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Writings, warhammer 40,000 role play part 5

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So, yet another batch of role play posts

Lorenzo was in a bad way, Palgrys could see that even without his apothecary experience.
The countless breaks and cuts from fighting the carnifex were bad enough, the lost hand an issue, but nothing I’m comparison to the hole burnt through his chest. His second heart had been torn apart and a hole burnt clean through to his armour generator.
He was alive and his body had clotted the blood, but he’d entered a coma, likely unconsciously.
Palgrys’ own injuries were severe too, although he’d escaped major injury against the carnifex, the beams from the necrons weapon had caused some serious damage both to his armour and body. And his narthecium had been damaged against the ‘fex.

Things were not looking good, and emperor knew where D’Antine had gone. Something was unusual too, when he’d first seen him his armour had been red and battered by the tyranid, when he’d gone it was blue, and intact.
Lorenzo first, Palgrys told himself. Fix him up and we’ll do it together


Palgrys had been openly voxing his request for some time, not expecting a response, but hopeful of extraction from somewhere. Lorenzo was stabilised, though he’d need extensive bionics if he survived his injuries.
D’Antine had disappeared and Palgrys didn’t expect him to return anytime soon. In the meantime he had collected up as many Boltgun shells as he could from various stasis chambers and damaged “exhibits” and was ready to move once he could get Lorenzo conscious and coherent again

“I am Apothecary Palgrys of the Soul Drinkers chapter, this is Sergeant Lorenzo of the Crimson Fists, I’d rate his chances of survival at roughly 30% without assistance, my narthecium was damaged taking down a Carnifex and I can only administer basic aid. My injuries are also substantial, so any protective aid you can offer will be most appreciated. Sergeant Lorenzo seems to be rousing and I can keep him moving at a slightly slower pace, at least for the foreseeable.
We must find communication with outside forces or in failing that a method of destroying these necrons”

“Your help is appreciated,” Palgrys said diplomatically, keen to avoid further tension, with the grey area that was his chapter still a potential issue, and the potential for real trouble if D’Antine reappeared he knew he needed all the allies he could get, “rendezvousing with imperial forces would seem the best option.”
Palgrys helped the rousing Lorenzo to his feet and supported his walking as they prepared to move out. Lorenzo was barely coherent but his marine biology was doing it’s best. Palgrys himself knew his body was at it’s limit too, but with additional forces future exertions should be less intense

D’Antine could have been walking moments, or an eternity, it didn’t matter. He needn’t trouble himself with any concept as basic as time now. Not now he was refreshed and restored.
The voices in the immaterium has promised much, he wasn’t stupid, he knew he couldn’t trust them, but they thought he could be trusted, so why not use him.
Why not let them think he’d be their pawn, the only truth was his body had been close to death, his armour useless. But his mind was alive, and it had bargained, it had fooled the voices into healing the body, replacing the armour, and filling his memories, all those gaps ten thousand years of Imprisonment created. He now saw what had come of his legion, smashed by those filthy wolves, Russ and his dogs. Let down by the emperor, fooled by the voices.
But he was better than that, he knew,.
He knew he was capable of beating them, because he was loyal to the emperor, and he would not falter.
He had reached his destination

D’Antine had done it.
He’d found what he’d been sent for.
He’d flicked the switch on a bank of lights and completed whatever requirement the voices had demanded for the restoration of his body and armour.
Daemons, not voices, he knew that. And he’d used their promises against them, what was flicking a few switches compared to being restored.
Ahead of him a light grew stronger, something was happening, a green glow was building.
This must be what the daemons wanted. Never mind, he was restored, now he could go about contacting the imperium. Perhaps he’d go back for the other space marines

this is the end, at least for now. The other participants haven’t been active and I don’t want to go nuts on posts, so we’ll see what happens

Writings, warhammer 40k role play part 4

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so, another load

Palgrys was climbing to his feet as another bolt sliced through his ceramite armour, lancing into his side and throwing him down again

Lorenzo reloaded his Boltgun and charged firing at the lychguard, his power weapon buzzing with electrical energy

Palgrys raised himself up, knowing his injury was bad, feeling blood running down the inside of his armour, his marine biology slowly clotting, but somehow restricted by the energy of the blast that his him.
Raising his bolter he unleashed shells at the necron lychguard to cover Lorenzo.

