I have a dream, of damage and repairs

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so, yesterday the landlord was in fixing a minor wallpaper tear (it was a tiny one but of course the children picked at it) and of course my stupid brain incorporated it into my broken sleep
The landlords just left after patching holes in my house, which is converted from my old games workshop store, and I go upstairs to find someone has snuck in, taken the wallpaper and made two large holes in the wall. As well as this they’ve graffitied two words ‘twit’ and another I can’t recall now (equally tame). As I’m wondering how I can fix it without upsetting the landlord a group of builders turn up with chipboard and cover the wall entirely. Apparently a different landlord has fixed it as part of a regeneration of the buildings in the street. At this point I remember there are high value toys behind the walls and consider how to get to them without rebreaking the wall.


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