Month: November 2015

@guildball tournament I shoot better after a beer prize support part two 

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So, it’s time for today’s prize reveal for trinity Wargaming clubs guild ball tournament ‘I shoot better after a beer”

We’re lucky enough to be receiving some prize support from steamforged games themselves and today’s reveal is a part of that 

A hunters guild guild patch for the new season two team. These were released last year in very limited numbers so will be highly sought after.

More prize reveals later today 

@guildball tournament Taunton I shoot better after a beer prize support part one 

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So, apparently the tournament has been popular and the spaces are all gone so I’d best get on with some prize support reveals.

Today’s reveal is the “Ygdrassil Fantasy Football Scoreboard” from Ygdrassil towers- one of the many company’s that will be supporting us 

The kit includes:

1 resin scoreboard. 

2 resin support poles

2 resin pole struts

1 resin shield

8 resin team signs

6 magnets

magnetic strip

14 MDF score labels

1 MDF base
Be sure to check the company out On their Facebook page here.

@guildball trinity Wargaming clubs first tournament I shoot better after a beer 

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So, Trinity Wargaming Club Taunton are running their first tournament for Guild Ball- the ‘I shoot better after a beer’ tournament.

This will be on January 31st and has 16 spaces available with prize support available from many companies, which will be revealed in the fullness of time.

There will be four games played using the guildball organised play rules pack, so 45 minute clocks, 8 players squads and the Swiss style tournament system.

More information and tickets are available On the event page here
More details to follow.