Lorenzos power sword thrummed as he reached the lychguard and swung the blade heavily at the necrons waist.

D’Antines armour had finished it’s knitting, the pale blue colour now shining over the armour. Gold trim had been finished and his proud looking helmet floated from the rubble and attached at the neck.
He raised up feeling more powerful than he ever had, his deal with the voices in the immaterium having fixed up his body and armour.

Rising from the ground he summoned his psychic powers to him, testing his body and feeling energy thrum through him. His attention switched to the necron Lorenzo was engaged with, unleashing a blast of flame hotter than anything he had ever summoned before

As Lorenzo charged the lychguard a white light enveloped it, and his helmet display when white. Immediately he pulled up not wanting to get close, he saw the necrons weapon slam into the floor infront of him, taking just a second to realise it would have cut right through him, he slammed his power sword straight forward at the off balanced necrons exposed face.

D’Antine stopped blasting and stepped towards the necron. He could see Lorenzo was in no fit state for a close quarters battle and had to help, refocusing he sent deadly energy coursing through his force sword.

Palgrys stepped gingerly forward, not in any position to help anyone right now, he slammed his narthecium into his exposed side and injected a painkilling drug into his scorched flesh.
Looking back up he was shocked to see D’Antine blasting flame at the necron, his injuries shouldn’t have taken that exertion. His armour was also fully repaired inexplicably. He then took in Lorenzo, in a far worse state engaged with a necron. Palgrys held his breath as the necron very nearly cut Lorenzo in half, only for Lorenzo to back out at the last second.
Hefting his narthecium and bolter he moved painfully forward ready for a fight

Lorenzo backed away from a swing at his hands, unfortunately his already damaged body and armour slower him and his right arm was sliced clean through at the wrist.
Grunting in pain he hefted his power sword (in his left) and swung it in and the chest of the necron.

D’Antine saw lorenzos gauntleted hand bounce away and disregarded it has the necron infront of him came into reach, psychic energy thrummed through the blade as he slammed it through the chest of the creature

Palgrys stumbled, the painkillers had kicked in and his body finally clotted, but he was weakened, the blast has done some serious damage to him, he watched Lorenzo lose a hand and D’Antine step in beside him. He was angry at himself for being too slow to reach them

Lorenzo felt his body clotting his wrist as his power sword thrummed through the necron, before he could drag his blade away a metal fist clamped around his throat, crushing the already damaged joint. Making to pull away he lost balance as the necron pulled the other way and dragged him onto his weapon. Lorenzo dropped his sword as the necrons rod smashed through his ceramite and through his second heart, continuing and stopping only at the power generator on his back

D’Antine powered energy through his force sword before lurching backwards from the flailing grip of the necron. Lorenzo wasn’t quick enough and had been impaled through the chest. Tearing his force sword from the necron he aimed a downward thrust at the creatures neck.

Palgrys staggered to the combat, just in time to see Lorenzo dragged onto a necron weapon, he aimed his bolter and unleashed more shells at the necron before moving to lorenzos side

The necron disappeared and D’Antine allowed his energy to seep away, his breathing heavy but his body restored

Lorenzo dropped heavily to the ground as the necrons staff disappeared, leaving a void through his chest which was immediately filled with blood.

Palgrys dropped down painfully next to Lorenzo, straining to roll him to his front
“D’Antine help me…”

D’Antine lowered his gaze, taking in Lorenzo and the apothecary, his cold voice grated from his helmet, “you can’t help him apothecary, he will die shortly.”
“D’Antine, he helped you, now help me.”
“Apothecary, you’ll be better served helping yourself, your injuries look serous too. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a task I will return later.”
D’Antine stalked away and Palgrys was left to tend Lorenzo alone.

