Life, what next? a follow up part one

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So, about 9 months ago I wrote a list of things I wanted to achieve before the end of 2014, which you can Read here

I’m going to go through it and see how I did.

Win a game of x wing

This I have achieved numerous times, having played a variety of standard and large games at the club.

Play an x wing tournament and not finish bottom

Unfortunately I didn’t get to another tournament, they seem to be a long travel away or at very short notice making it hard to arrange and get it (with having a family).

Paint some kind of wee man from start to finish

Just about. Well actually, strictly speaking it was early January, but my Wild West Exodus Lawman have been painted- even if I do now have a lot more to do.

Find some productive way to get out of the house more often

I haven’t yet got a job, but I’m attending the geek club most weeks and manage to get out with the boy much more often during the days, even if it’s just a walk to the shops. Iv begun tentatively looking for work opportunities at the same time.

Find a good balance of drinking- ie less time drinking lots at home, a little more time (perhaps a regular) drinking a couple in the pub

Not yet, the problem being I’d rather buy four beers in a shop than one in a pub, however I am looking to cut down so maybe a couple in the pub will be an easier option if I do so.

Write something- no more half started ideas, fully write something, with plans and expansions, submit it for critique online and begin the rewriting

Not yet, I’m a bit disappointed as I had made some good progress with a few drafts, but writers block hit and everything stopped.
Teach the girl to ride her bike

Another I’m disappointed at, with a variety of reasons/excuses we just haven’t got out enough to do so. Definitely plan to do it more in the summer though.

Teach the girl to tie her laces

This I can’t claim as my own, I’d shown her a few times and she was getting better, but then school showed her better amd she worked it out quickly.

Talk to the boy more so he can pick up a word a day (minimum)

Absolutely fantastic progress with his speech, as I can now have full conversations with him. Maybe not so good for my sanity but he seems to be doing ok

Teach the boy something

Not too sure what I had in mind (given my track record with teaching the girl to do in appropriate things) but he’s developing well so I guess so.

Have a good time away with my partner

We went to Liverpool for a dental conference and managed to fit in some nice food and a Tommy Tiernan show which was excellent. We also made it to Cardiff at Easter for a few days of food again.

Make some new friends

Iv definitely progressed my relationships with some of the people at the gaming club that I’d consider them friends, I would like to make lore effort to see the, outside of the club too though.

Write three full chapters of my rom com novel

Nope, this was one to the well progressed drafts caught up in my writers block- but I hope to get there soon.

So far then a pretty average completion rate, hopefully some of the others have been achieved