@wildwestexodus, Lawmen Vs Outlaws Battle 

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so, Friday night my Lawmen were in action again. In a slight change from the last game I dropped the Gyrocopter (rested rather than dropped) for an Interceptor- having not used one in a while, as well as swapping my combat hands for ranged.

I also took Sheriff Mick Ironclad and Deputy Berenger for their boosting effects instead of Tomas Tate Tobin. My final change was the Gatling Gun in instead of the shotgun anticipating a lot of hired hands to shoot.

Note; this isn’t a complete battle report as I stopped taking pictures and didnt make any notes 

I was wrong about the hired hands as my opponent took mostly characters and only four hands (two combat, two ranged), but with the numbers provided by my rifles I hoped to account for a few of the tougher guys. I was also up against an Ironhide meaning those characters were going to be in my face really quickly.

Turn one was fairly standard positioning for the Lawmen, the Judgement biding it’s time for a decent shot, whilst two separate forward echelons established cover. Sheriff Mick Ironclad took up a covering position to support whichever group needed it first.

Pat Garrett also took position 


And killed the Apache Kid- a regular thorn in my side with his Spirit Aim weapons.

  Meanwhile the outlaws raced up the table as expected

The second turn saw Deputy Berenger do some serious damage to the Ironhide prompting my opponent to send Jesse James forward into my hired hands.

A turn later the hired hands has taken a beating and Berenger was down to his last few lifeblood. Jesse hadn’t had it all his own way though as he had taken a solid hit from Berengers LM-203 Launcher.

This didn’t end in Berengers favour as he finally dropped to Jesse’s attacks, however it gave the judgement the opportunity it was waiting for 


It trundled forward and fired its Rail Cannon through Jesse, the DustCutter and the Ironhide, putting Both Jesse and the DustCutter on the brink of death and taking away the Ironhides propulsion.

My opponent responded with the duscutter racing to the other group of hired hands and dropping its mega bomb


Leaving Pat Garrett prone on a single Lifeblood and three hired hands dead (with the other just outside the blast).

Sheriff Ironclad stepped up and finished off Jesse and the Ironhide blew chunks out of the Judgment as the Outlaws unleashed the Boxer, he killed a Hired hand before the judgements net dragged him kicking and screaming into its holding cell.

My interceptor accounted for the Ironhides weapons as Pat Garrett climbed to his feet and killed a Hired Hand making his way across the rooftops towards my force. The DustCutter was finally killed off (after a lot of bullets bounced off its high armour) and victory was mine. 

Due to the game ending the Boxer wasn’t killed as the game ended so no doubt a lengthy court case is due- presuming he doesn’t suffer some frontier justice first.  


@WildWestExodus, My Post Salute Lawmen

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so, as you’ll have seen I had nearly finished painting my lawmen faction for Wild West exodus by outlaw miniatures and with Salute approaching I knew it was a good time to get some more.

Well Salutes now gone and it’s time to update you with the additions to my force.

Pat Garrett. A slightly more specialised boss for my Lawmen, whilst I’ve enjoyed using Wyatt Earp I feel Pat Garrett’s ability to give surrounding models a free aim action will be more beneficial in most games I play.


Sheriff Mic Ironclad. Another booster to my hired hands- giving a boost to marksmanship to those around him. He also has two shotguns which is going to make a real mess of the opponent.

Deputy Berenger.  Not so much a boosting model (though he prevents my models being made prone), this guy carries a grenade launcher- nice and simple.

Dark Council. A mercenary addition, giving out influence to my force- this is vital as the Lawmen have low influence as standard.


Thomas Tate Tobin. Another mercenary,  this one a famous headhunter with a Sniper Rifle. He also brings a hefty three influence to the posse.

The Judgement. My big purchase, a heavy tank/prison with the ability to incarcerate and execute opponents.
Full faction pictures incoming.

@WildWestExodus, My Pre Salute Lawmen

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so, I’ve been playing Wild West Exodus by Outlaw Miniatures for some time now and with Salute approaching I expect I’ll be adding to the force very soon.

My faction of choice is the Lawmen, which I started with after picking up the Two player starter box (also includes Outlaws). 


The Lawmen force includes the following models

Wyatt Earp. The big boss of the faction, leading them into battle with a huge shield and blowing the opponents away with his shotgun. This guy always gets benefits against shooting attack (due to the shield) and can also smash people round the head with it causing incredible damage.

