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Hobby projects, @wildwestexodus traps part two

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So, as you can read here in part one, Iv been playing with traps for Wild West exodus by outlaw miniatures, this evening Iv been adding paint to make them a little more exciting than resin grey

First up, a basecoat colour.


Iv used Games Workshop paints on these (stick with what you know).
Rhinox hide for the wood
Lead belcher for the metal
Mechanicas standard grey for rocks
Khorne red for dynamite sticks

Next up comes a nuln oil wash over the whole lot


A few highlights later and I’m left with this


Iv painted the base with Agrellan Earth- a fantastic basing paint that cracks as it dries leaving a textured base.

The straps of the dynamite have been painted with a gorthor brown and I’ll be highlighting them up once the Agrellan has had a chance to dry.


A few highlights later, and a bit of blood splatter on the bear trap and my first four traps are finished (aside from touching up the edge of the base)

I’m really enjoying painting the lawmen, most of my posse is done, just Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp and a Gyrocopter to do.

At least until Salute when I’ll be spending big on new models

and these of course…


Books, gotrek and felix trollslayer by William King

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So, Yes I have indeed started yet another series of books instead of at least finishing one of the ones Iv been reading recently, but felt Gotrek and Felix was at least familiar ground so would act as a bit of a break from the new stuff.
I was sure I’d read the Gotrek and Felix books- probably not in the right order, but I’d read them, yet now I think about it I’m fairly sure I haven’t, I can’t remember any of the stories aside from a few short stories. I’m fairly familiar with the characters and stories yet am now convinced Iv not read them previously. Never mind, Iv started now.
Trollslayer is one I assumed would be a straightforward fantasy plot- stroll through a cave find a troll and kill it. Well I was wrong. Well no, I was right, that’s part of it, but actually only a very small part.
The books made up not of a story but of several short stories that loosely follow each other and deal with the initial adventures and bonding of the Dwarf Slayer Gotrek and the human poet outcast Felix Jaeger. It starts out simply enough, Gotreks temper and desire for death (worthy of course) gets Felix dragged into scenarios involving the forces of Chaos and other undesirable powers. However later on there is a focus more on the development of Felix as person, or at least his attempt to maintain his humanity. This is an element rarely covered in fantasy writing, when the exposures to otherworldly forces, death and destruction and the taking of another’s life change you. Felix becomes more grim and dour, yet his personality helps him to maintain and develop an inner strength. His companionship with the dwarf also builds him as a person as they bond.
The manner in which Gotrek is maintained as a slightly aloof and mysterious character allows for a great mystery (and often despair) to Felix, and in the two stories in which Gotrek is incapacitated or missing Felix has the opportunity to kill many individuals to save himself (that was a weird sentence). Typically the dwarf never notices as he’s normally surrounded by corpses when the two are reunited, but I’m sure there’s a high level of respect for Felix in the dwarf (there’s certainly a loyalty that goes well beyond the oath they swore to each other).

I’m now moving onto the second book so it’ll be interesting to see where exactly the story leads when written as a single story and not just a short story alongside others. Skavenslayer certainly hints at rat men dying so I’d guess it’ll see the introduction of Thanquol.

Writings, the sad story of Fred. Another short story for the girl.

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So, after a few poo related short stories I was tasked with writing a story without the girl suffering

The Sad Story of Fred


This is Fred. Fred is a clown. He isn’t a very happy clown, in fact he’s a very sad clown.
He is sad because he cannot get a job.
He went to work at a bank, but sprayed the manager with his flower.
He went to work on a farm, but the pigs kept stepping on on his clown shoes.
He got a job on a lifeboat but the waves kept washing off his make up.
He tried to be a mechanic but clown cars always fall apart.

Fed up and sad he went to see his friend Eleanor. Eleanor was a stinky monkey so she didn’t need a job, she just lived in the zoo with the other animals.
“I can’t do any jobs Eleanor,” cried Fred.
“Ooh ooh aah aah!” Replied Eleanor (because monkeys can’t speak English of course). Then she threw some poo at him.
“Oh no, I can’t even visit the zoo,” wailed Fred.
“HAHAHA, HEEHEEHEE!” Laughed a man in a funny jacket, “that was funny, are you a clown?”
“Yes,” sobbed Fred, “but I can’t get a job.”
“Have you tried working for the circus? I am the ringleader of one.”
“I have now, can I have a job?”
Fred went to work at the circus where he made lots of friends and had lots of fun.

This one surprised her, the use of her name initially made her very grumpy, until she realised I was tricking her.
Had it not been for the poo throwing then all would have been good

Unfortunately it was another negative comment

I do not like this story

Hobby projects, @wild west exodus traps part one

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So, with a Gyrocopter now in my possession the need for traps has gone from would be a useful addition to my posse to BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! I need more of these.
The ability to fly over the heads of your opponents dropping dynamite as you go is just too hard to resist, so I decided to get some. Now, unfortunately UK stockists are a little light on the ground, meaning if I wanted them I could order them myself from the U.S. Site, or order through wayland games.
Theoretically wayland games should be less hassle, however as they don’t have the items in stock they would also be ordering from the U.S. Site, so I just did it myself. Within a week they were here. Which incidentally is a quarter the time it took wayland games to ship the last thing I ordered from them (which they did have in stock)


My newly arrived traps, as well as the mercenary The Wraith who I’ll do a future post on.

