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My apologies for the darker previous post, normal service shall be resumed shortly.

I’ve let the blog lapse as real life took over and limited my opportunities, whilst I simultaneously reached a point in the personal posts that I couldn’t get past. Well, it’s a new year and this one I intend to be better, so posts will be going live soon.

On a personal level, I intend to look back at some defining moments in my life, whilst also revisiting my largely failed six month plan from previously. 

Hobby posts will continue, I’ve been playing a whole load of guildball in the last few months and want to get more posts up about that. The new Wild West expdus Kickstarter is due to start shipping sometime very soon so no doubt I’ll be playing that for a bit too. I also intend to play some frostgrave soon, as well as the ever growing piles of board games I’m hoarding. And salutes bound to throw up a few curve balls. I also have a few tournaments lined up for the year ahead so expect write ups of them too.

The book and film posts I dropped for the most part. I was getting through a lot of dull stuff and the posts weren’t bringing anything useful to the Internet. If something especially grabs me I may bring it back.

Writings I have a few ideas for, with a few sketched out plans. It would be nice to finish something, so who knows.

beyond that there’s not much to say for now, except keep your eyes peeled for future posts, they are coming.