I have a dream, one with a sequel

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so, this dream came in two parts. I can’t remember if it was over two nights or one, but when I woke from the second to felt as though the first happened previously.

Dream one

It’s my first day at university and I’m attending a group of some kind (more of an impromptu meeting than a lecture). There are around 8 people there of different sizes and shapes- almost like a TV shows disparate groups of characters. Initially I don’t fit in with the group but over time my unique social skills win them round and the group becomes friendly.

Dream two
Time has passed and the group is friendly, however there is a big falling out.

I’m sat on top of Poole sculpture when I see flashing lights that somehow tell me someone loves me. Sliding down the sculpture I find a girl from the group. She looks familiar but I can’t place her (In real life). She laughs that I slid down the sculpture with the bird poo on it.

We reminisce about how we got close- apparently early in the ‘group’ meeting I helped her home after she broke a heel

I walk her home and we encounter her housemates who seem to know who I am, though we haven’t met. they leave to give us ‘space’

We go to her room (inches bigger than a single bed) when two others from the group turn up, they decide to play a board game in the kitchen whilst me and the girl stay in her room. We kiss briefly.

No doubt Rox will be annoyed about this one, but it wasn’t real and was set well before we met (with a group of people I never met)