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So, despite being informed michael Crichton is something of a hack, I’m a big enough fan of the film that I felt it only fair to give it a go.
And I’m happy to say, I enjoyed it. It was more technical than the film, with less ‘silly’ plot point moments- though I felt the children were largely unnecessary (much like in the film).
It was interesting to read the altered characters, john Hammond not being a lovable old man, just an egomaniacal old man, and alan grant as a happy, child loving dino expert. It was also nice that ian Malcolm was unchanged.
More dinosaurs, more violence, more natural dinosaur related activity was all good.
I finished it this morning and immediately went to watch the film but the DVD seems to have disappeared, despite seeing it around here somewhere, I’ll have to watch it when it turns up.
I’m now torn on what to read next, Iv been using readitswapit to get new books, and trade old, although I was smart enough to list unread books, some of which have now been traded away, but currently nothing in my shelf of unread books is appealing, so we’ll see.