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so, after day one just the other day is suffered a little. Shin pain was bothering me- really quite severe shin pain actually, enough that walking up and down stairs or in fact any lengthy walk was causing something in my shins to pull. 

Medical advice suggested I stopped running and rested until the pain went away, but as I’d only run once it felt like it would be too easy to just not bother- especially as I’m in Cardiff next week and will likely be too busy eating unhealthy food and drinking beer to go running.

So after a day’s rest it was time to get going again. This was day two of week one, so the same session as Monday. I’d made the decision after the first run (and in light of the shin pain) to ensure my running was on softer ground, and also to ease of just slightly. I did the five minute warm up walk to the park and the first run started, shuttle runs up and down the grass with the required walks interspersed. The grass and ground was wet and in parts felt boggy, which does nothing to help get the legs moving, but at least it was a little more forgiving on the knees.


Compared to my previous run I covered a lot less ground- though looking at the map it hasn’t tracke my run properly within the park (bunching up the line) so it’s possible a little has been cut off by the gps tracking. However, I had planned to ease of slightly so it’s probably about right.

After the run my knees don’t burn quite as much as last time, though my shins feel slightly swollen and tender. After a shower and banana (and a sneaky doughnut) I feel Iv recovered far better, probably due to a combination of less running and less roads.

Saturday nights the next one 

Exercise, back on the road #running

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so, those of you who read my blog (hundreds of you apparently) first of where are the comments? Get to it.

Second, those of you following will notice my running updates dried up. I reached a wall of sorts around the end of April and never moved on. I was on the couch to 5k and it wasn’t going all that badly, however I was ill for a week and when I went back to running I didn’t take a step back, instead moving forward. The exhaustion of that wiped me out and killed all motivation. A trip away meant I just never got going again and the summer hit and it was far too hot to run.

So now, Iv started again with a week one day one and my knees are burning, my lungs are wheezing and I’m just starting to cool down. 


The plan was a brisk walk to the park (in line with the apps requirements) ahead of alternating runs and walks on the soft damp grass (60 second runs, 90 second walks) but as I reached the park I changed my mind slightly and stayed on the road, reaching the bridge over the motorway before turning back.

When the girl on the app said “2 runs left” I felt my willpower drop, I drove through the first but when I reached the final 60 second run I just couldn’t get my legs moving.


 The stats don’t make a huge amount of sense to me, mostly because the stop start nature of the couch to 5k program skew everything, but it at least gives me something visual to stare at.

The next run is Wednesday (barring illness of course) but for now it’s shower time. 

Life, accusations and such

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So, once again here I sit. My first visit to the pub since being accused of visiting.
I should explain.
The other night my partner told me I smelt of beer after I returned from a run, and then jokingly suggested I’d been for a drink instead of a run. Fantastic idea I thought, I could get away with that from time to time.
Not too often of course, she’d notice a lack of fitness and a swelling belly. Then I realised that doing this would be outright deceit (? ) or betrayal of her trust. Well, not trust, it’s not that she needs to trust me, trust doesn’t come into it; if I say I’m running she has no reason to believe otherwise, because that’s exactly what I’m doing. No, if I tell her I’m going for a run then that’s exactly what I’ll do, anything else would be a further step towards alcoholism.
Now, it could be argued I’m there, by me too of course. As it stands I’d accept I’m an alcoholic, but that it isn’t interfering with my life. Lying about drinking would be a perfect example of my ‘alcoholism’ directly affecting (and hindering) my life- and more importantly that of my family. It’s handy that my awareness of my drink problem is such that I can set clear boundaries for myself
– lying about drinking
– sneaking drinks
– getting too drunk to ‘be a dad’
– being too hungover to look after my kids
– being an idiot- ie drink driving

By my count my partner ticks more of those boxes than I do.
That would be another potential line to cross- removing context in order to not look so bad.

The fact is,
– I drink too much
– I don’t think I could stop drinking
– I have no desire to give up
– I’d like to be able to drink more

But the only real fact is my family come first, if it was an issue (ie I start ticking off items from my list) it goes immediately.
As it is, there’s no issue, beyond my partners concerns for me, running helps counteract the drinking and for that reason I have no intention of going to the pub when I could be doing what I said I would do.

Life, what am I going to do next

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So, tonight in the pub I scribbled down a list of things that I want to achieve by the end of the year.
The intention of course is it achieve all of them. Realistically if I can achieve the majority of them then it sets me up to achieve more next year

Here’s the list

Win a game of x wing

Play an x wing tournament and not finish bottom

Paint some kind of wee man from start to finish

Find some productive way to get out of the house more often

Find a good balance of drinking- ie less time drinking lots at home, a little more time (perhaps a regular) drinking a couple in the pub

Write something- no more half started ideas, fully write something, with plans and expansions, submit it for critique online and begin the rewriting

Teach the girl to ride her bike

Teach the girl to tie her laces

Talk to the boy more so he can pick up a word a day (minimum)

