Painting Guildball Union Fangtooth

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so, this was going to be included in my most recent ‘what’s on my table’ post but due to the size I figured it would be better off on its own.

Guildball is a game that’s recently become popular at my gaming club, mostly due to the kickstarter arriving and one of our members pledging for everything and being able to show it off. This has led to a gradual uptake of teams as well as a few crossovers with the club I the next town.

The game is a medieval sports game, based somewhere between the real origins of football and rugby and a fantasy world. It’s far more fluid than blood bowl and dreadball as it doesn’t require it’s models to move on set spaces, instead operating far more as a skirmish style game. 

I’ve played a few times now but haven’t yet settled on a team, I’m also holding off a bit to see if the game drops off, as has happened with a few games recently, as fads lose their appeal. I suspect this one will last, especially as season two is on the way, but you can never be sure.

In the meantime I  picked up a model I liked from the range to paint up, Fangtooth, from the Union team. He’s a fairly flexible model as he can play for the Morticians, Brewers and Fishermen as well so I’m not stuck with one team.

So the model arrived and I quickly assembled it (really quickly as it was a one piece model). I also used my recently acquired Basius 2 pad to give him a more exciting base.

You can see his base, with space for his huge feet in the centre of this picture.

Once glued to the base and sprayed I immediately painted the skin with Mephiston Red to provide a deep colour to the recesses of the skin.

Next came the layering to an actual skin tone. First drybrushing a heavy layer or emperors children over the top to take the edge off the red, before finally highlighting with Cadian Fleshtone to provide a natural colour. Due to the dirty rotten nature of Fangtooth I then dabbed Lamentors Yellow into creases and folds to make him look filthy.

Next up, the chains were picked out in Ironbreaker to break up the flesh areas. I also painted the trousers a split between Caliban Green and Averland Sunset. I always liked Stirlanders from Warhammer Fantasy so it was an easy choice on colour scheme. 

A slightly clearer shot, unfortunately iPads don’t have fantastic cameras, so a lot of pictures look awful.
Loads of detail on the model, I picked out a few boils and lumps with the yellow glaze, as well as getting all the staples from his repaired wounds,

Starting to look ok



Everything was given a wash with Agrax Earthshade to dirty it up (and lazily pick out detail). I also painted the wood of the base and his mask with Rhinox Hide, before highlighting the base with Gorthor Brown.


The trousers were highlighted with Warpstone Glow and Yriel Yellow, and the mask with Gorthor Brown. I added some Screaming Bell detailing to the chains, picking out the larger links and rings.
With that the model is finished until I add a team to him and detail with some linking colours.