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Guild Ball, Expanding the Union

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so, after getting Fangtooth and the starter set painted it was time to fill out the team. Games of Guild Ball are played with six players (seven for the Union strictly speaking) so I needed to get two more painted up. I opted for

Hemlocke and Rage.

Rage was an easy choice, having played demos using the Butchers team I really enjoyed the sheer killing power of the models and Rage provides that for these guys.

Hemlocke was a tougher decision, as there are so many other good characters to add. In the end I opted for her because she’s near impossible to hit and provides a lot of area effect options, as well as being a decent goal threat.

As with the starter set the models are nicely detailed with only a few bits to attach. Helocke’s leg was a little tricky to fit but no real problem.

The plan was to get both painted simultaneously, but I had so much fun painting Rage that he got finished well ahead of hemlocke. 
In the end I got the base colours in place and got the first wash on her, but it may be a little wait to finish her as the rest of the week looks pretty busy.


Salute 2015, Random Purchases

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So, as well as a host of Wild West Exodus models I did pick up a few extra bits and pieces whilst at Salute.

After running all the way to the Wayland Games stand it was straight to the Hawk Wargames stand to get hold of their show only exclusive- the Resistance Double Decker Bus. 

I was lucky as they sold out really quickly, and looking at the detail you can see why they’d be desirable. 

I also picked up these 



Order cards for the two starter armies and a resistance breaching drill. Of course I still haven’t played the game but love the idea of my resistance troops (when i get them sorted) popping out of the ground.

After a bit of wandering around browsing games and stands I reached the Dice Bag Lady’s stall for more show only models 


 A baggy turn counter and the new Baggy the Bag with Rocket Propelled Squid.

I also picked up these


For a future project.

That was all my shopping done, which normally means there’s more to buy, but this time I was fairly well behaved- only one more purchase made 

Looking back it’s nice to know I didn’t go mental even with money in my wallet and instead just picked up a model that’s been on my list since it as released; El Enterrador for Freebooters Fate. It’s not a flame Iv played, but the models are beautiful and Iv got a handful to get painted in the future.
And that was it. Aside of course from the huge amount of money being spent on refreshments- £2.50 is at least £1.50 too much to pay for a small bottle of coke or water.

@WildWestExodus, My Pre Salute Lawmen

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so, I’ve been playing Wild West Exodus by Outlaw Miniatures for some time now and with Salute approaching I expect I’ll be adding to the force very soon.

My faction of choice is the Lawmen, which I started with after picking up the Two player starter box (also includes Outlaws). 


The Lawmen force includes the following models

Wyatt Earp. The big boss of the faction, leading them into battle with a huge shield and blowing the opponents away with his shotgun. This guy always gets benefits against shooting attack (due to the shield) and can also smash people round the head with it causing incredible damage.

Doc Holliday. The underboss, suffering from tuberculosis means he’s wearing respiratory equipment which potentially revives him after being killed. Using Doc is great because a lot of players  like to block line of sight with smoke grenades, but Doc can ignore the smoke, allowing him to use his pistols with explosive rounds to devastating effect. He also has the a spring loaded deck of cards to use in combat, potentially decapitating his opponent.

Interceptor. The fast scout bike, zipping in amongst the enemy and unleashing rocket pods at them. It always dies due to proximity but never fails to kill an equal amount before doing so.

Close Combat Deputies. The pugilists of the force. The support to Wyatt. Not to good at shooting, but with an AP of 3 fast moving and handy in a fight

Long Range Deputies. My hired hands of choice, not terrible in a scrap, but mods importantly armed with reliable long range rifles with a devastating rate of fire.

Heavy Weapon Deputy with Shotgun. The same abilities as the hired hands but with a huge shotgun instead of the pistols or rifles of the others. The gun is fantastically powerful, using a large template and potentially hitting everyone under it four times- the counter point  to this being the need to stand still to use it and having to reload between shots.

I was using these guys for a while before a new release tempted me to add to the force 

Gyrocopter. The model caught my eye and upon receiving it I discovered the rules were also awesome, as it has incredible speed with which to line up a shot with its anti tank gun, but it can also drop dynamite on the ground as it flies across the tabletop.

Traps. These were a required purchase, partly because the low points cost allows for filling out lists, but also because I needed them for the Gyrocopter.

More recently I invested in the Lawmen Army Starter box
This added another five of each hired hand to the force, allowing me to use the heavy weapons teams for free. As well as an alternate sculpt Wyatt Earp I got the following 

Heavy Weapon Deputy with Gatling Gun. Similar to the shotgun deputy, it’s a hired hand with a big gun. This one sacrificing the hitting power of the shotgun for range- whilst still having a decent rate of fire.

