Blog news, 137 posts

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So, this week my stats told me I have 87 posts. I don’t know if that’s 87 written or 87 posted (because I schedule most of them forward- in fact at the moment I’m about 8 weeks ahead on posts) and I made a decision; for better or worse it’s time to let my partner read my blog.
I am worried that so far all Iv written will upset her and make her feel far more guilty than she currently does/should, but I hope that once she starts to read and talks to me about what she is reading then it will inspire me to open up even further on my thoughts and feelings, both with her and in my posts.
Now, I couldn’t just make it easy for her- here have a weblink- so I asked her to pick a number between 100 and 1000 (some part of my brain hoping for the higher end) and she said 137. One hundred and thirty seven.

And so, once my stats tell me I have 137 posts (still no idea if that’s published or written) I will give her the weblink to the start of my blog.