Teach the boy something

Have a good time away with my partner

Make some new friends

Write three full chapters of my rom com novel

Clear away all my crap from the house

Get a new suit

Pay off my overdraft

Reduce my loan ahead of schedule

Close my littlewoods account

Cook once a month

Close my bank credit card

Get credit rating to top bracket

Do something I haven’t done before

Go somewhere I haven’t been before

Learn to budget properly

Run 100 miles

Do something weekly with the boy

Give blood twice

Take the girl to wookey hole

Travel somewhere for me

Make someone I don’t know laugh

Make someone I don’t know smile

Play a game of pool

Play a game of warhammer

Play a game of something new

Inventory my wee men collection

Do a car boot sale

Do something amazing for the kids

Do something special that makes my partner say ‘I love you’

Get better at tolerating morons

Get off the anti depressants

Get a friend to visit

Get in touch with some old friends

Try some food I haven’t tried before

Approach someone I don’t know and start a conversation

Plan bigger better targets for next year

Reestablish routine in my life

Decide where I want to go/what I want to do with life

Make a plan to make it happen

Pre thirty bucket list

Find a way of making more money

Persuade my partner to join something

Fill my days with more activities, less vegging out

Discover a new band

Music magpie my DVDs

Maintain my blog, including scheduling future posts

Make friends with a school parent

Get my body sorted

Read 4 ‘classic’ books

Watch 4 ‘top 250’ films I haven’t seen

Watch 2 foreign language films

Rewatch Jodhaa Akbar

Play a game of chess

Get boy off dummies

Find a new hobby

Find a geocache

Learn to use washing machine and tumble dryer

Listen to 4 ‘top 250’ albums I haven’t heard

Watch all Star Wars films with girl

Watch x men days of future past

Rewatch firefly

Watch a life of pi

Watch the hobbit desolation of smaug

Learn something new

Have a ‘dinner evening’ with friends

Invite one of the girls school friends to play

Drink whiskey without watering it down

Buy a bottle of wine that isn’t gone in an evening

It looks like a random list, and essentially it is, I’ll be updating midway through the remainder of this year

Exercise, another run in

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So, day 2 (three really, days rest and all) and another run is finished, this one was tougher. The set up was the same, five minutes brisk walk, then alternating runs and walks.
The increase difficulty came from the chill in the air, it hit my lungs and sucked the air out, but I came through it. Though I confess there was relief when my earphone said “two more runs left.”

I did make a mistake, I used a second app to track my speed and distance, which long term will hopefully be a good tracker, but due to the initial walking in week one it just depressed me. Half an hour running, 1.2 miles, average speed 1 mile every half hour. That sounds pants. But it does give me a map of my run, so my erratic ups and downs of the park are highlighted for me


Physically I feel a little better too, I ache but the majority of my niggles from the other day are gone or lessened. My right knee and ankle continue to cause a little discomfort but not whilst I was running.

Tomorrow will hopefully give me a better feel of how my right legs coping

Exercise, update on day ones exertions

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So, this morning I woke up with most of my aches and pains from my run gone, replaced by strange numbness, but if memory serves, it feels like standard muscle fatigue. I don’t think i warmed down enough so tonight’s run may be a little stiffer.

My ankles still very sore, il give it a few more runs and then look at strapping it if there’s no improvement. As for the rest I don’t feel too bad, my backs a little tight but otherwise ok.

However, when I was up in the night with the boy it felt a lot more sore, but my recovery seems good so far.

We’ll see how the next week goes

Exercise, getting my legs moving

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So, I’ve just been for a run. Yes, an actual run. For probably the first time properly in about 12 years.
Why? I don’t know, perhaps a slow realisation that whilst the kids are getting faster, stronger and smarter by the day I’m moving the opposite way. Maybe it’s the one too many niggles I feel across my body. Maybe I’m 28 and should be at my physical peak. Maybe I’m depressed and exercise helps. Maybe I need to get out of the house more. Honestly, I don’t know, but I’d put money on it being all of those and more.

So, the run, I didn’t just step outside and run Forrest Gump style, i took a measured approach using two apps on my phones, the first is seven, this gives you a seven minute body workout, using simple exercises. I used this as a warm up. Afterwards I was aching, my arms, legs, back felt sore, but i wouldn’t be defeated so soon, So onto the next app, the couch to 5k NHS app. This requires a five minute brisk walk, followed by alternating 60 second runs and 90 second walks. This idea appeals to me for several reasons

1. It’s not just bulk exercise.
2. The regular rests allow my recovery time to improve as well as my basic stamina, I also get to complete a decent amount of exercise from day one.
3. It’s a daily tracker, motivation to continue.

So I briskly walked to the park, then spend my time randomly walking/ running over a variety of surfaces and gradients.

So how do I feel?

Tired, really tired.

My right knee is sore, Iv had issue with it for a long time, and exercising has naturally aggravated it.
My back is on fire, but this felt more like the usual issue- not necessarily linked to running. It also didn’t tighten and immobilise me.
My lungs feel heavy, my capacity has clearly dropped, but it’s recovering quickly.
My arms are numb, this started with the warm up more than the run, I used muscles I haven’t used in years, it’s natural.
My ankles the worst, it feels bad, really bad, Iv not had ankle trouble before, this feels as though something’s wrong and will be the one I watch.

I expect to be adding some serious aches and pains to this list by morning.

But as for how I feel? Actually good, I completed a 30 minute exercise program without stopping at any point, I didn’t cheat and even as I was running and my lungs were shrinking I felt I could continue on with it,

So tomorrow I will be out for day 2. Absolutely.