Star Wars X Wing Wave 6 part three M3-A Interceptor

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So, my Star Wars Xwing miniatures scum and villainy additions continue with this, the M3-A Interceptor. This is another ship I hadn’t heard of, and searching revealed little beyond it being a slightly more advanced ship than a tie fighter.

Looking at the model itself I’m impressed with the paint scheme (much like most wanted, rather than the StarViper), the colours are good and it has some detailing that some recent ships have lacked.

Unfortunately it seems the pilots don’t live up to the paint scheme- or rather the ship itself doesn’t. Serissu looks good for formation flying, whilst Laetin A’Shera- whilst probably situational- looks to be perfect for those all too common moments of poor dice rolling. Having said that I’d need my opponent to roll that result, rather than me. One interesting thing is the elite pilot talent on a generic pilot, whilst one of the named doesn’t have it, meaning elite talents on ships other than interceptors.

I’m disappointed not to see any illicit upgrades in the pack (Iv checked, my next purchase will have them) but the Mangler Cannon looks useful as a herding weapon. I’m not a huge fan of the title card. Whilst it allows for a lot of flexibility on the ship it adds a 2 point tax to any further upgrade, which pushes the ship a little too high for its damage output. 
Overall, it’s a little underwhelming an expansion but the coolness of the model makes up for it a little. I only need one more ship and I own at least one of everything, at which point I hope to finally start catching up with my openings of earlier expansions.