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Hobby projects, an update

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So, I figured I’d give an update on my hobby projects.
The fact is Iv done very little in months, but there have been a few bits and pieces.

x wing

Iv been playing, I’m now fairly confident I have the rules down, and I’m enjoying it. I went to an assault on imdaar tournament (post coming if I can find my notes) and finished last- that was a disappointment. I have been playing a lot more though and have won a few games recently, more posts will be coming on expansions and my lists.

rorkes drift

This has sat untouched as I planned to not touch it until I’d cleared everything, but due to ebay changing selling prices Iv slowed down. I did however get some models built and cleaned for this recently, I’ll have a post coming on the box opening and some progress pictures as I go.


I haven’t bought much in the time since I left, but the recent ork release was tempting. My partner planned another energy sapping trip, this time to Cardiff so I spent a few hours in the store building and painting a new shokk attack gun and big gun. I will be getting an ork army together eventually, and my medieval orks really need some work, but at the moment 40k isn’t really appealing to me. The local gaming club is starting a tale of many gamers event soon so I may get back on board with my imperial guard.

warhammer fantasy

Yeah, Iv done nothing, I strongly suspect a new editions coming sooner or later, so we’ll see where it goes.

new systems

Just the other day my partner told me quite clearly I’m not to start any new systems. Fortunately just the day before the starter set for my new system had arrived, so I wasn’t breaking the rules. I picked up dreadball. Not only does it look good to play, but it’s cheap to expand upon, so I can pick up new teams when I’m ready easily.

gaming club

Iv been playing a lot of x wing at the club, and I’m starting to win games regularly which is nice. Additionally I played my first game of dreadball, it was good fun, in a fifteen turn game (the standard) we reached turn thirteen with the scores tied at zero. We’d both missed good opportunities to score before I suddenly clicked into a decent set of actions and scored a four point shot. This then led to panic as my entire team were out of my half of the pitch (one of the coolest aspects of the game is that you don’t reset after a goal, instead you just keep playing) but my opponent had an unlucky round of dice before I again scored three points, putting the game out of his hands. A win in my first game was nice, I’m under no illusion that it was skill, but it’s good, especially as I was running the basic starter team and was up against one of the specialist teams.
Other games played have been cards against humanity- a fun ‘be gross’ style game of cards. Also I played a game of lord of the rings, which was great, I used to love it and it’s so simple and engaging that it was just pleasant. I also played zombicide for the first time, again, it’s good fun, but having played last night on earth a lot at uni I don’t see any real difference so would have to give last night preference for the memories.

So that’s it, Iv been playing, but not much else. Progress reports will be coming as I am starting to build and paint again