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@WildWestExodus, Exacting Judgement, A Lawmen Judgement Test Drive

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So, after getting the Salute purchases built it was time to take some to the field and test out the newly added Lawmen for Wild West Exodus by Outlaw Miniatures. Myself and two friends prepared our factions in the knowledge we all had a Heavy Support choice to field, and settled on a force of $880 (don’t ask me why).

In putting my faction together the plan was to use all new models, or at least the best I could, unfortunately as a lot of my new additions were characters it left me with a very elite force, and so in order to boost my numbers a little I knew I’d need to use some hired hands. Given my preference for Long Range deputies I decided instead to use the Close Combat deputies as an alternate (and to see what I was missing). I went for a full ten of these giving me a ‘free’ heavy weapons- this time i went with the shotgun that I normally use for the power over number of shots.

Next up was the Boss, as I’ve mentioned previously Wyatt Earp I haven’t quite mastered so it was a perfect opportunity to give Pat Garrett a run out. His giving of Aim informed my next choice- the mercenary Thomas Tate Tobin whose long range rifle seemed a sensible bet against heavy tanks.

Remaining points were spent on a Gyrocopter- a model I use regularly but it was an opportunity to test its capabilities against a much heavier vehicle (and it has an anti tank gun so it would be wrong not too).

And finally my Heavy Support The Judgement. A prison cell / execution wagon that happens to be on wheels with a Railgun for protection. The judgement is able to launch a net potentially executing caught opponents so I was excited to try it out.

Edit- I have just rechecked my cards and actually had 890 points. Oops.

Up against me was a Union force led by Abraham Lincoln with support from a Rolling Thunder. 

  Note the Sand Buggy- won by my friend at Salute last week

Also up against us were the Holy order with their equivalent the Pillar of Light


All set to play we rolled for initiative, the holy order winning with their automatic +6 modifier, with myself next followed by the union.

The order immediately opened fire, killing one of my hired hands and causing some damage to the rolling thunder before it was my turn to activate. Knowing the judgement wasn’t designed to go toe to toe with the other heavies I resisted the temptation to activate it, instead activating the Gyrocopter and swooping across the field to open fire on the Holy Order Underboss. Four anti tank rounds slammed into him and killed him (the lack of influence forcing his hand) 

The Unions Rolling thunder then trundled forward and opened fire on all around it- having multiple weapons and being able to hit models at 360 degrees, causing some damage to the Holy Order models. The remainder of the turn was mostly positioning with minimal damage caused.

Initiative rolled the same way, with the holy order again benefitting from the modifier and the Pillar of Light hit the Rolling Thunder for more damage. On my activation the Gyrocopter again caused major hurt, skimming over the Pillar of Light and hurly Dynamite over the side.


Lots of damage was caused but it was well spread so no  impact on the functioning just yet. Not finished with my turn it was time for the Judgement to show off, trundling forwards and unleashing its rail gun at the Sand Buggy hiding on the left flank

Despite using influence for two turns the rail cannon failed to hit, the on board rifles instead doing the damage and destroying it.

By this point of the game the Rolling Thunder and Pillar of Light were facing off in the open, the Thunder being hit by and Interference weapon  preventing it from firing before it was immobilised.
Abraham Lincoln at this point advance into my swarm of Hired hands and they duly swept in to take him down 

I knew they’d suffer and I wasn’t wrong as he proceeded to kill every one of them, however he’d taken significant damage from a multitude of small cuts before charging Thomas Tate Tobin.

Seeing things going badly Pat Garrett proved his worth as my boss as he activated with a determined heft of his rifle

AP one. Blasting the Pillar of Light preventing it from Ramming the Rolling Thunder

AP two. Turning and shooting Abe, unfortunately hitting Tobin for a handful of lifeblood

AP three. Shooting again at Abe killing him with a lethal hit.

During all the you’d be forgiven for thinking the Judgement hadn’t done a great deal, but it was at this point the Net Launcher was  unleashed 

 Dr Tumblety passing his tangle test but being knocked prone by the impact and locked into the cell.  


Three failed escape attempts later he was executed, swinging from the rear mounted gallows.