Doc Holliday. The underboss, suffering from tuberculosis means he’s wearing respiratory equipment which potentially revives him after being killed. Using Doc is great because a lot of players  like to block line of sight with smoke grenades, but Doc can ignore the smoke, allowing him to use his pistols with explosive rounds to devastating effect. He also has the a spring loaded deck of cards to use in combat, potentially decapitating his opponent.

Interceptor. The fast scout bike, zipping in amongst the enemy and unleashing rocket pods at them. It always dies due to proximity but never fails to kill an equal amount before doing so.

Close Combat Deputies. The pugilists of the force. The support to Wyatt. Not to good at shooting, but with an AP of 3 fast moving and handy in a fight

Long Range Deputies. My hired hands of choice, not terrible in a scrap, but mods importantly armed with reliable long range rifles with a devastating rate of fire.

Heavy Weapon Deputy with Shotgun. The same abilities as the hired hands but with a huge shotgun instead of the pistols or rifles of the others. The gun is fantastically powerful, using a large template and potentially hitting everyone under it four times- the counter point  to this being the need to stand still to use it and having to reload between shots.

I was using these guys for a while before a new release tempted me to add to the force 

Gyrocopter. The model caught my eye and upon receiving it I discovered the rules were also awesome, as it has incredible speed with which to line up a shot with its anti tank gun, but it can also drop dynamite on the ground as it flies across the tabletop.

Traps. These were a required purchase, partly because the low points cost allows for filling out lists, but also because I needed them for the Gyrocopter.

More recently I invested in the Lawmen Army Starter box
This added another five of each hired hand to the force, allowing me to use the heavy weapons teams for free. As well as an alternate sculpt Wyatt Earp I got the following 

Heavy Weapon Deputy with Gatling Gun. Similar to the shotgun deputy, it’s a hired hand with a big gun. This one sacrificing the hitting power of the shotgun for range- whilst still having a decent rate of fire.

UR-30 Lawbot. A sidekick to the force, mostly mechanical it lies somewhere between a hired hand a character for abilities- being pretty useful for shooting and combat (and again backing up Wyatts up close abilities).

So that’s the force, I’ll expand upon it after salute.

Salute 2015 Photo Dump Continued

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so, another batch of photos from Salute 2015. Again, a mix of my own and those Iv found online.


Not many cosplayers about, the Darth Vader and Stormtrooper escort seems to be a standard thing now. The Warhammer 40k Space Marine was quite good, though the guy was miserable. It also occurred to me that it’s a fun idea for the first ten minutes and after that you’re stuck with a heavy suit in a hot room surrounded by sweaty nerds who want their pictures taken- no wonder he was miserable.

  The castle was an entry into the ‘miscellaneous’ category of the painting competition- a vague term at best it was bigger and more impactful than anything else there.


More cosplay, Judge Dredd this time.









Wild West Exodus had two tables, one independently and one alongside Wayland Games so lots of interest drummed up hopefully.


I can’t remember this one, i think it was for Freebooters Fate


stingray game, it looked fun, if a little simple  

Hobby projects, @Wild West exodus lawmen starter box opening 

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So, I’ve been playing Wild West Exodus by Outlaw Miniatures for some time now. I started off with the lawmen half of the two player starter box (a fantastic deal) and aside from a Gyrocopter and some mines haven’t added to the force. Well, I have; I picked up a lawmen starter box some time back and put it in my to do box, which as you can see is quite substantial.


Well now finally I’m ready to get it built. The big motivator being that I finally downloaded the new army cards for the Hired Hands and want to use ten to get a ‘free’ heavy weapon on the field. So as I haven’t really covered the start of Wild West exodus I figured I’d do an unboxing post before properly tracking the assembly and painting of the models before using them on the table.

So this is the box


I nice compact starter for the army unlike some other unnamed companies that think big boxes are a necessity- having worked for one such major company I can tell you those big boxes just clog up shelves- and doesn’t mess about with model pictures on the front- I’m a fan of artwork on a box front.

Pulling it apart everything’s nicely packaged with minimal potential for damage (also a nice move).


