gotten their hands on it early, scanned it and thrown it online for the masses to lose their minds over.

So having had a chance to go through the White Dwarf spread, I’ve formed some initial opinions.

The first one is, that given how short the description is, the rules are extremely functional and tight. This is the engine of a game. I’d argue you could boil a lot of rule-systems, when it comes to their core mechanics, down to this bare-bones a description. What the…

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Star Wars X Wing Wave 6 part three M3-A Interceptor

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So, my Star Wars Xwing miniatures scum and villainy additions continue with this, the M3-A Interceptor. This is another ship I hadn’t heard of, and searching revealed little beyond it being a slightly more advanced ship than a tie fighter.

Looking at the model itself I’m impressed with the paint scheme (much like most wanted, rather than the StarViper), the colours are good and it has some detailing that some recent ships have lacked.

Unfortunately it seems the pilots don’t live up to the paint scheme- or rather the ship itself doesn’t. Serissu looks good for formation flying, whilst Laetin A’Shera- whilst probably situational- looks to be perfect for those all too common moments of poor dice rolling. Having said that I’d need my opponent to roll that result, rather than me. One interesting thing is the elite pilot talent on a generic pilot, whilst one of the named doesn’t have it, meaning elite talents on ships other than interceptors.

I’m disappointed not to see any illicit upgrades in the pack (Iv checked, my next purchase will have them) but the Mangler Cannon looks useful as a herding weapon. I’m not a huge fan of the title card. Whilst it allows for a lot of flexibility on the ship it adds a 2 point tax to any further upgrade, which pushes the ship a little too high for its damage output. 
Overall, it’s a little underwhelming an expansion but the coolness of the model makes up for it a little. I only need one more ship and I own at least one of everything, at which point I hope to finally start catching up with my openings of earlier expansions.

@infinitycrates June box opening Gather theme

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So, due to a change in circumstances (and an overflowing shirt drawer) I am having to cancel my infinity crate subscription for the time being and my penultimate box has arrived. Actually it arrived last week but I was in Wales so today I finally got my hands on it. This months theme was Gather, so fairly vague, but clearly geared around collecting.

As ever the box is small ish but nicely packed with stuff.


The pop vinyl is Professor X of the X men. I’m not a fan of the pops, and sell them on to recoup some of the box money, but I am tempted to keep this one as it’s pretty cool and I love the X men. The problem being of course that then there’s a temptation to just add one or two more…

Golden nuggets bubblegum. I haven’t seen these since I was about eight years old,  but recognised the, straight out of the box. A nice nostalgia moment, though I doubt the recipes as toxic as it was twenty years ago.

A Yoshi plush keyring. I don’t care for these myself but the kids will have it away before I put it away so all is well.


Badges, I keep hinting at a project with these, and sooner or later I will get it it. The pokeball is the only one I recognise (don’t know anything about mine craft)  so if anyone can identify the top two that would be appreciated.

Another for dummies poster, this is cool and because it’s a similar design to previous ones would fit nicely as a collection together. 


And finally the tshirt, Pokemon bursting out of a pokeball. I would have preferred a colour other than black (except white) but the design is cool. No bulbasaur silhouette though 😦
Overall the box wasn’t quite as good as the last couple, but that was down to personal tastes rather than actual quality. Then again, it’s the first pop Iv been tempted to keep so that’s no bad thing. Next month is my final box and the theme I believe is Time and Space so it should be a decent box to finish on.


Blog news, how many posts is too many?

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so, since starting the blog Iv written over 300 posts about a variety of subjects, starting with my life through history, football and steadily more about my various hobbies (predominantly miniatures gaming). Some of these posts have been short, others lengthy with variable quality as Iv gone along. 300 and something in a little over a year feels good, but often Iv felt a desire (and put myself under pressure to deliver) a post a day, which has likely affected the quality from time to time.

Recently I have indeed managed a post a day (with content too) and at one point had three or four weeks of stuff scheduled, but having been away for a week- and eased off a bit- it’s caught up slightly. To avoid the pressure I’m no longer going to be posting daily (unless it’s a particularly productive time) and instead posting as and when things are ready to be posted about. Hopefully this will also allow me to schedule forgotten about posts (I’ll have to go back through the history to see what Iv forgotten about- I certainly haven’t forgotten the Wild West exodus and x wing stuff.

So not much to worry about here, it’s more a conscious acknowledgment that my posts may drop in quantity, but it doesn’t mean I’m slowing down. Hopefully this will also lead to an increase in quality.

I’d also like to see some post interactions. At the moment the statistics page tells me I get numerous views a day, with some likes thrown in as well, but only one person regularly comments His blog is here by the way, he’s currently working on some awesome looking Orks. I wonder how many of my views and likes are automated spam bots, but if a few of you could comment or share my posts it would be cool to see what you all think of the various posts I make. If there’s anything I can do to help that then let me know.

Life, what next? a follow up part two

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So, nine months ago I wrote a list of things I wanted to achieve by the end of the year, in part one I looked at some of them and realised I only achieved half of them, so hopefully this batch will be better
Clear away all my crap from the house

Bad start, I haven’t. A huge amount of it has gone, but it’s still a work in progress.

