@infinitycrates June box opening Gather theme

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So, due to a change in circumstances (and an overflowing shirt drawer) I am having to cancel my infinity crate subscription for the time being and my penultimate box has arrived. Actually it arrived last week but I was in Wales so today I finally got my hands on it. This months theme was Gather, so fairly vague, but clearly geared around collecting.

As ever the box is small ish but nicely packed with stuff.


The pop vinyl is Professor X of the X men. I’m not a fan of the pops, and sell them on to recoup some of the box money, but I am tempted to keep this one as it’s pretty cool and I love the X men. The problem being of course that then there’s a temptation to just add one or two more…

Golden nuggets bubblegum. I haven’t seen these since I was about eight years old,  but recognised the, straight out of the box. A nice nostalgia moment, though I doubt the recipes as toxic as it was twenty years ago.

A Yoshi plush keyring. I don’t care for these myself but the kids will have it away before I put it away so all is well.


Badges, I keep hinting at a project with these, and sooner or later I will get it it. The pokeball is the only one I recognise (don’t know anything about mine craft)  so if anyone can identify the top two that would be appreciated.

Another for dummies poster, this is cool and because it’s a similar design to previous ones would fit nicely as a collection together. 


And finally the tshirt, Pokemon bursting out of a pokeball. I would have preferred a colour other than black (except white) but the design is cool. No bulbasaur silhouette though ūüė¶
Overall the box wasn’t quite as good as the last couple, but that was down to personal tastes rather than actual quality. Then again, it’s the first pop Iv been tempted to keep so that’s no bad thing. Next month is my final box and the theme I believe is Time and Space so it should be a decent box to finish on.