Arsenals FA Cup Final 2015 Half Time 

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so, you can read Pre Match here and the First half here

It’s 1-0 at halftime, though it should probably be more as Arsenal insist on creating nerves amongst their fans. The big chance was Ramseys from Bellerins cross- the flash of Ramseys grin showed his confidence, though the worry was Arsenal would come to regret it if Villa could get hold of the ball. 

Here are my thoughts on the players at half time

Sczeszny not seriously tested, but looking confident when needed

Bellerin one minor moment doesn’t detract from the damage his runs were doing 

Koscielny two good chances to score, not needing to do much at the back

Mertesacker not being tested, but there

Monreal not being tested, but did take a nasty kick 

Coquelin waving about nicely 

Cazorla targeted, but working hard

Sanchez targeted, but tireless

Ozil busy, touching lots of balls

Ramsey lots of chances, maybe should have scored/done more

Walcott some good moments and a goal
At this point I wouldn’t be looking to make changes, Though Giroud for Walcott would be obvious if a new approach were required.

At this point the BBc showed a replay of Ryan Giggs solo goal from 1999 Against arsenal, looking at it again- though there’s no denying the sheer quality- there were so many opportunities to tackle Foul him he should never have got within reach of the goal.
Grabbing another pinto I settle in for the Second half.