What’s on my table? 28th July 

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so, this week has been fairly productive. Iv managed to get a lot done as most evenings Iv been at my painting table.

First, I finally got organised with my Basius pad with some green stuff and now every Wild West Exodus model I own has a unique moulded base (besides those I’d already based). Painting of these will continue soon.
As you’ll have seen in a previous post the Mad Max Cars were all painted up and finished, though I can see a few details that need to be sorted.

Over a year ago now I mentioned my Rourkes Drift box from Warlord Games, I finally got some colour on of the British Redcoats, finalising my base colours.

Happy with the result I immediately moved on to painting up some more and getting them shaded. I hope to get the remainder of the British done over the next week or so, before getting the seemingly endless pile of Zulu warrior sprues finished too.


Final details also went onto Miedo a Morir from the Brotherhood faction of Freebooters Fate. Just the base to tidy up a little.

A dice head model from Noc’s Box- a gaming store in Dorset. I’m annoyed I missed that mould line, not sure how it happened. Again, just the base and a little tidying to do on this one- and the tie of course.

Finally, Iv also been working on some GuildBall models, but I’ll write a seperate post for that.


Hobby Projects, Gaming Convention and demoing @wildwestexodus

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So, last weekend I spent two days in Plymouth for PAW or the Plymouth association of wargamers two day gaming convention. Alongside several tournaments and a fantastic bring and buy its a chance to try out new games and pick up random models from some of the local miniatures companies.
Myself and a friend took the opportunity a run demos of Wild West Exodus from Outlaw Miniatures. As fantastic as the game is interest within the UK is limited by availability. The issue seemingly being that there are no suppliers and therefore no interest, with no interest no suppliers are willing to stock it. And unfortunately the extortionate Royal Mail customs charges make it risky to purchase direct from the company. So we took the opportunity to demo the game and perhaps entice people to at least look into the game- as well as the upcoming unfinished business kickstarter.




I spent my weekend showing off my now fully painted Lawmen, whilst my friend alternated between outlaws and union. We like to think we generated a lot of interest in the game and the universe, and we spoke to a local trader GI Games in Plymouth who has promised to look into stocking it (a major USP for a gaming store). This is fantastic news as the most common question was where can I get it- it would have been awesome to be able to say “just over there” but at least we were able to provide a leaflet with details of the upcoming kickstarter as well as the leaflet we got in our various kits linking to Outlaw Miniatures website.

Anyways, it wouldn’t be a gaming convention without the opportunity to pick up a few bits and pieces, and I did indeed do so


I should point out that (in case my partner is reading) I took a lot of bits and pieces to the bring and buy and easily profited from the weekend, but selling stuff certainly allows for a little more freedom in picking up the bits I wanted.


This should really be the last thing I show, given I hadn’t planned to buy it (yet) but the price was too hard to resist (anytime somethings cheaper than wayland games without having to actually buy it from wayland games you just throw money). Dropzone commander, the urban scape war game. Iv been looking at this for a long time without picking it up and it was on my list for another gaming convention Salute 2015 in April, but I went ahead and picked it up as well as the starter box for the resistance (my planned main faction). An unboxing video will be coming soon.
I also picked up equipment cards for freebooters fate on impulse- this being another game I have a faction for without actually having played it yet, having traded some bits with someone from my gaming club.


Next up a visit to the dice bag lady for an order pickup from last week. the black fluffy thing has a flickering orange light to look like fire/an explosion so is useful for a million things (or rather one or two things a million times over). As well as that i picked up some badges for a small thing I have planned (probably more on that to come). Handily she also had some tape measures that just happened to be good and chunky. This was handy because mine exploded during a demo of WWX. I also have some more badges and some miniatures due when she has them available. Although I didn’t buy a dice bag (owning three from other suppliers already) I’m always happy to support someone cardiff based.


An accidental stroll past the ironclad miniatures stand and I’d picked these up. Officially known as Grubs, they look enough like worms from the classic game that I had to get them. Iv had them on an eventual list for a while but with them infront of me I couldn’t resist, plus the guy had a new cast of some paratroop grubs available so I picked them up too.


A hefty list of models I want from black scorpion miniatures was next, from alternate hired hands for my Wild West Exodus forces to models I just fancy painting- ghostly pirates will always do that to me.


Finally some purchases I planned, yet thought I’d missed out on from Crooked Dice Miniatures. I picked up some of their models in November at Reading Warlords and have since scanned the website and compiled a huge wanted list. Although I expected to see them there they weren’t, so I thought I’d saved some cash before seeing that ainsty castings stocks their range so whilst I couldn’t get everything I could at least pick up a few ‘doctor who’ models- not officially of course.

The next convention is the big one, Salute in London. You’d think having picked up one of my main purchases here I’d be able to save some cash there, but even aside from spontaneous impulse purchases Iv had confirmation that outlaw miniatures will be in attendance….