Writings, warhammer 40k role play part three

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So, another batch

Lorenzo wasn’t entirely sure what happened, as the creature impacted with him and Palgrys, D’Antine had slammed his weapon through the ragged hole in it’s carapace. Next thing the creature exploded, flinging Lorenzo across the chamber followed closely by a wave of acidic gore.

D’Antine had retrieved his force sword and charged in at the creature just as it swung it’s claws into the other marines, focusing with the last of his strength he thrust the weapon into the flesh under the creatures armoured back and channelled his energies through it’s blade. The creature glowed faintly for an unnoticed moment before detonating in a tidal wave of ogre. Then D’Antine passed out.

Palgrys barely had time to dive aside as a crushing claw swung, dodging the pincer grip he was instead slammed bodily across the room, his armourplate crushed with the force. When he turned and rose he saw the ‘fex gone, to be replaced by a pool of steaming wet ichor. He staggered forward towards the nearest marine shaped pile of carnifex

Palgrys dragged a marine from the gore, unsure which one for the moment he could see the acidic blood had eaten through the paint and begun to eat away at the ceramite too.
The marine was missing his helmet and his skin was steaming as the acid ate away.
Palgrys dragged him clear, tearing a rag from a nearby corpse and wiping what he could from the flesh of the marine.

Lorenzo rose slowly, his HUD display glowing red as every system protested the movement. Blink clicking the alarms away he staggered towards the hunched figure of the purple space marine. As he neared him he saw it was an apothecary of the Soul Drinkers chapter, declared excommunicatus, but later exonerated at the word of Lysander of his founding chapter, the Imperial Fists. The apothecary was working quickly over the still form of D’Antine, clearing his exposed flesh of the acidic ogre from the carnifex. Fortunately, aside from some paint scouring the acid had had little effect on his armour, though the armour would likely be unusable in the long term.
“Apothecary, how can I assist?”
“Sergeant, how are your wounds?”
“I’m holding up, this looks more urgent.”
The apothecary glanced over his battered power armour before responding
“Very well, I need cloth, rags, anything to clear this muck from him before it’s too late. If you happen upon medical supplies of any kind that would help, but it’s unlikely. After I want you to have ready a full assessment of your physical state and we can get you fixed up too.”
“Ok, I’ll be back.”
Lorenzo moved as quickly as he could, on the hunt for supplies.

Apothecary Palgrys went back to work, clearing the acidic blood from the throat of the space marine in front of him

D’Antine was lost. He wandered alone in a darkened chamber, swirls of every colour, and no colour, drifted around him. Creatures passed around his perception, existing, but not existing just on the edges of his reality.
“What is this” he said aloud. Looking down to his armour to inspect for damage from his recent battle he was shocked to see it intact. Not intact. The wrong colour, gone was the proud red, in it’s place a blue, with gold trim.
In the darkness he could see bright concentrations of power. He had seen this before, other psykers within the empyrean.
So I’m outside of the mortal realm, he realised, nothing is real.
“All is real, all is false” a voice replied
Raising his bolter D’Antine circled, looking for the source.
“You won’t see me, because I don’t exist, and I do exist.”
“Show yourself”
“I am showing myself, or rather, I am showing what I can offer.”
“Stop the riddles, speak plainly.”
“I can offer you redemption, a return to the form of your brothers, reunited with your legion.”
“Speak quickly voice, I would hear everything…”

Lorenzo had returned with a limited supply of medical equipment, most not potent enough to aid a space marine, but Palgrys had done his best with what he had.
“I have cleared the acids of the creature he slayed and reset the broken bones. I cannot determine whether he has entered hibernation or is simply not conscious, but all we can do is watch over him for now.”
“Very well.”
“And your injuries? I must see to you.”
“My injuries will heal given time,”
‘I am familiar with the biology of our kind crimson fist, however, this isn’t an environment given over to bedrest.”
Lorenzo hesitated, “apothecary, whilst your lineage is to be respected, there is still a general unease regarding your chapters former actions. I cannot allow myself to lay with marines such as yourself and sergeant D’Antine.”
“We fight for the emperor, we always have. You inform me Lysander of the Imperial Fists decreed my chapter to be loyal, that should be enough for you.”
Grudgingly Lorenzo had to agree, “very well, if only due to my respect to a son of Dorn.”
“So, your injuries sergeant.”

