Books, Men From the Boys by Tony Parsons part one

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So about a year ago I read Man and Boy by Tony Parsons and wrote a fair bit about it (due to the mix of emotions it stirred in me)

Man and boy part one
Man and boy part two
Man and boy part three
Man and boy part four
Man and boy part five
Man and boy part six
Man and boy part seven
Man and boy part eight
Man and boy part nine
The book was really quite good, not only in its telling- but also in its perspective (male) of a failing marriage and a small boy stuck in the middle. It also provoked a lot of outrage and frustration in me as I just couldn’t empathise very far with the main characters (Harry Silver) actions and choices.

Having enjoyed it I soon moved on to the sequel Man and Wife with high hopes.

Man and wife part one
Man and wife part two
Man and wife part three
As you can see I didn’t cover it in as much depth (though I also condensed the posts a little more). The reason being I just didn’t enjoy it anywhere near as much. Harry Silvers irrational stupid decision making began to grate a bit and the empathy just wasn’t there. It also felt a little as though the plot ‘man has good life, ruins it’ was a little too closely repeated against the previous one. There were still enjoyable moments, and it provoked more emotion and outrage in me it just didn’t maintain the quality of the Man and Boy.

By the end I was fed up and had no intention of reading Men from the Boys anytime soon. A year on I finally picked it up and went through it.

‘By far the best book Parsons has written’ said the Guardian, which I hoped was true- despite the knowledge they wouldn’t put ‘this isn’t very good’ on the cover. The subtitle for the book was ‘some shoes are hard to fill’ which felt worryingly like a premonition.

In my next post I’ll get onto the book itself.


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