Assembly was quick and easy, single piece models needing just a trim at the base from casting and then glued onto the base


Each pack holds four traps
– dynamite
– bear trap
-rj-1027 IED

Each has a different profile and effect as seen on the cards


So far Iv been using dynamite as a cheap bomb, with some success, and now with the gyro in the air it’s even easier to get them detonated over the heads of my opponents.

A quick note on the quality of the models. So far Iv had no complaints about the resin or plastic kits produced by outlaw miniatures. One or two of the traps lost an edge when I was trimming the exces away but a tiny blob of liquid green stuff fixed it.

Next post I’ll have them undercoated and get them painted.

Hobby projects, @wildwestexodus battle report part 2

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So, at the end of part one read it here. of the Wild West exodus game, my Lawmen had advanced into firing range of the Union, and my Gyrocopter had so far unleashed anti tank shells and dynamite all over the Union forces.

I started the turn again (never have I rolled as well as this in any game) and having been shot at by everything in range I knew my Gyrocopter (undamaged by the way) had to get moving again to regain the accuracy boost, so I used my incredible quickness again and prepared the boom sticks


I figured if I could do a bit more damage with the dynamite the Gyrocopters work was done, so landed it in amongst his forces. The trail of explosives did indeed do some serious damage, killing off two hired hands.

Meanwhile my interceptor raced forward and hit the trigger on the hired hands the Gyrocopter had left behind.


More damage was caused before they teamed up to face him.

Having taken a beating at the hands of the Gyrocopter the Union circled and prepared to shoot it from the sky


By some miracle of dice rolling he took only a single point of damage- though he was set alight by the Union Underboss. Then I began to worry as the locust lined up its guns for a revenge shot.


Despite the sheer number of shots fired he only took 6 damage and so was still alive for next turn- much to the chagrin of my opponent

Knowing the gyro was near death I immediately picked a new target Abraham Lincoln.


Somehow he survived several anti tank shells to the face, in fairness everything had gone my way so far, I was due a poor roll of the dice.


Of course, fate stepped in and a close combat stepped from the smoke, raised his pistol and blew 7 points of lifeblood through the back of Lincolns head- all it needed was a theatre.

A shotgun shot from the heavy weapon hired hand also knocked a couple of points of damage off.

A further round of shots from the locust and everything else later and the gyro was hanging on with a single lifeblood remaining, unfortunately he’d ridden his luck for too long and on his next activation he succumbed to the flames and smashed hard into the ground


All was not lost though as my interceptor finished the hired hands at the other end of the table and my third activation Wyatt Earp stepped from behind the church and raised his weapon


In the excitement i didn’t take a picture, but you can see only a single hired hand left after Wyatts Shotgun had finished firing. I do love template weapons.

With only a couple of hired hands and an underboss remaining the Union beat a hasty retreat and the Lawmen claimed victory, with the loss of a Gyrocopter and a handful of hired men deemed acceptable losses for the death of Abraham Lincoln and an overwhelming victory.

Buzzing from the victory I spent my next painting session on the Interceptor. The clear model of the match was the Gyrocopter but the Interceptor was easily an unsung close second as it kept the union models at the other end of the table distracted, before killing most of them, so I felt it needed some colour




Hobby projects, @wildwestexodus battle report part 1

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So, a full post on the game is coming, but for now some pictures from my latest game.
I had 1000 points of Lawmen including my newly assembled Gyrocopter up against 1000 points of The Union. I wasn’t overly confident on getting the win as my posse was the models from the two player starter box plus the Gyro whereas my opponent had some more specific pieces, but as he’d taken a locust I hoped the anti tank cannon on the Gyro might get some use.

2015/01/img_3129.jpg My Gyrocopter ready to fly/hover

So we set up the town to fight over and got everything deployed

(The mines we mistakenly placed after deployment)

First turn I focused on moving my models into position knowing that whilst I had the greater rate of fire, the Union outranged most of my models



I also moved my interceptor wide to try and take out a few early hired hands, whilst my opponent advanced to cover and held a line across the table.

Then after my opponent advanced his Locust i activated my Gyrocopter from its hiding place behind the saloon and hopped his maximum movement into the centre of the table and unleashed the anti tank cannon


I don’t have a picture of my opponents face, but with one round of shooting I’d knocked the Locust down to 1 point of lifeblood, so I’m sure you can imagine he wasn’t best pleased.

Turn over and I rolled initiative.
The smart thing to do would be to finish of the locust and possibly hit Abraham Lincoln with a bit of fire, but as I’d not use the Gyro before I wanted to try another of its tricks.

His ability allows him to drop dynamite at points along his movement, which I did



I didn’t kill any hired hands but none of them escaped without damage.



At this point of the game neither of us had taken any losses, but with my gyro scooting about and my interceptor coming into play (as well as my hired hands being set) it was going to mean deaths very soon.