Following this excitement the rail gun finally scored a hit blasting chunks from the Pillar of Light and slaying a hired hand of the Holy Order.
There was time for the rolling thunder to destroy the Pillar of Light before being engulfed itself from the final shot from the Judgements Rail Cannon at which point we had to call the game.

Overall I was pleased with the performance of my faction, Pat Garrets firepower really helping, as well as that of Tate Tobin (plus the influence they both bring). The close combat hired hands proved they do have a place on the table, even if they did all die.

The Gyrocopter once again was worth every dollar and I’m really looking forward to using two together.

And the Judgement? Well it did what I wanted and executed a character, but it also surprised me with its firepower; whilst it doesn’t have the power 17 of the Rolling thunder the range of the rail ammo still gives it some heavy hitting power (assuming I can actually land a hit).

It’s definitely going to need some more playtime to work out the balance of power versus the bigger tanks and I want to see the net in action against a mob of easy targets such as hired hands.


Books, bastion by Craig gallant @wildwestexodus

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so, with Outlaw mimiatures Wild West Exodus Unfinished Business kickstarter running I figured it a good time to start reading the books. Having finally found a UK stockist I trust (mentioning no names) I put an order in and less than a week later the book depository have delivered the full set of books.

I was torn between starting with the first book- the Jesse James chronicles honour among Outlaws- and the first chronological book – Bastion, in the end settling for Bastion. This being focused around the holy order of man meant it would provide a background on the overall story as well as giving me an insight that I haven’t been too bothered about so far. Whilst I like the models the bulky armour hasnt grabbed me. This actually has been a recurring theme in my interest in WWX as if favoured the more ‘realistic’ elements such as the Cowboys and Indians with less interest in the aliens and mysterious warriors, but the more I play and the more I learn the other races are becoming more and more interesting to me- which can only enhance my enjoyment of the game even if it does come at a quite literal cost.

The book starts immediately with discord and disagreement between key members of the mysterious Etta of the holy order with arguments over prophecies and chosen ones etc etc, which initially had me worried it would be a standard ‘chosen one’ style story, but it quickly moved away from that into the rest of the continent and the major players within the book.

The tale was split between three major storylines (which didn’t seem to be linked even tenuously yet interlocked nicely in their pace and felt as though there were setting up a much larger story in the near future)

The primary story is regarding giovanni Varro, a street fighter down on his luck and in the wrong place at the wrong time (this would be the potential chosen one). He ends up in training to potentially join the holy order after crossing paths with an agent of the dark council.

Second to this is another down on his luck character, a railhead crew leader who’s trainline ends up massively delayed resulting in him working construction in a new town. Meanwhile the local populace is being slaughtered by something mysterious and savage.

Finally, a focus on the active agents of the holy order as they seek an audience with Abraham Lincoln. This story held the most potential (it was also the least resolved) and also provided details on why the Ulysses S.  Grant model looks like this-


Overall the book was a good read with my worries of a standard prophecy plot being resolved with the alternate stories and a broad depth of detailing over so many elements of the holy order.

The book also served to resolve my issues  with the  holy order as a gaming faction, I love an underdog so alls good.

Next up will be the Jesse James book, which is slightly more intriguing following a small cameo appearance in bastion.

Hobby projects, @wildwestexodus battle report part 2

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So, at the end of part one read it here. of the Wild West exodus game, my Lawmen had advanced into firing range of the Union, and my Gyrocopter had so far unleashed anti tank shells and dynamite all over the Union forces.

I started the turn again (never have I rolled as well as this in any game) and having been shot at by everything in range I knew my Gyrocopter (undamaged by the way) had to get moving again to regain the accuracy boost, so I used my incredible quickness again and prepared the boom sticks


I figured if I could do a bit more damage with the dynamite the Gyrocopters work was done, so landed it in amongst his forces. The trail of explosives did indeed do some serious damage, killing off two hired hands.

Meanwhile my interceptor raced forward and hit the trigger on the hired hands the Gyrocopter had left behind.


More damage was caused before they teamed up to face him.

Having taken a beating at the hands of the Gyrocopter the Union circled and prepared to shoot it from the sky


By some miracle of dice rolling he took only a single point of damage- though he was set alight by the Union Underboss. Then I began to worry as the locust lined up its guns for a revenge shot.


