Life, what next? a follow up part two

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So, nine months ago I wrote a list of things I wanted to achieve by the end of the year, in part one I looked at some of them and realised I only achieved half of them, so hopefully this batch will be better
Clear away all my crap from the house

Bad start, I haven’t. A huge amount of it has gone, but it’s still a work in progress.

Get a new suit

Another I haven’t done, though as much as I want one I haven’t had the need for one. My wardrobe is due an upgrade though.

Pay off my overdraft

So very very nearly, the Wild West Exodus kickstarter took a chunk off, as did Salute, but those two aside I’m nearly there (just in time for our household income to drop significantly typically).

Reduce my loan ahead of schedule

Yep, by the end of this month it will be gone woohoo.

Close my littlewoods account

I think I did this the same day I wrote the list, easy one.

Cook once a month

I don’t cook a specific meal for the family once a month, but I have been cooking far more frequently with Rox increasing her hours at work.

Close my bank credit card

Done and done.

Get credit rating to top bracket

Yep, closing the littlewoods account and paying my loan and overdraft down put me into excellent.

Do something I haven’t done before

Not hugely exciting but I recently did some archery, which was fun.

Go somewhere I haven’t been before

Nowhere specific I can think of, but we managed Great Yarmouth, some Liverpool places and a couple of others

Learn to budget properly

Pretty vague, but I now hold a gift card for top up shops meaning fewer mini transactions, and my overdrafts reducing so clearly getting something right.

Run 100 miles

Haha. No. I stopped running, I think I managed about 14 miles, but I do intend to get back out again soon.

Do something weekly with the boy

We started going to gymnastics and trampolining for a while, but the novelty wore off so we changed to a music and singing class. He loved this due to it being in a softplay centre. This has now ended so we go to football practice every Monday.

Give blood twice

I haven’t managed once, one of the times we were away the other I missed. The next local session is in August, but I can guarantee it’ll be the week we’re in Belfast.

Take the girl to wookey hole

I did, we had lots of fun. She liked the caves, and luckily we were in well ahead of the queues. She also got her first go at crazy golf and beat me (with a little assistance)

Travel somewhere for me

We haven’t done this yet, but that’s down to me not looking for something suitable- short notice tournaments being a bit of a hurdle.

Make someone I don’t know laugh

Does going out with Rox’s work friends count? I caused laughs.

Make someone I don’t know smile

I can’t think of anything specific, but hopefully.

Play a game of pool

I played Rox, I won, she grumped.

So not a particularly positive list again, there’s a lot I still haven’t done.