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So, I don’t really want to talk much about football on the blog, there’s so many topics already, but as an arsenal supporter I wanted to cover my thoughts ahead of next weeks fa cup final.
We had a decent season, although we finished fourth again, we were top of the league for most of the season, hopefully if we spend a bit of money in the summer we can kick on further next season.

Next weeks fa cup final is a big deal, we haven’t won a trophy in 9 years, so we need it. We’re also playing hull city, so it should be ours for the taking, unfortunately a few years back we all thought the same about the league cup final against Birmingham city. That time a mistake between koscielny and szceszny cost us. Both have improved massively since then and I hope the team have learnt.

Anyway, my preferred team for the final would be


Sagna mertesacker koscielny Gibbs

Flamini Arteta


Ozil Cazorla


Despite the fantastic efforts of fabianski in the cup this season, he’s leaving, so better our no 1 gets a potential cup win

Our defence has been solid all season, aside from a couple of mega blips, so it mostly picks itself, it could be argued that like fabianski, sagna is leaving and so jenkinson should play. If this happens then fair enough, but sagnas a far superior player and experiences, whereas jenkinson has barely played this season.

Midfield, the toughest bit. Flamini returning has been fantastic, he should never have been allowed to run his contract down, I’m not sure why he’s played less in the second half of the season, but alongside arteta it’s been a solid midfield base. Ramsey picks himself, he’s been awesome all season (apart from the injury), ozil and cazorla have the ability to win a game with a pass so both should be there.

Upfront, probably the easiest decision, do you play giroud who’s massively improved this season or sanogo, who’s played a handful of games and not done much? Yeah, it’s giroud.

Other contenders will of course be wilshire, rosicky and podolski. Rosicky has had a good season, whilst podolski has started scoring more recently so either would be an acceptable place, I don’t know who I’d want dropped to fit them in though, it may come down to fitness. Wilshire, whilst clearly very talented, just hasn’t impressed this season. I expect next season to be his second big breakthrough as long as he can keep his ankles in one piece at the World Cup.

As for the game itself, I expect arsenal to struggle initially against the plucky underdogs (maybe even concede) before class and fitness win out in the second half- much like a good number of our games this season.

I’d expect wilshire, sanogo and kallstrom to appear from the bench, though vermaelen, rosicky and podolski would of course be potentials too.

As for arsenals future assuming wenger signs his contract, I expect the summer to be a little underwhelming.

Fabianski, sagna, and kallstrom will leave. Fabianski has proved what a good keeper he is, but he needs to be a number one, someone’s going to get a bargain there. Sagna has been a solid consistent performer for years, it’s a shame to see him go, but who can blame him seeking out one final big contract. Kallstrom arrived on loan to a little bit of fuss, as far as I can tell he did ok when he played, I think if he were available cheaply he’d be a decent signing in midfield,
Another potential exit is vermaelen, who just can’t get back into the team. I’m not sure why he’s still captain if he’s isn’t playing, but I expect him to want to leave this summer in any case.

As for buys? I could list a whole load of signings we could make, and arsenal will make a few surprises instead. It’s widely accepted we need a goalkeeper, centre back (two if vermaelen goes), a right back, a vieira type midfielder and a centre forward. Given that three of those will just replace departures, I think the majority of fans are going to be disappointed by September, at least until arsenal look like challenging for the title,

Next season i think we can potentially win the title, but our injuries need to drop, for a few seasons now we’ve missed too many key players from too many games, so that needs to be sorted. Also, when January comes around, if we look to be short, then a signing must be made.


Life, Facebook and how I use it part two

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So, previously I mentioned my imminent culling of ‘friends’ on Facebook, well i cut down to 61 friends.

Those saved are either

People who have had a significant enough impact on my life that I still want to see what they’re up to.
People I currently like.
People I need on there because my partner likes them.

This brought me to 61. Which is quite a chop from around 250. I think in reality I could have cut down to about ten people, but that would be my social circle and family,
I also took the step to unblock everyone from my news feed so that I actually see what they are up to, and so far it’s been nice. Iv discussed the proper use of it’s and its with an old school friend, chicken pox with a university friend, cranes and babies with another university friend, and Iv also been able to see what’s happening in the real world whilst I take my parenting secondment from it.

So, this was just a short one to give an initial update, I’ll definitely return to this in the future to see how my Facebook interactions are developing.

I’m already close to hiding my sisters stream of inane posts so she might be the first to go again

Yes another part 2

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So, the multiple post, if this works then all is ready


It worked, woo

And yes, another

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So, it’s been a quiet week on the blog front, due to having no internet, but things are progressing at home (more on that in the future)

This is a test to see whether or not i wordpress can store multiple posts

Here goes

Another test of blog capabilities

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So, as mentioned previously, I will soon be without internet access for approximately a month.

One of my blogging contingency plans is to continue blogging, in the hope that when internet is restored, the post will upload. So, my ipad is currently in aeroplane mode, and I am posting. If you see this then my experiment has worked and I can continue to blog, without soiling the pages of my moleskin notebook (which really does feel amazing) with ink.

Here goes.


So, it didn’t work, or it did but it didn’t.

