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Life, what am I doing on my iPad? Part three

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so, as with the previous post   Here another batch of time wasting games I’ve been melting my brain with. Today Iv got a screen shot of my ‘current’ games; the games I log into daily (at least once…)


Blood bowl, I mentioned old games workshop games turned electronic and this is by far one of the best. It’s got one of the biggest followings of any games workshop games (ignoring the current core games) but somehow I’d never actually played- this didn’t stop me buying teams of course. When the app came out it was an immediate purchase, followed by evenings and days losing games before finally clicking with the rules and game style. I haven’t played it as much recently, but it’s still a game I haven’t mastered. Recently several new races were added to the game but I haven’t looked yet, games workshop being keen on charging for apps and for the updates. I’m of the opinion that you do either, not both.

Boom beach, I mentioned this one in the previous post. Build an island, smash the opponents. Iv become bored with it and the western theme equivalent briefly took over my interests. I’d now say 80% of what keeps me playing is the time already invested. The need to constantly log in and upgrade buildings etc becomes a real chore after a while.

Space wolf. My most recent games workshop pickup. Based on space hulk but with a more open map this ones slightly different in that it uses a card system for weaponry and movement, as well as allowing for levelling up of characters as the game gets harder. I haven’t played this as much as I’d planned too because it needs a solid block of time to get through a level but the only criticism I have is that the enemy is always the same- chaps marines with bolters and chainswords with the occasional lascannon.

Bitcoin Billionaire, tap Titans and adventure capitalist. Three almost identical games. You tap the screen to get money, spend it on upgrades and so on. I started with billionaire and it was a humorous time killer with a few achievements, the same with adventure capitalist (though less visually pleasing), whilst tap Titans has a little more interactivity as you kill monsters with your taps and there are a few boosts. Given the lack of any actual gameplay there’s barely a need for three of these games, let alone one.

North vs South, a risk style game with a few mini games based on the american civil war. It’s fun but the maps don’t change. Force dispositions do, but not enough to really influence the game. 

Evil apples, it’s basically cards against humanity played against an online community. Whilst the game is fun, it lacks something without actually being in a room with the other participants. Additionally, the need for a minimum three players means any disconnects ruin it for everyone (the real game adds a false hand lessening the issue) 

Odd socks, a game I’d stopped playing but have recently come back to. You have to pair socks. It’s simple but strangely addictive.


Trenches 2, a war game, you’re the general of a trench line and unleash troops on the opposing trench, much like many of the other games the repetitive nature of the game lets it down, as does the sheer power of the enemies tanks- still, I guess that’s fairly accurate.

Command and conquer, red alert, one of my favourite games years ago that just doesn’t translate well. It’s not so much about base building as controlling pre determined squads (small ones) 

Ticket to ride, based on the board game. You build train lines across country. It’s good, but doesn’t feel as good as the actual game.

High rise. A word finding game with burning tower theme. It’s ok, but I tend to get bored of games such as these.

Mahjong hd. Again, based on the real game. The games good, this doesn’t do anything additional, it’s just a base for the puzzles.

Well that’s the lot, next time you’ll find out what I plan to do with them 

Hobby projects, an update

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So, I figured I’d give an update on my hobby projects.
The fact is Iv done very little in months, but there have been a few bits and pieces.

x wing

Iv been playing, I’m now fairly confident I have the rules down, and I’m enjoying it. I went to an assault on imdaar tournament (post coming if I can find my notes) and finished last- that was a disappointment. I have been playing a lot more though and have won a few games recently, more posts will be coming on expansions and my lists.

rorkes drift

This has sat untouched as I planned to not touch it until I’d cleared everything, but due to ebay changing selling prices Iv slowed down. I did however get some models built and cleaned for this recently, I’ll have a post coming on the box opening and some progress pictures as I go.


I haven’t bought much in the time since I left, but the recent ork release was tempting. My partner planned another energy sapping trip, this time to Cardiff so I spent a few hours in the store building and painting a new shokk attack gun and big gun. I will be getting an ork army together eventually, and my medieval orks really need some work, but at the moment 40k isn’t really appealing to me. The local gaming club is starting a tale of many gamers event soon so I may get back on board with my imperial guard.

warhammer fantasy

Yeah, Iv done nothing, I strongly suspect a new editions coming sooner or later, so we’ll see where it goes.

new systems

Just the other day my partner told me quite clearly I’m not to start any new systems. Fortunately just the day before the starter set for my new system had arrived, so I wasn’t breaking the rules. I picked up dreadball. Not only does it look good to play, but it’s cheap to expand upon, so I can pick up new teams when I’m ready easily.

gaming club

Iv been playing a lot of x wing at the club, and I’m starting to win games regularly which is nice. Additionally I played my first game of dreadball, it was good fun, in a fifteen turn game (the standard) we reached turn thirteen with the scores tied at zero. We’d both missed good opportunities to score before I suddenly clicked into a decent set of actions and scored a four point shot. This then led to panic as my entire team were out of my half of the pitch (one of the coolest aspects of the game is that you don’t reset after a goal, instead you just keep playing) but my opponent had an unlucky round of dice before I again scored three points, putting the game out of his hands. A win in my first game was nice, I’m under no illusion that it was skill, but it’s good, especially as I was running the basic starter team and was up against one of the specialist teams.
Other games played have been cards against humanity- a fun ‘be gross’ style game of cards. Also I played a game of lord of the rings, which was great, I used to love it and it’s so simple and engaging that it was just pleasant. I also played zombicide for the first time, again, it’s good fun, but having played last night on earth a lot at uni I don’t see any real difference so would have to give last night preference for the memories.

So that’s it, Iv been playing, but not much else. Progress reports will be coming as I am starting to build and paint again