First things first I browse over the quick start rules, only to discover that actually far from being ‘quick-start’ they are fairly comprehensive, meaning you can get into a full game very quickly 


Finishing up the paperwork side, the instructions. Now instructions can be a pain, often created digitally using 3d renders, it means it can be unclear exactly how a model goes together, however as you can see below Outlaw have left absolutely nothing to chance, indicating exactly what needs to be done for each and every model 



I especially like the highlighting of sprue sections.




Onto the models, the hired hands are well space on the sprue with a whole ton of detail (I’ll show more on that in a future post). Mould lines are also minimal and well placed.




The resin kits, again nicely laid out with everything clear of everything else to avoid sticking of hot resin to the model. I’m very excited to use my first sidekick- the UR-30 Lawbot- and really like the ready to draw pose. Because I already have the crouching pose of Wyatt Earp I’m undecided whether or not I’ll use this one (the legendary version with mega rules having been announced after all).



Finally, the accessories. The dice are a nice addition to me given I haven’t played many D10 games before.

The lipped bases are also a nice touch, giving every model a display style stand.

The cards are all in order, though this being an older box the hired hands are the older version so I’ll need to print out another couple, but otherwise all is good.

So I have no complaints with the box. I could say I’d prefer an alternate Boss, given that Wyatt also comes in the two player starter, but it’s an alternate pose so there’s always the option of painting him when my skills recover from 18 months of not painting.

This really fills me with confidence ahead of next years delivery of the recently finished kickstarter.

Books, bastion by Craig gallant @wildwestexodus

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so, with Outlaw mimiatures Wild West Exodus Unfinished Business kickstarter running I figured it a good time to start reading the books. Having finally found a UK stockist I trust (mentioning no names) I put an order in and less than a week later the book depository have delivered the full set of books.

I was torn between starting with the first book- the Jesse James chronicles honour among Outlaws- and the first chronological book – Bastion, in the end settling for Bastion. This being focused around the holy order of man meant it would provide a background on the overall story as well as giving me an insight that I haven’t been too bothered about so far. Whilst I like the models the bulky armour hasnt grabbed me. This actually has been a recurring theme in my interest in WWX as if favoured the more ‘realistic’ elements such as the Cowboys and Indians with less interest in the aliens and mysterious warriors, but the more I play and the more I learn the other races are becoming more and more interesting to me- which can only enhance my enjoyment of the game even if it does come at a quite literal cost.

The book starts immediately with discord and disagreement between key members of the mysterious Etta of the holy order with arguments over prophecies and chosen ones etc etc, which initially had me worried it would be a standard ‘chosen one’ style story, but it quickly moved away from that into the rest of the continent and the major players within the book.

The tale was split between three major storylines (which didn’t seem to be linked even tenuously yet interlocked nicely in their pace and felt as though there were setting up a much larger story in the near future)

The primary story is regarding giovanni Varro, a street fighter down on his luck and in the wrong place at the wrong time (this would be the potential chosen one). He ends up in training to potentially join the holy order after crossing paths with an agent of the dark council.

Second to this is another down on his luck character, a railhead crew leader who’s trainline ends up massively delayed resulting in him working construction in a new town. Meanwhile the local populace is being slaughtered by something mysterious and savage.

Finally, a focus on the active agents of the holy order as they seek an audience with Abraham Lincoln. This story held the most potential (it was also the least resolved) and also provided details on why the Ulysses S.  Grant model looks like this-


Overall the book was a good read with my worries of a standard prophecy plot being resolved with the alternate stories and a broad depth of detailing over so many elements of the holy order.

The book also served to resolve my issues  with the  holy order as a gaming faction, I love an underdog so alls good.

Next up will be the Jesse James book, which is slightly more intriguing following a small cameo appearance in bastion.

Wild West exodus unfinished business kickstarter stretch goals 

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So, I’ve been covering the Wild West exodus kickstarter by outlaw miniatures and at the time of writing some cool stretch goals have already been hit.

The full list is here 

It’s all looking good to be honest, there’s nothing there that I’m not interested in in some form. I’m a little disappointed not to see the ‘heavy’ models included in the potential plastic models, but it’s understandable given the size of them.

At the current time the following stretch goals have been reached

the first four are included free within their respective bundles, whilst Poncho Villa is the first add on.

And this is the current ‘easily’ reachable models that will be available given the current speed of funding.