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Books, an update follow up

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So, given the amount of black library books I’d read recently I picked up something different from my huge pile, blott on the landscape by tom sharpe.
When I bought it the charity shop worked commented on enjoying them years ago, and several people have said similar since.

Well I read a quarter fairly quickly and have given up. It’s just not very exciting. Ordinarily if I start a book I finish, or occasionally put it down and go back to it, but this time I just can’t bear the thought of reading any more pages further.
The story started fairly well to be honest, a less than scrupulous man looking to sell his wife’s house to cash in, whilst pretending to be the good guy, but it never moved beyond that and I no longer care how successful he is in his plan.

I’d hope it’s an age related issue, the books forty years old and satire has moved on, and whilst I understood the humour it just didn’t ring as being particularly relevant or interesting to me.

For now the book will return to my pile, just in case. In the meantime I need to decide what to read instead, and currently it’s only warhammer books that are grabbing my attention…