Life, what next? a follow up part three

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So, about 9 months ago I wrote a list list of things I wanted to achieve before the end of 2014, so far I haven’t been doing particularly well.

Play a game of warhammer

This was written as a nod to the fact I hadn’t played it in an age (including some time as a games workshop store manager), I haven’t because my interests have shifted towards skirmish games and warhammer just isn’t that (yet?).

Play a game of something new

Haha, what a stupid idea this was. Iv picked up several new systems over the last year as everytime I play something new I get hooked.

Inventory my wee men collection

Things are more organised than previously, but not inventoried. It’s something I will need to do soon as I have to reorganise and find a suitable storage solution for bits and pieces.

Do a car boot sale

Hardly a key moment, just a way of speeding up junk clearance, hasn’t happened, but the junk is clearing slowly.

Do something amazing for the kids

Christmas I think was. It’s hard to define but Christmas was definitely an ‘amazing’ moment for the boy.

Do something special that makes my partner say ‘I love you’

Again, I can’t think of a specific, but it does happen frequently so clearly I’m doing something right.

Get better at tolerating morons

This wasn’t ever going to happen.

Get off the anti depressants

Yep. Done. Now, I should say officially I’m not ‘off’ them as its not a discussion I’ve had with the doctor, but given every appointment was a different doctor telling me I don’t present as a typical patient therefore I’m probably not depressed/ suffering anxiety I took on the challenge of getting off them. Several months later I feel ok, sometimes I’m overwhelmed- more than the past- but I’m coping ok without them.

Get a friend to visit

After a several year gap my friend Gareth from university visited for a few days. The kids terrorised loved him.

Get in touch with some old friends

I did try, I fired off a few Facebook messages to some people I haven’t spoken to in years but either they didn’t see them, they ignored them or after the niceties it tailed off to nothing. It’s not as easy as just starting to talk again, I suspect bumping into them in a pub would be an easier way of doing it, but Facebook just doesn’t work that way.
A few things achieved isn’t awful, but I’d like to be able to remember the ‘special’ things. There’s also a few failures there.