Palgrys was summarising lorenzos injuries when a green beam sliced into his back generator. He was thrown to the ground as Lorenzo lifted his bolter and unleashed a torrent of explosive bolt rounds at the necron ahead of him.

D’Antine was awake his discussion in the immaterium had ended. And now he was awake.
Pain was present, but it was negligible.
His deal with the voice seemed to have benefitted him, he opened his eyes, glanced down to see his armour. It was in a terrible state, the battle with the carnifex has been devastating, but even now he could see the ceramite knitting back together, the joints flexing and damage disappearing, there also seemed to be a blue tint to it.
He looked to the two marines above him, focusing on their voices as a beam slammed into the back of the marine in purple

Writings, warhammer 40k roleplay part 2

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So, the next batch of posts

D’Antine and Lorenzo moved through the chaos as quickly as they could, D’Antine lagging slightly as his body slowly recovered from his exposure to the warp.
“Come on witch, we need to move”
“Don’t you worry, I’m right behind you” D’Antines breath was tagged, he could taste blood as he ran, knowing the dangers use of his power represented, “you don’t trust me, I need to know why.”
“There’s no time, we need to make it to any power source and shut this place down.”
“Two of us will be enough?”
“Well no, we’re going to need to find help, which is going to be more problematic given your chapter”
“My chapter is not a problem, aside from russ’s wolves we have no enemies”
Lorenzo gritted his teeth at the slur against a loyalist chapter, knowing D’Antine lacked information that could change his alliance very quickly.
“Come on D’Antine, move, if we can reach the power source there may be a way of communicating with friendly forces.”

D’Antine considered this, there was something strange about lorenzos choice of words, surely he meant the imperium, but he’d already implied things weren’t as straightforward as the emperors crusade had intended. Steadying his breathing he picked up his pace

D’Antine and Lorenzo moved in silence. Lorenzo had given D’Antine a brief history lesson and D’Antine had been brooding since.
Lorenzos bolter had been in hand ever since. He couldn’t be sure he could trust the thousand son, but so far he had no reason beyond chapter loyalties.

They moved past a mass of shredded corpses, clearly the result of something far bigger and more powerful than they had witnessed yet…

It had found them, D’Antine and Lorenzo had been moving steadily through the shredded remains of numerous xenos when a mound had risen and a carnifex leapt forth.
In between unleashing bolt shells and evading the crushing claws Lorenzo had given D’Antine what information he had on the tyranid creature.
On impulse he’d blink clicked his Vox and broadcast on an open network, “this is sergeant Lorenzo of the crimson fists, requesting aid from imperial forces.”

So far none had come…

D’Antine was bleeding again, his body had been battered by the carnifex and his exposure to what created the flames he was using to fight it was doing even more damage.
But both paled in comparison to the turmoil in his mind.
His legion. Traitors.
His Primarch. Heretic.
His emperor. Essentially dead
The crusade. Over
The galaxy. In flames.

Where did his loyalties lie? To his legion or what remained of the Emperors forces?

A claw swiped into him and flung him into a still sealed exhibit, he lay still, he needed to overcome his mind, it was reducing his battle focus.

Lorenzo could see D’Antine struggling, his once proud red armour scorched and smashed by their encounters. His was barely better, also battered by the carnifex. He shouted a warning as D’Antine seemed to ignore a claw swung at him. The hit connected and D’Antine disappeared.
Lorenzo reopened his Vox, “this is sergeant Lorenzo of the crimson fists, urgent assistance needed. Tyranid carnifex rampaging.”

Still no-one replied…

D’Antine pulled himself from the rubble to see the monster loping towards Lorenzo, whose bolter clicked dry.
Summoning all he could he unleashed flame into the rear of the carnifex.
The beast spun back to D’Antine, seemingly unhurt. D’Antine saw Lorenzo reload his bolter and raise his power sword, whilst he scrabbled around for his weapons.
As he got a grip on his bolter the carnifex slammed into him again, he saw his force sword bounce away but kept hold of his gun.

