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What’s on my table? 28th July 

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so, this week has been fairly productive. Iv managed to get a lot done as most evenings Iv been at my painting table.

First, I finally got organised with my Basius pad with some green stuff and now every Wild West Exodus model I own has a unique moulded base (besides those I’d already based). Painting of these will continue soon.
As you’ll have seen in a previous post the Mad Max Cars were all painted up and finished, though I can see a few details that need to be sorted.

Over a year ago now I mentioned my Rourkes Drift box from Warlord Games, I finally got some colour on of the British Redcoats, finalising my base colours.

Happy with the result I immediately moved on to painting up some more and getting them shaded. I hope to get the remainder of the British done over the next week or so, before getting the seemingly endless pile of Zulu warrior sprues finished too.


Final details also went onto Miedo a Morir from the Brotherhood faction of Freebooters Fate. Just the base to tidy up a little.

A dice head model from Noc’s Box- a gaming store in Dorset. I’m annoyed I missed that mould line, not sure how it happened. Again, just the base and a little tidying to do on this one- and the tie of course.

Finally, Iv also been working on some GuildBall models, but I’ll write a seperate post for that.


Hobby Projects, Mad Max Cars Painting 

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So, last time I’d finished assembling my cars for an upcoming mad max style car wars event at my local gaming club, next up is painting.

Step one was priming them silver with Army Painters excellent base colour, followed by a black wash. This gave me a solid beat up metal to base the models paint schemes on. You may notice a new addition to the fleet as well, this was a quick build when I was hit with a moment of inspiration one evening last week.

The plan was initially to document every step, but I realised there’d be a lot of repetition. I picked a main colour for each vehicle- sticking with yellow and green for the landmover and yellow for the JCB for recognition, before drybrushing everything silver to give a burnished scraped appearance.

Then it was a case of picking out details- alternate colours, lights, fitting, ropes etc. finally I used Games Workshops Ryza Rust to pick out scuffed patches for rust, a technique I’d liked when painting the Dropzone Commander Drill.

The games next week so I now just need to work out the rules for each vehicle.

Hobby projects, Mad Max Cars Assembly

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So, at the gaming club in a few weeks we are playing a Mad Max style game requiring us to get hold of a small car and modify in a mad max style for the game.

As you can see above I got a little excited and planned to do more than one.

the idea here was a car with a rack of missiles on the back. A spare piece from dropzone commander gave it a solid bumper bar.

The Thunderbord I wanted to turn into a modern day wedding car, but with damage and modifications.

The chassis of this landmover was already perfect, I just added a gun and cloth canopy to make it more unique.

A broken differ gave me the opportunity to rebuild it, but with modifications. I opted against reattaching the digging element, instead arming it with a lot of spikes to provide close up protection, as well as adding a boosted engine.

And of course the fleet wouldn’t be complete without an actual military car, only it needed to be well used. So I hacked some chunks out and tore off the back plate 
The military car was coated in Typhus corrosion to texture it ahead of painting. The missile vehicle acquired the digger element of the original for a close range weapon.
Tonight I’ll be  spraying them and hope to get some paint on them too