Life, what am I going to do next

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So, tonight in the pub I scribbled down a list of things that I want to achieve by the end of the year.
The intention of course is it achieve all of them. Realistically if I can achieve the majority of them then it sets me up to achieve more next year

Here’s the list

Win a game of x wing

Play an x wing tournament and not finish bottom

Paint some kind of wee man from start to finish

Find some productive way to get out of the house more often

Find a good balance of drinking- ie less time drinking lots at home, a little more time (perhaps a regular) drinking a couple in the pub

Write something- no more half started ideas, fully write something, with plans and expansions, submit it for critique online and begin the rewriting

Teach the girl to ride her bike

Teach the girl to tie her laces

Talk to the boy more so he can pick up a word a day (minimum)

Teach the boy something

Have a good time away with my partner

Make some new friends

Write three full chapters of my rom com novel

Clear away all my crap from the house

Get a new suit

Pay off my overdraft

Reduce my loan ahead of schedule

Close my littlewoods account

Cook once a month

Close my bank credit card

Get credit rating to top bracket

Do something I haven’t done before

Go somewhere I haven’t been before

Learn to budget properly

Run 100 miles

Do something weekly with the boy

Give blood twice

Take the girl to wookey hole

Travel somewhere for me

Make someone I don’t know laugh

Make someone I don’t know smile

Play a game of pool

Play a game of warhammer

Play a game of something new

Inventory my wee men collection

Do a car boot sale

Do something amazing for the kids

Do something special that makes my partner say ‘I love you’

Get better at tolerating morons

Get off the anti depressants

Get a friend to visit

Get in touch with some old friends

Try some food I haven’t tried before

Approach someone I don’t know and start a conversation

Plan bigger better targets for next year

Reestablish routine in my life

Decide where I want to go/what I want to do with life

Make a plan to make it happen

Pre thirty bucket list

Find a way of making more money

Persuade my partner to join something

Fill my days with more activities, less vegging out

Discover a new band

Music magpie my DVDs

Maintain my blog, including scheduling future posts

Make friends with a school parent

Get my body sorted

Read 4 ‘classic’ books

Watch 4 ‘top 250’ films I haven’t seen

Watch 2 foreign language films

Rewatch Jodhaa Akbar

Play a game of chess

Get boy off dummies

Find a new hobby

Find a geocache

Learn to use washing machine and tumble dryer

Listen to 4 ‘top 250’ albums I haven’t heard

Watch all Star Wars films with girl

Watch x men days of future past

Rewatch firefly

Watch a life of pi

Watch the hobbit desolation of smaug

Learn something new

Have a ‘dinner evening’ with friends

Invite one of the girls school friends to play

Drink whiskey without watering it down

Buy a bottle of wine that isn’t gone in an evening

It looks like a random list, and essentially it is, I’ll be updating midway through the remainder of this year

2 thoughts on “Life, what am I going to do next

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