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My apologies for the darker previous post, normal service shall be resumed shortly.

I’ve let the blog lapse as real life took over and limited my opportunities, whilst I simultaneously reached a point in the personal posts that I couldn’t get past. Well, it’s a new year and this one I intend to be better, so posts will be going live soon.

On a personal level, I intend to look back at some defining moments in my life, whilst also revisiting my largely failed six month plan from previously. 

Hobby posts will continue, I’ve been playing a whole load of guildball in the last few months and want to get more posts up about that. The new Wild West expdus Kickstarter is due to start shipping sometime very soon so no doubt I’ll be playing that for a bit too. I also intend to play some frostgrave soon, as well as the ever growing piles of board games I’m hoarding. And salutes bound to throw up a few curve balls. I also have a few tournaments lined up for the year ahead so expect write ups of them too.

The book and film posts I dropped for the most part. I was getting through a lot of dull stuff and the posts weren’t bringing anything useful to the Internet. If something especially grabs me I may bring it back.

Writings I have a few ideas for, with a few sketched out plans. It would be nice to finish something, so who knows.

beyond that there’s not much to say for now, except keep your eyes peeled for future posts, they are coming.

Blog news, how many posts is too many?

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so, since starting the blog Iv written over 300 posts about a variety of subjects, starting with my life through history, football and steadily more about my various hobbies (predominantly miniatures gaming). Some of these posts have been short, others lengthy with variable quality as Iv gone along. 300 and something in a little over a year feels good, but often Iv felt a desire (and put myself under pressure to deliver) a post a day, which has likely affected the quality from time to time.

Recently I have indeed managed a post a day (with content too) and at one point had three or four weeks of stuff scheduled, but having been away for a week- and eased off a bit- it’s caught up slightly. To avoid the pressure I’m no longer going to be posting daily (unless it’s a particularly productive time) and instead posting as and when things are ready to be posted about. Hopefully this will also allow me to schedule forgotten about posts (I’ll have to go back through the history to see what Iv forgotten about- I certainly haven’t forgotten the Wild West exodus and x wing stuff.

So not much to worry about here, it’s more a conscious acknowledgment that my posts may drop in quantity, but it doesn’t mean I’m slowing down. Hopefully this will also lead to an increase in quality.

I’d also like to see some post interactions. At the moment the statistics page tells me I get numerous views a day, with some likes thrown in as well, but only one person regularly comments His blog is here by the way, he’s currently working on some awesome looking Orks. I wonder how many of my views and likes are automated spam bots, but if a few of you could comment or share my posts it would be cool to see what you all think of the various posts I make. If there’s anything I can do to help that then let me know.

Blog news, a slight unplanned absence

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So, just in time for my writers block Iv been involved in an incident whereby Myles’ thumbnail gouged a chunk out of my cornea leaving me unable to see out of my right eye and in near constant pain.

For this reason (and that it hurts to stare at the screen) posts may be minimal for a while in the hope of regaining vision 

Blog news, spreading my wings

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So, this blog is for me more than anyone else but recently the traffics been increasing as (hopefully) it’s being of use to more people.

Iv responded to this by playing with the options and now any blog post automatically shares with my Twitter feed  and my new facebook page Facebook here

So be sure to like/follow as appropriate and hopefully the posts will grow over time 

Blog news, a major change in my outlook

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So, my reasons for blogging have been established, it’s all about a mixture of venting, speaking, thinking etc etc etc. Lots of words with different meanings, but in context the same. It’s about writing down the things that go in in my head.
In a conversation with somebody recently they were talking about their baby and how speaking her name makes them happier each time, and they asked why I always referred to mine as the boy and the girl. Now, aside from the fact I would consider my use to be The Boy and The Girl, it did make me realise that on my blog here, the use can be impersonal. That’s been somewhat intentional, as I have tried to maintain a distance between my life and the blog (or the depths of my mind).
But now IV considered it myself I think I was wrong. The children, and by extension my family are a huge part of those depths, and whilst there will always be barriers and controls in how my mind opens up to the world, I can’t do it consciously.

So going forward I will be using names (where appropriate) and perhaps this will open up a far less impersonal level to what I write.

2014 in review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,000 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 33 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Blog news, a refocusing

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So, I’ve realised that whilst Iv exceeded 100 posts (not sure if that’s all posted yet, but definitely scheduled) and only once have i actually specifically posted about my partners disability.
This isn’t necessarily bad because it means her being disabled isn’t necessarily controlling out lives, but I think also I’m skirting around it and not putting into words it’s effect on myself, so for those of you that care, more will be coming on that. For those of you that don’t, I apologise, more will be coming on that.

This blog was something I started to be able to vent, write, express and create I think if I continue to skirt around one of the biggest changes on my and my families lives then I miss a major venting and expressing opportunity.