Art, pub scribbling

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so, whilst in the pub for the football I killed time by doodling, unfortunately my current writers block covers that too

I quite literally drew a block with a line through it. 

  And an attempt at something else, that just looked pants.

Art, a weird scribble

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So, a lot of my drawings start as a scribble and develop as I shut down my brain and just let it go. This one I found in my big weird diary


I also found this one, after watching a Dylan Moran show one of his background doodles had the phrase “forgive me I have no sense of worth” and that made it’s way into this drawing


Art, being offensive

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So, occasionally the evil side of me kicks in and I draw something a little more offensive. Such as this


A child with stumps for limbs and a Jesus loves me picture.

It’s wrong, it’s offensive, I know that, but it highlights the ridiculous nature of religion for me.

I’m all for people having faith in a greater being, but I worry that blind faith can be detrimental.

Art, a quick scribble

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So, I’m not very good at art or drawing, but just occasionally I’ll pick up a pen and scribble something down in what has become my ‘style’

Here’s a quick one that I scrawled in the pub the other night.


I don’t know why, but so often I end up drawing these scrawled faces, the themes remain the same, I’m sure deep down I have major issues

Art, another weird scribble

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So, whilst digging through my boxes I found a strange picture. Make of it what you will