UR-30 Lawbot. A sidekick to the force, mostly mechanical it lies somewhere between a hired hand a character for abilities- being pretty useful for shooting and combat (and again backing up Wyatts up close abilities).

So that’s the force, I’ll expand upon it after salute.

Salute 2015 Photo Dump Continued

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so, another batch of photos from Salute 2015. Again, a mix of my own and those Iv found online.


Not many cosplayers about, the Darth Vader and Stormtrooper escort seems to be a standard thing now. The Warhammer 40k Space Marine was quite good, though the guy was miserable. It also occurred to me that it’s a fun idea for the first ten minutes and after that you’re stuck with a heavy suit in a hot room surrounded by sweaty nerds who want their pictures taken- no wonder he was miserable.

  The castle was an entry into the ‘miscellaneous’ category of the painting competition- a vague term at best it was bigger and more impactful than anything else there.


More cosplay, Judge Dredd this time.









Wild West Exodus had two tables, one independently and one alongside Wayland Games so lots of interest drummed up hopefully.


I can’t remember this one, i think it was for Freebooters Fate


stingray game, it looked fun, if a little simple  

Hobby projects, @wildwestexodus battle report part 2

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So, at the end of part one read it here. of the Wild West exodus game, my Lawmen had advanced into firing range of the Union, and my Gyrocopter had so far unleashed anti tank shells and dynamite all over the Union forces.

I started the turn again (never have I rolled as well as this in any game) and having been shot at by everything in range I knew my Gyrocopter (undamaged by the way) had to get moving again to regain the accuracy boost, so I used my incredible quickness again and prepared the boom sticks


I figured if I could do a bit more damage with the dynamite the Gyrocopters work was done, so landed it in amongst his forces. The trail of explosives did indeed do some serious damage, killing off two hired hands.

Meanwhile my interceptor raced forward and hit the trigger on the hired hands the Gyrocopter had left behind.


More damage was caused before they teamed up to face him.

Having taken a beating at the hands of the Gyrocopter the Union circled and prepared to shoot it from the sky


By some miracle of dice rolling he took only a single point of damage- though he was set alight by the Union Underboss. Then I began to worry as the locust lined up its guns for a revenge shot.


Despite the sheer number of shots fired he only took 6 damage and so was still alive for next turn- much to the chagrin of my opponent

Knowing the gyro was near death I immediately picked a new target Abraham Lincoln.


Somehow he survived several anti tank shells to the face, in fairness everything had gone my way so far, I was due a poor roll of the dice.


Of course, fate stepped in and a close combat stepped from the smoke, raised his pistol and blew 7 points of lifeblood through the back of Lincolns head- all it needed was a theatre.

A shotgun shot from the heavy weapon hired hand also knocked a couple of points of damage off.

A further round of shots from the locust and everything else later and the gyro was hanging on with a single lifeblood remaining, unfortunately he’d ridden his luck for too long and on his next activation he succumbed to the flames and smashed hard into the ground


All was not lost though as my interceptor finished the hired hands at the other end of the table and my third activation Wyatt Earp stepped from behind the church and raised his weapon


In the excitement i didn’t take a picture, but you can see only a single hired hand left after Wyatts Shotgun had finished firing. I do love template weapons.

With only a couple of hired hands and an underboss remaining the Union beat a hasty retreat and the Lawmen claimed victory, with the loss of a Gyrocopter and a handful of hired men deemed acceptable losses for the death of Abraham Lincoln and an overwhelming victory.

Buzzing from the victory I spent my next painting session on the Interceptor. The clear model of the match was the Gyrocopter but the Interceptor was easily an unsung close second as it kept the union models at the other end of the table distracted, before killing most of them, so I felt it needed some colour




Hobby projects, @wildwestexodus battle report part 1

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So, a full post on the game is coming, but for now some pictures from my latest game.
I had 1000 points of Lawmen including my newly assembled Gyrocopter up against 1000 points of The Union. I wasn’t overly confident on getting the win as my posse was the models from the two player starter box plus the Gyro whereas my opponent had some more specific pieces, but as he’d taken a locust I hoped the anti tank cannon on the Gyro might get some use.

2015/01/img_3129.jpg My Gyrocopter ready to fly/hover

So we set up the town to fight over and got everything deployed

(The mines we mistakenly placed after deployment)

First turn I focused on moving my models into position knowing that whilst I had the greater rate of fire, the Union outranged most of my models



I also moved my interceptor wide to try and take out a few early hired hands, whilst my opponent advanced to cover and held a line across the table.