Despite the sheer number of shots fired he only took 6 damage and so was still alive for next turn- much to the chagrin of my opponent

Knowing the gyro was near death I immediately picked a new target Abraham Lincoln.


Somehow he survived several anti tank shells to the face, in fairness everything had gone my way so far, I was due a poor roll of the dice.


Of course, fate stepped in and a close combat stepped from the smoke, raised his pistol and blew 7 points of lifeblood through the back of Lincolns head- all it needed was a theatre.

A shotgun shot from the heavy weapon hired hand also knocked a couple of points of damage off.

A further round of shots from the locust and everything else later and the gyro was hanging on with a single lifeblood remaining, unfortunately he’d ridden his luck for too long and on his next activation he succumbed to the flames and smashed hard into the ground


All was not lost though as my interceptor finished the hired hands at the other end of the table and my third activation Wyatt Earp stepped from behind the church and raised his weapon


In the excitement i didn’t take a picture, but you can see only a single hired hand left after Wyatts Shotgun had finished firing. I do love template weapons.

With only a couple of hired hands and an underboss remaining the Union beat a hasty retreat and the Lawmen claimed victory, with the loss of a Gyrocopter and a handful of hired men deemed acceptable losses for the death of Abraham Lincoln and an overwhelming victory.

Buzzing from the victory I spent my next painting session on the Interceptor. The clear model of the match was the Gyrocopter but the Interceptor was easily an unsung close second as it kept the union models at the other end of the table distracted, before killing most of them, so I felt it needed some colour




Hobby projects, @wildwestexodus battle report part 1

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So, a full post on the game is coming, but for now some pictures from my latest game.
I had 1000 points of Lawmen including my newly assembled Gyrocopter up against 1000 points of The Union. I wasn’t overly confident on getting the win as my posse was the models from the two player starter box plus the Gyro whereas my opponent had some more specific pieces, but as he’d taken a locust I hoped the anti tank cannon on the Gyro might get some use.

2015/01/img_3129.jpg My Gyrocopter ready to fly/hover

So we set up the town to fight over and got everything deployed

(The mines we mistakenly placed after deployment)

First turn I focused on moving my models into position knowing that whilst I had the greater rate of fire, the Union outranged most of my models



I also moved my interceptor wide to try and take out a few early hired hands, whilst my opponent advanced to cover and held a line across the table.

Then after my opponent advanced his Locust i activated my Gyrocopter from its hiding place behind the saloon and hopped his maximum movement into the centre of the table and unleashed the anti tank cannon


I don’t have a picture of my opponents face, but with one round of shooting I’d knocked the Locust down to 1 point of lifeblood, so I’m sure you can imagine he wasn’t best pleased.

Turn over and I rolled initiative.
The smart thing to do would be to finish of the locust and possibly hit Abraham Lincoln with a bit of fire, but as I’d not use the Gyro before I wanted to try another of its tricks.

His ability allows him to drop dynamite at points along his movement, which I did



I didn’t kill any hired hands but none of them escaped without damage.



At this point of the game neither of us had taken any losses, but with my gyro scooting about and my interceptor coming into play (as well as my hired hands being set) it was going to mean deaths very soon.

Films, Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter

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So, with my attendance of the local gaming night occurring on our traditional date night- not that traditional, but we’re trying to maintain it- Saturday became our date night. After a day out with the kids and my partner we were tired so I let her choose the film without any input from me, and she chose abe Lincoln vampire hunter.
Now, I hate vampire films, or at least the vampire films she likes (twilight and that sort of crap), but I was ok with a historical approach. The film actually turned out to be quite enjoyable, the approach felt original enough, and the action scenes were well done (not all in darkness this is a big deal for me )- specifically the horse stampede fight was a cool approach to the traditional fight on a train.
What was also enjoyable was the links to reality, the names, dates and events were all true to abe Lincoln’s life and the American civil war, with the addition of hunting vampires.

It was also nice to just cuddle up on the sofa (a very new, very expensive sofa I should add) have a beer and some pleasant time with my partner, Iv been struggling and exhausted, whilst she’s always exhausted and having a bit of a downer at the minute, so to switch off to trash that turned out to be quite good was a nice end to a good family day