Month: February 2014

New blog, kinda

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So my previous blog disappeared, bizarrely the account is live and the blog ‘exists’ but the posts are gone, so il be starting a new blog as my life moves into a new chapter

so, the old blog is gone, it wasnt much, I’d got lax in my posts and it was mostly waffle- however there was a fantastic post I wrote about starting the hobby all over again which ill definitely rethink. So anyway, it’s gone, this one is here to stay.

this blog then, what are my plans. Firstly, the name. Hobby butterfly, what does it mean. Very often I’ll tell people I’m a hobby butterfly, occasionally they understand, be it enthusiastic agreement or a knowing nod, but they get it. More often than not though I have to explain.. So here you go; a hobby butterfly is a hobbyist who flits from project to project without ever finishing one, much as a butterfly flits from flower to flower doing whatever it is butterflies do (moths are cooler, they make silk, though I’m sure butterflies have something productive to be getting on with)

so this blog will be about tracking my progress and hopefully might even give me proper motivation to actually finish one or two as well

Over my next few posts I hope to cover the following things

definitions. You’ve had one, I’d like to break down a few jargon buzzwords in case there’s any doubt

Current projects. Il be wanting to show off what I’m working on / not working on, as a spur to always be doing something

Future projects. I wouldn’t be a hobby butterfly without having future projects in mind

Progress reports / opinions. As I try new things or develop my skills I’d like to talk about what I am doing well and what could be better

My life. You don’t care about most of my life, except maybe the hobby parts, but there are things I’d like to write down and I have the power of the internet to do so. You have the power of the click so feel free to ignore these bits.

Being a dad. Initially I thought I’d put this in my life, but having been a dad for a little while now it’s come to my attention it’s an important enough area to have its own focus. Also, it seems being a parent means lying to your children A LOT. Be it Santa Claus, Easter bunny, vegetables, history or life, lies are just easier, would you believe in my life Iv been a Christmas elf, Jedi, ghostbuster, rock star, been to university, worked in a cinema, worked in different shops, and still had time to learn to ride a bike? No, me neither, but my daughter does. Ok some of those things are true, others I wish were, more again I’d be happy with. And to think she gets told off when she lies, no wonder teenagers are so aggressive

Anyway, that’s me, for now, so bookmark me and look out for a post about the future over the weekend