Lorenzo braced, the creature was coming at him, his Boltgun spat a stream of shells before clicking dry, with no time to reload he raised his power sword and braced for the ‘fex. A stream of flame washed over the creature and Lorenzo briefly saw D’Antine rise before the distracted ‘fex smashed through him again.
There had been no response to Lorenzo’s calls, but telltale clicks told him the message had been recieved somewhere…

Lorenzo was thrown from the carnifex again, whilst D’Antine was currently being held in the claw of the beast.
Lorenzo picked himself up once more, his HUD flashing warning icons all over, things were bad. He saw D’Antines fire enveloped hands struggling against the crushing claws, presumably fighting a losing battle.
As Lorenzo raised his power sword he saw a flash of purple and gold fall from a balcony and land on the ‘fex. He lost sight behind the bulk of the creature and ran towards D’Antine.

D’Antine was struggling, his body ravaged by the powers he was using- he knew the risks, he remembered brothers turned to beasts through overexposure, but his father Magnus had ended that. He still didn’t know where he stood, his father was a heretic, and he was alone. Alone and enclosed, enveloped by the huge claws of the carnifex. He felt and heard his armour creaking and cracking and the claw constricted. He drew power and focused flames on the claws to little effect.
As he tried to focus for a larger blow, another marine slammed into the ground nearby. A marine in purple and gold armour, and more unrecognisable symbols.

Apothecary Palgrys had been slaughtering xenos whilst hunting for more Soul Drinkers, or at least a way out when he’d heard a distress call from a Crimson Fist, one of his former Imperial Fist successor brothers. Rushing to the scene he’d witness the Fist and another marine valiantly failing to inflict any real damaged on a Carnifex of the devastating Tyranids- presumably another inhabitant of this place.
Firing up his narthecium he flung himself over the balcony and fell. Landing roughly he scrambled to his feet and plunged his reductor through the chitin plate of the monstrous creature in front of him. The diamantine tipped drill snapped, but succeeded in cutting through the carapace armour of the creature. Palgrys launched himself onto the creature as it roared and spun round, it’s jaws snapping and acidic saliva spraying across the open space. Palgrys’ armour sizzled on the impact, but he held doggedly on, raising his bolter and aiming a few bolt rounds at the face of the creature.

The ‘fex reared away from the Boltgun shells, one impacting in D’Antines chest plate as he rose, it didn’t penetrate but the explosion did widen the crack.
D’Antine cast around for his force sword, spotting it amongst the rubble.
“Lorenzo help him.” He coughed, spitting blood and tearing off his shattered helmet as he clambered to the weapon

Lorenzo heard the call and three himself under the beasts stomping legs, aiming his Boltgun at what he presumed would be a weaker underbelly. The bolts detonated and blew chunks from the beast and it reared away roaring in pain.

Palgrys was clinging on as the creature bucked under him, not able to get a safer grip. As he lunged for a better handhold a Boltgun rang out and the creature leaped again, Palgrys lost his grip and was thrown to the ground.
Jumping up quickly he dragged the Crimson Fist from the ground, recognising his rank identifiers he spoke quickly,
“Sergeant, focus your fire on the hole in it’s carapace.”
Lorenzo acted, firing a stream of bolts at the carapace and blowing chunks from the carapace.
The beast turned to them, bellowed and charged again, it’s claws swinging

Writings, 40k role play part one

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So, I joined in on a warhammer 40k role play on a website for a bit of writing inspiration (and an opportunity to actually do something). It was rubbish, you spend so much time waiting for other people to do something only for them to either not react to your writing or do something dull, but this was my post list.

Intro post (not mine)

Hey everyone! So similar rules to the first one, You get one commander and a group of support characters, All factions are available, you have one “Get out of death free” card, use it by post “miraculous survival at the top of your post. No god-modding, and the maze is basically player designed, you encounter what you wish, with a few presets to be encountered and announced later. Anyways… ON TO PLOT!