#MyGeekBox January Justice Box Opening

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So, the latest MyGeekBox has arrived. This months theme is Justice
I grabbed it from the postman and tore it open right away, so here goes.


Ooh anticipation


So I’m immediately confused as Sidekicks are next months theme. Then I click, it’s the back of the magazine


Iv never played Assassins Creed, but the imagery always looks good, onto the real stuff.


An Arkham Asylum keyring. A handy one as my other keyring fell apart just the other day- karma justice


A DC comic Iv not seen before is always good, Iv always been a marvel man but recently have been making more of an effort to try out what DC have to offer. And what looks like an unconscious superman on the cover suggests it’ll be a good one.


Honestly I have no idea who this is, but I have heard really good things about the Walking Dead. I’ll get to it eventually


Reverse Kryptonite in a can? It has to be


And the customary tshirt. I really like this one, it’s simple but cool.

So that’s January’s box done, overall it’s not a bad month, though no sweets after being spoiled the previous months is a little sad

Hobby projects, Wild West exodus painting

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So, over the last six months or so Iv been playing a lot of Wild West Exodus, a steampunkish cowboy game by outlaw miniatures. Over the last week or so Iv actually started painting some.
A proper WWX post will be coming shortly, so this is little more than a photo dump, but my hired hands (the expendable rank and file) models are nearing completion. Also the blogs been all books recently, so it’s nice to put some hobby stuff up.

Apologies for the poor quality pictures, I’m terrible for taking good ones, you’d think having an iPad would make it easy.






My tester, a simple basecoat and wash on this one. I was away in liverpool, but had had far too much to drink to do any more.





The full set of hired hands with the first highlights




The standard Iv settled on. Iv barely painted in a year so don’t want to go too far in detailing. The plan is to get the boss and underboss to the same standard and then add more details once everything’s at that point.
Also my first use of games workshops wonderful Agrellan Earth cracking paint on a model for myself, rather than a shop model.

Books, Nagash the Sorceror by Mike Lee

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So, rather than carry on with a series I was some way into, or read something stand alone I started another new series. The time of legends novel Nagash the Sorceror by Mike Lee.
I was torn on what to read next, I’d just finished book for of the Malus Darkblade series and was torn between the fifth and final book or the first of the new End Times series the return of Nagash. In the went i essentially merged the two potentials, Nagash the Sorceror deals with the rise of Nagash and happens to be written by Mike Lee who cowrote the Malus Darkblade books with Dan Abnett. incidentally if anyone can tell me how exactly you cowrite a book please let me know, more specifically how Mike Lee and Dan Abnett cowrote Malus Darkblade

So I got started, not sure what to expect. I’m getting more and more into the Warhammer background, but this is set well before the ‘current’ times, essentially before the Empire and such. One thing Iv found with larger scale Warhammer books is that they rarely get the balance between large battles and the necessary politics, background and setting quite right, but Mike Lee managed this really well by running two timelines, allowing one story to deal with the politics and motivations of Nagash and his allies/enemies whilst the other some time on delved deep into a war torn land and focused primarily on the battles that and military elements of the story,
It was also really interesting to see so many known characters as individuals such as Arkhan the Black were detailed and an overview of Settra was given (although as a dead king who hasn’t been brought back I’m curious to see where he is going to appear). Also the three Dark Elves from the War of Vengeance series had a significant role in the books (not altogether surprising as they head South in the vengeance books, but still pleasant) and appearance from Skaven, Beastmen and Lizardmen (all three at least in an earlier form) as slave armies, showing the spread of life that is potentially going to grow over the next few thousand years.

Undead stories in the Warhammer world have normally followed a similar plot- dead rise up, killing all before them and growing larger by absorbing the dead. As it seems they can’t be defeated somebody gets to the leader, kills him and the army crumble. Because of this I was waiting for it to happen and it did lead to a fairly predictable ending, although at the same time it was dealt with in a different way, (plus Nagash didn’t die) and was far more open ended than any defeat.

I’m now in a mega dilemma

Do I read the next one, or the Final Malus Darkblade book or do I start on the End Times series to avoid mega spoilers as the Warhammer World is devastated?

Writings, another short story for the girl

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So, after the negative comments I received from the girl following my previous short story, I put a little actual thought into it and tried harder for her.

There once was a bridge.
This was the home of a troll called Smudge. He was a very sad troll because his bridge was over a smelly river.
Everyday Smudge and his toad friends saw poo float past. Smudge decided that enough was enough and he packed a suitcase to find out where the poo was coming from.
After a long journey with a few adventures (which you will hear about another time) he discovered the poo was coming from Eleanor the Smelly One’s house. Smudge made a plan.
One night he snuck into Eleanors bedroom and stuck a cork in her bottom, then he returned home to his bridge.
A few weeks later there had been no poo and Smudge was much happier. One day he heard a loud explosion and wondered what it was so he bought a newspaper.
Eleanor had not been able to poo and so her belly had burst like the Hoover in Mousehunt. Hazel and Pete had been visiting and got covered in poo.
Pete ate some.

The end.

This time I got another

not well done

But she was enjoying it far more, at least until she realise it was her that was the disgusting one.