I have a dream, of relationships and weirdness

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So, another weird dream last night. It was a long and a lot of details have faded (and more are fading the more I try to get hold of it) so I’ll get straight into it

I’m walking down the street in my old home village when i bump into an ex girlfriend whos crying. I naturally ask if she’s ok, but she’s just lost a baby. I introduce her to myles and we go to the village library where we lose one of myles’ shoes- but replace it with one from a lost property bag.
As we’re leaving the library we bump into my my partner and my ex girlfriends parents. They all take Myles back to my mums house, whilst I get in the car with my sister and she drives me home. She then proceeds to show off by racing into the driveway and crashing into the house in the process. Pulling away from the house she does exactly the same thing again, before doing it a third time- this time covering us both in glass as the back end of her car is destroyed.
I go into the house to find my partner resting on the sofa with my ex girlfriends parents whilst my ex girlfriend is doing the same next to my mum.
At this point I realise things could be very awkward (it hadn’t occurred previously).
Next I’m eating Mexican food in a dark room with someone I went to school with, with the occasional passer by also looking like old school friends. The guys school time girlfriend sits down,eats some food that had been sitting there and asks me when I’m going to choose which girl I’m going to upset- this hasn’t come up previously.
Suddenly I have a timer infront of my face with one minute thirty two seconds ticking down.
My mind flashes over every ex girlfriend (I think) and I’m faced with a choice- not sure why I’m suddenly choosing all of them. Come to think of it I’m not sure why I’m choosing at all.
We’re back in my mums house where my parents and my ex girlfriends parents have decided I’m better off keeping both of them as they both need someone to look after them- physically and mentally each. I’m given no say and the two girls are too tired to argue.


I wouldn’t know where to start in understanding the dream, the ex girlfriend isn’t someone Iv known in many years (though I suspect the faces are random in dreams) and I’m certainly not looking to cohabit with ex girlfriends or swap out rox for anyone (shed probably suggest I’d swap her for some peace and quiet).
In fact I’m not even going to try and decipher it


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