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So, with my attendance of the local gaming night occurring on our traditional date night- not that traditional, but we’re trying to maintain it- Saturday became our date night. After a day out with the kids and my partner we were tired so I let her choose the film without any input from me, and she chose abe Lincoln vampire hunter.
Now, I hate vampire films, or at least the vampire films she likes (twilight and that sort of crap), but I was ok with a historical approach. The film actually turned out to be quite enjoyable, the approach felt original enough, and the action scenes were well done (not all in darkness this is a big deal for me )- specifically the horse stampede fight was a cool approach to the traditional fight on a train.
What was also enjoyable was the links to reality, the names, dates and events were all true to abe Lincoln’s life and the American civil war, with the addition of hunting vampires.

It was also nice to just cuddle up on the sofa (a very new, very expensive sofa I should add) have a beer and some pleasant time with my partner, Iv been struggling and exhausted, whilst she’s always exhausted and having a bit of a downer at the minute, so to switch off to trash that turned out to be quite good was a nice end to a good family day