Then after my opponent advanced his Locust i activated my Gyrocopter from its hiding place behind the saloon and hopped his maximum movement into the centre of the table and unleashed the anti tank cannon


I don’t have a picture of my opponents face, but with one round of shooting I’d knocked the Locust down to 1 point of lifeblood, so I’m sure you can imagine he wasn’t best pleased.

Turn over and I rolled initiative.
The smart thing to do would be to finish of the locust and possibly hit Abraham Lincoln with a bit of fire, but as I’d not use the Gyro before I wanted to try another of its tricks.

His ability allows him to drop dynamite at points along his movement, which I did



I didn’t kill any hired hands but none of them escaped without damage.



At this point of the game neither of us had taken any losses, but with my gyro scooting about and my interceptor coming into play (as well as my hired hands being set) it was going to mean deaths very soon.

Hobby projects, playing Star Wars starship battles

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So, I’m reluctant to try new games, because too often I enjoy them and immediately have to spend money on them. Case in point, my order of the Wild West exodus starter box- though it was from wayland games so typically Iv been waiting longer than I’d hoped.
But tonight at the gaming point a good opportunity came up, the chance to play a Star Wars fleet game that is no longer in print. Star Wars sharship battles, awesome.
Unfortunately my phone is pants and the pictures aren’t worthy of posting, so I apologise for that.
So i lined up with control of half the rebel fleet, and a hefty fleet it was- we decided it would be silly to match points and instead just fire as many ships as we could onto the table- with all manner of well known and not so well known ships flying about.
Initially it started slowly, everyone being out of range, but in turn two the longer range ships were able to achieve something. It wasn’t much, but the first starfighters were lost on both sides. Turn three picked up as the starfighter screens reached the maximum range of the opponents ships, and the rebels lost swarms of x, y, b and a wings, in exchange for a handful of tie fighters. Turn 4 things really got interesting, as the bigger ships were fully engaged and the starfighters were able to start blowing apart the opponents, unfortunately the rebels simultaneously forget how to shoot and many ships were lost, only a handful of ties and a lambda shuttle were taken down.
Next turn luck flipped back to the rebel cause as the imperial starfighters were effectively wiped out by unrelenting rebel fire (typically the tie fighters have an infinite rule, so they’d be back shortly). The empire did do some major damage to some of the rebel capital ships but no losses.
In the next turn the imperial strength began destroying rebel ships, the famed rebel ship home one was torn apart, and several other mon calamari ships destroyed, whilst the rebel huge ship, the viscount had it’s shields stripped away due to a strategic error on my part, dithering between which fleet to engage leaving my flanks exposed.
In the next couple of turns my attentions turned to the interdictor cruisers, which were preventing me from unleashing my starfighters, but as I flew a fighter screen commanded by Han Solo in the millenium falcon to pick one off an imperial star destroyer intercepted the flight and the falcon was lost.
At this point the viscount turned and blew the interdictor away, exposing it’s rear to the other half of the imperial fleet, which was mopping up the remains of my rebel partners fleet- he’d killed boba fett, but Darth Vader was still abroad.
Things were turning out really badly for the rebels, Luke Skywalker had just been killed at the other end of the table and I’d lost another mon calamari cruiser, so the viscount surged forward and the fighters screamed in close to the star destroyers. I’d lost most of my heavy firepower so I had to suffer the defences of five star destroyers if I had any hope of victory.
Over the next three turns I systematically took out three of the destroyers and the fighter waves became less of a threat, unfortunately my partner was long dead and the imperials were racing across space into the rear of my rallying survivors, Darth Vader led the way, with his super star destroyer executor following up and drawing a bead on the viscount.
Another star destroyer went down, in exchange for my last cruiser, leaving me only fighters, transports and a severely pummelled viscount to face the empire. Darth Vader flew alongside the large capital ship allowing the lambda shuttles to tear it apart before he himself dealt the death blow, whilst the remaining star destroyer blew apart another rebel transport.
I needed some kills to have any hope of victory. Unfortunately my dice rolling always lets me down when I need it most, as three x wings, two b wings, two a wings, a y wing, two rebel transports and a frigate combine to kill two tie fighters. Things were about to end horribly.
But it wasn’t the end, the imperial players then rolled similarly poor dice, killing nothing but a few of the fighters, until the executor opened up with it’s forward battery and cleared the majority of the starfighters.
I rallied round the last transport, hoping for the best, but all failed and all fell, with the exception of one ace x wing pilot who was able to pick off another tie fighter before jumping to hyperspace and bringing the devastating news back to the rebel forces.

Luke skywalker- dead
Han Solo- dead
Admiral ackbar- dead
Wedge Antilles- dead
The viscount- destroyed
Home one- destroyed
The millenium falcon- destroyed
Rogue squadron- destroyed

Not a good sign for the future