The future

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So, rather than spending time warbling about what I have done (il get to that) I want to talk about the future (and a little bit of the present)
So, as it stands, I am currently not working, my time is spent caring for my partner who is disabled (more on that in the future too) and my two children, who are very much my raison d’être, my reason to live and the thing that keeps me going.
We are packing up our house at the moment ahead of relocating to a small village closer to where my partner works (yes she can and does work! but the 300 miles a week driving really puts a dent in her energy levels)

Packing up also means clearing out, lots of my hobby projects are going, or never getting started (who knows, I may get back to them someday). So a little rundown of hobby projects I do have planned for the future

Warlord games rorkes drift box. I love the zulu film, in fact I love most historical war films, but zulu was always a favourite, and warlord games sell a fantastic diorama/game set to recreate it. This will be my big painting project over the coming months, at least once everything’s unpacked and set up (couple of years them)

Fantasy flights x wing. Again! I love Star Wars, so a game based around the star fighters of the original trilogy sounds absolutely perfect. I actually resisted this for a long time, as the models come prepainted. However the reality is if they weren’t painted I would only want to paint them the official colours anyway so I’ve got over my hobby snobbery. Now, I haven’t played a game yet, my plan was to pick up a couple of the core sets and start small, unfortunately (or not) a lucky charity shop find, coupled with a few decent online sellers and a real scarcity of some of my more favoured star fighters has meant I have a steadily increasing fleet. The plan is to use the game to spur me on to hunt out a local gaming club or group of likeminded individuals in order to ingratiate myself in the community we’re moving too. Oh and smash some tie fighters too

Warhammer. So for various reasons (future) Iv fallen a little bit out of love with warhammer, well, no. No I haven’t, Iv been over saturated with warhammer so I really don’t know where I see myself going with it at the moment. I have a couple of projects I want to finish and also a few models I just love (these will get a dedicated post at some point) so as for the future I can say I will probably be painting and modelling some warhammer bits, not so sure about gaming.

Writing. I used to write a lot, most of it not very good, some of it very dull and mundane, but as a form of expression it’s a really good way of getting my thoughts straight. The blog here is a part of that, some of the regular bits I want to write on will become first drafts of elements of my writing. I’m not looking to publish anything, but it would be nice to create something anyway

So those are my currently planned projects, but I’m a hobby butterfly so I’m sure it will extend beyond that.

That’s all for now, expect a life related post soon