Life, Eye Injury Part Three

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So, today I was back at hospital for a check and was feeling pretty good about my eye- vision is now restored (mostly) and the only real pain is when I’m watching screens or reading for extended times (I struggled through game of thrones because I ‘had’ to). The kids were bundled off to breakfast club at nursery- much to Myles’ chagrin, but weirdly to Eleanor’s delight. It’s normally the other way round.

Them gone it was off to the bus stop to head to the hospital- I chose the 820 bus knowing it was due in at 850, allowing for 25 minutes on the appointment. I contemplated an earlier one ‘just in case’ but as the reception wasn’t opening until 9 I didn’t want to be stuck with the smoking patients outside. Happy enough it would be a quick trip in (second patient of the day so no delays) followed by a quick wander into town I got comfortable and waited. 

Now, I’m not sure what happened. The bus timetable had extended the journey time for the time of day. I don’t recall any queues or major traffic issues. There weren’t many stops. And yet, regardless the bus was late- pulling up to the hospital at 905, giving me a quick shuffle to the reception by ten past- just in time. After standing patiently (ish) I’m a queue listening to a woman whining at the poor receptionist about his awful it was for her to be sat in casualty for three hours whEm she was an emergency case (in fairness, she may well have been but I suspect life threatening emergencies get bumped to the top of the queue) and finally am booked in and ready to go, only a few minutes late. No problem I think, even if the patient due in after me gets seen first I’ll be in and out.


Once again, I’m not sure what happened, but the waiting area got more and more full (bizarrely five children and respective parents from the same school class Arrived independently of each othe,r, I don’t recall hearing any news about a mass eye accident so I can only assume they’ve had the school nurse checking eyes and all panicked- either way the excitement and noise of the kids was entertaining for a bit and irritating for longer.

oNobody was being seen, and the seats ran out- moans lady started whining again  “this is the so called NHS Waiting times, typical. Did you know I was waiting in casualty…” (We all know the NHS struggles, but the staff mostly do a good job and are under intense pressure- they don’t need whining).  Finally a nurse did the standard eye check g(slightlbetterer than last time) and it was back to the  Waiting room.  And of course hadn’t that dreaded sign appeared ‘delay 45 minutes’No problem, I’m second in (apparently) there’s no worry.


an hour and a half later I’m finally seen. A ten minute check. Light in eye, drops in eye,  Yep all done. My cornea has healed well, my swelling has mostly gone we’ll see you in two weeks unless it Feels better in which case cancel the appointment.

Awesome news- grumpy about the waiting – but relieved and happy alLes going to be ok.

I didn’t make it into town- I was worn out- but I was definitely less worried than I had been. Although I always knew it would probably heal to normal (possibly still a slight reduction in vision) there was the nagging doubt that I’d be blind, so it was a relief (overusing that word) that I’m essentially discharged from the ward. Just need to keep my eyes away from flailing arms now.

One thought on “Life, Eye Injury Part Three

    Eye injury part four « hobbybutterfly said:
    June 16, 2015 at 2:18 pm

    […] Part three here. As you’ll read, I’m healed over and pretty much back to normal, with seemingly a slight reduction in distance- which given my current short sightedness after a few feet is probably going to cause problems many years from now. However, despite this ‘healing’ I’m still feeling pain. Suddenly increases in light hurt more than before, and there’s a regular itchiness to it. […]

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