Get a new suit

Another I haven’t done, though as much as I want one I haven’t had the need for one. My wardrobe is due an upgrade though.

Pay off my overdraft

So very very nearly, the Wild West Exodus kickstarter took a chunk off, as did Salute, but those two aside I’m nearly there (just in time for our household income to drop significantly typically).

Reduce my loan ahead of schedule

Yep, by the end of this month it will be gone woohoo.

Close my littlewoods account

I think I did this the same day I wrote the list, easy one.

Cook once a month

I don’t cook a specific meal for the family once a month, but I have been cooking far more frequently with Rox increasing her hours at work.

Close my bank credit card

Done and done.

Get credit rating to top bracket

Yep, closing the littlewoods account and paying my loan and overdraft down put me into excellent.

Do something I haven’t done before

Not hugely exciting but I recently did some archery, which was fun.

Go somewhere I haven’t been before

Nowhere specific I can think of, but we managed Great Yarmouth, some Liverpool places and a couple of others

Learn to budget properly

Pretty vague, but I now hold a gift card for top up shops meaning fewer mini transactions, and my overdrafts reducing so clearly getting something right.

Run 100 miles

Haha. No. I stopped running, I think I managed about 14 miles, but I do intend to get back out again soon.

Do something weekly with the boy

We started going to gymnastics and trampolining for a while, but the novelty wore off so we changed to a music and singing class. He loved this due to it being in a softplay centre. This has now ended so we go to football practice every Monday.

Give blood twice

I haven’t managed once, one of the times we were away the other I missed. The next local session is in August, but I can guarantee it’ll be the week we’re in Belfast.

Take the girl to wookey hole

I did, we had lots of fun. She liked the caves, and luckily we were in well ahead of the queues. She also got her first go at crazy golf and beat me (with a little assistance)

Travel somewhere for me

We haven’t done this yet, but that’s down to me not looking for something suitable- short notice tournaments being a bit of a hurdle.

Make someone I don’t know laugh

Does going out with Rox’s work friends count? I caused laughs.

Make someone I don’t know smile

I can’t think of anything specific, but hopefully.

Play a game of pool

I played Rox, I won, she grumped.

So not a particularly positive list again, there’s a lot I still haven’t done.

Kickstarter, Plotbuilder cards

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So, having a bit of tidy of my hobby areas I came upon these, a Kickstarter I backed last year that shipped and got put away promptly being forgotten. The Plotbuilder cards by MN games,

Here’s what the campaign had to say
Plotbuilder is designed to help you create story arcs for any purpose, whether you’re a role player, a writer, into theatre sports, or something else entirely. Setting agnostic, the cards are able to quickly generate plot frameworks regardless of period, style or background specifics.
Each deck has 72 cards, comprising six categories of twelve options each. Along with your pledges you will receive a high quality PDF of the cards to do what you want with. Get a 12-sided die and you can generate plots that way too.
Usable at any stage of story telling, from a blank page to on-the-fly development, the Plotbuilder deck can be targeted as required. Need the primary driving force for a character? Draw a Motive card. What about a victim for the antagonist to pick on? Draw a Character card. How about a plot bubbling in the background that the protagonist might bump into? Go the whole hog and do an entire Plotbuilder story!
Millions of plot combinations can be made with the Plotbuilder deck by drawing just one card from each deck, but many cards instruct you to draw more. You won’t have the same story twice!

I picked these up to help with character creation in a few of my (yet to see progress) writings, and now Iv found the cards might actually do just that.

The cards are good quality, with a simple design and look easy to use.

As an example

In this random draw a character has been created. I have created a Sage working for a business promoting theology using misdirection in order to achieve wealth. Using the twist cards adds the deceptive characteristic meaning the sage is actually looking to destroy his ally to serve his own ambition.

The cards also provide examples from different settings- ie the sage card gives examples from fantasy, modern and futuristic settings.
Skimming through the deck there look to be many combinations, with some cards suggesting the addition of alternate cards to further enhance the character being created. All the decks need is a random death card spread through the deck and I’d be on track to write the next game of thrones.

Hobby, what’s on my table?  21st June 2015

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so,it’s been a busy couple of weeks since my last table update meaning I haven’t done a huge amount of hobby stuff, but here’s an update of what I have been able to get done.

My Welsh Warband Levies for Saga have been basecoated and shaded using army painters quick shade. I hadn’t used this before and haven’t decided if I like it yet, I need to get some Matt spray to take the shine off and see how it looks. I do like the ease of shading the detail on hair (a particular problem area of mine) but I’m not yet convinced the games workshop shades I’m used too wouldn’t do the same.

An undead pirate from Black Scorpion designs. This was another test of quick shade, getting a quick paint and then dipped (the standard practice) to get a thick layer of the shade. I feel like this has ‘scruffed’ up the details I’d painted so really need to get the Matt spray on it to be sure.

Some converted cars for a Mad Max style car wreck game- full post coming on this soon. This was my longest hobby session this week, as I really enjoyed the conversion work and cutting things up. 
A few dropzone commander troops (not sure which factions infantry this is without comparing), I didn’t enjoy painting these a great deal as the details too small/ non existent to do anything decent, but keeping it simple has left the, looking unfinished.


I also got a little more work done on my Freebooters Brotherhood, leaving only one model for this faction to do.