I hit upload and as expected it failed (had it succeeded I’d have been very confused), but it did save the blog. This meant that when I restored the internet it was ready to be re uploaded. Obviously this isn’t the perfect scenario I was hoping for, but it does mean that beautiful moleskin notebook can remain unsullied for a little while longer

Life, fears, or no fear

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So, fears is a good one. To be honest fears wasn’t a topic it had planned on adding to the categories of defining my life, but when looking around I saw the word and figured that actually, the fears we have can define us. Or at least how we deal with exposure to our fears does anyway.

So what am I scared of? Is that a literal or a general question, well the big one of course is death, am I scared of dying? Well actually no, no I’m not.
I should take a moment here to make absolutely clear I’m not one of those people who declare a lack of death phobia and then do something reckless and stupid to prove their point, those people are idiots. Iv done stupid and dangerous things of course (some you may even hear about in time), but there’s something really dumb about people like that, and you’ll very often find it’s the same people that declare themselves crazy and then have to prove that they are, again by doing something stupidly idiotic.
No, I’m not one of those people, but I don’t fear death. The key thing here is to make clear that whilst I don’t fear death, I don’t want to die, not yet anyway. I have many things I want to see / do before then.
I don’t fear death, because when I die, I don’t think I’ll have any time to worry about it, either I cease to exist and therefore it doesn’t matter, or I’ll be in some form of afterlife or reincarnation, so il be better off.

Obviously the physical act of dying doesn’t sound to pleasant, I’m all for going quietly in my sleep.

Other big ones, terrorism, global warming, meteorite, anthrax, nuclear apocalypse. Nope, no fear. Again, I don’t want any of those things to happen, but most will be so instantaneous I won’t be in a position to worry about it for too long. I have met people who hold a genuine fear of these sorts of things, but why? If it happens, yours probably dead. If it doesn’t, you’ve probably spent so long worrying about it that your life’s fairly dull and your heading for a breakdown and/or hypertension.

So real fears, what phobias do I have?

I have a fear of drowning. More generally my fear is asphyxiation, but it presents itself most commonly in water terms. I googled it, it’s called aquaphobia. The drowning bit anyway, not the general suffocation bit, which is linked with claustrophobia (I’m not claustrophobic, I’m too tall, everywheres a small space). Well actually, aquaphobia is a fear of water, I’m not scared of water, I’m fairly sure I’d die, given waters life giving qualities.
But I am scared of drowning. I haven’t had a bath for about 12 years (I shower, I don’t smell) because I don’t want to have to put my face underwater- the showers fine because it’s not a solid mass. I don’t go swimming for the same reason. Then again, if confronted by an overwhelming body of water (such as the ocean) I’m happy to just dive in, maybe my mind can’t comprehend that much drowning, who knows?

What about other phobias?

Com one ones

Arachnophobia. Nope, I get it, and Iv used it against people in pranks but no. Having said that if a big spider runs at me I move, and I move fast.

Fear of the dark. (Il give up on the technical words) Nope, again, I get it, I suppose it’s an innate caveman related fear, the darkness holds unknown dangers (or the scarier known dangers).

Fear of being alone. This one, maybe. Don’t we all? Human nature makes us social creatures (not all to the same extent, more on this in the future). I’m in the fortunate position where I have a partner and two children so I have the privilege of saying sometimes I would happily be alone (for a few minutes at least)

Fear of rejection. Iv been rejected. In fact, Iv adjusted my actions based on the fear of being rejected, but only in the moment, not in a general sense. If I want something the only way I’m going to get it is to try for it. Not saying that that makes rejection easier, but at least Iv tried.

Fear of failure. Again, I don’t want to fail, and il often keep going until I don’t fail, but the failure itself doesn’t scare me. What scares me more I’d the Point where the failure gets so much I don’t try anymore. After that then what’s the point?

I thought of one potential fear that I don’t believe I have, but that will likely manifest over the years; the fear that something will happen to my children. This open up so many variations and possibilities for something to go wrong, even from the normal everyday reckless actions of a child, there’s a lot of danger about, a lot of suffering that could occur. This is where my qualities as a father will really be tested, how do I react when something terrible happens to one of my kids. Because it will happen, whether it’s a broken bone, or the first heartbreak, from time to time as all suffer, so how I react to those moments will define me as a dad. The advantage I have is that I’m calm, especially in moments of crisis, my partner covers the panic, stress and anger style emotions whilst I am a calm methodical thinker (this often enhances the more emotional partner).

In reality, the real danger is something happening to my partner so there isn’t that strong balance between emotional outpouring and calm thinking.

About a year ago something did happen to my partner, which did affect us as parents and change the capabilities we have as parents.

My next post will talk about this.

In the meantime, fingers crossed those terrible moments of my childrens lives are minimal and minor. Or if not they are life defining at the least.

Time testing

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So I saw the schedule feature and just thought I’d give it a go

I’m no technophobe but often when I use technology things go wrong, I’m still not confident using a washing machine unless it has a very simple GO button.

Kettles I can manage because it’s a single switch, though I’d go through a lot more for the tea they create

Anyway that’s it, test over, my life post will be coming over the next few days