A section of Trazyn’s collection museum is losing power. You were frozen in it (or maybe you are part of the forces who are knocking out the power) everything living is escaping, you want to leave/knock out power/ kill things.


His swing finished and connected cleanly. It had felt like an eternity in the making.

The xenos beasts head hit the wall and sergeant D’Antine of the Thousand Sons lowered his force sword.

It had been an eternity. D’Antine had encountered all ten thousand years of his incarceration at the hands of Trazyn the infinite. Ten thousand years staring into the bestial eyes of the xenos creature he’d been battling when all had frozen. Ten thousand years in which he’d not been able to finish the hit. But now it was done.

And he was free, ten thousand years had passed, it was time to find his Primarch Magnus and rejoin him in the Emperors Great Crusade.

D’Antine paused, no, the great crusade was over, it would be ridiculous to think war would still be raging after so long, his brother marines wouldn’t have failed.

So what would be his purpose? He must make contact with Magnus.

D’Antine was steadily moving up a corridor with alcoves all around, each had a different occupant, or some had many occupants all arranged in a diorama of battle.
Seeing so many potential enemies of the emperor was almost enough temptation to kill all, but D’Antine knew he was currently alone and even a mighty space marine had to pick his battles occasionally.
Coming upon an alcove with a familiar silhouette inside D’Antine stopped. The armour was clearly a brother space marine but the marking weren’t right. This was clearly an imperial fist, but gone was the proud yellow, this armour was a dark blue and the fists were marked red. Perhaps a specialist? Perhaps tastes had changed in all the time away? D’Antine didn’t know, but he knew a fellow space marine would be a reliable ally.
Reaching out he hit a rune on the alcove door, green light spread away from his gauntleted fist and the stasis screen released the space marine inside

The marine took a second to adjust to movement he could now make and then threw himself bodily at D’Antine.
Both marines slammed into another alcove- crushing the occupant.
“Heretic scum” spat the marine in blue
“Brother space marine, what are you doing?” A shocked D’Antine replied fighting off the red gauntlets.
“Quiet scum, you are of the heretic thousand sons, I will destroy you.”
“Heretic…? No, we are loyal only to the emperor.”
“Chaos scum, you will be destroyed!”
“Chaos? What chaos?”
Something about D’Antines answer stopped the marine from fighting to reach his neck.
“You really don’t know do you?”
“Know what brother?”

The red fisted marine stood and offered his hand to D’Antine, he grasped it and was pulled to his feet.
“I am Brother Sergeant Lorenzo of the Crimson Fists, it would seem you are honest in your confusion. There is much you must know.”
“Sergeant D’Antine of the Thousand Sons, I’m not familiar with your legion, yet your livery is of the Imperial Fists.”
“There is much you need know, but my feeling is now is not up the appropriate time for it.”
“Very well, let us find a secure location, i need information.”

D’Antine stopped his advance and turned to Lorenzo,
“I feel something, an.. Emptiness.. And hatred…”
“Your legion disgraced itself with it’s warp powers, I don’t want to hear it.”
“I really need some new information from you.”
“Never mind right now, look.”
A green glow was approaching, several green glows.
Both marines readied their bolters and opened fire

*thousand son, not emperors children*

In the face of inexplicably returned fire both marines threw themselves down and scrambled for cover.
“D’Antine these are necrons, focus fire, one at a time, they regenerate”
“Thanks Lorenzo, watch this”

Responding to a taunt from the machine in front of him D’Antine rose from his cover and allowed the warp to flow through him, his armour iced over as flames enveloped his hands and a stream of flames blasted towards the necrons

Necrotic flame washed over D’Antine scorching red paint from the ceramite armour.
D’Antine stumbled back to Lorenzo who’d stopped firing at this point.
“D’Antine fall back,” Lorenzo shouted across the Vox, “we aren’t enough for this.”
“Not a chance Lorenzo, I can burn these to nothing.”
“No D’Antine, they regenerate, we need to find the source of their power.”
“Agreed, let’s go.”
D’Antine rose again, opening his mind to the warp and unleashing concentrated power at the nearest necron

there are some missing posts where I was attacked by a necron