Hobby, What’s on my table? 12th June 2015

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So, recently iv actually sat and got some painting done- certainly more than usual so this is just a quick update to what I’m working on.

Dropzone commander Ships for  The Scpurge. Iv kept these simple- following the hawk miniatures scheme- As a way of getting them on the table quickly (having still not got around to playing.

Baggie turn counter from the dice bag lady, a fun distraction from the more detailed kits.

Another couple of fun distractions, the Duck with Saw from Black Scorpion and a Worm   grub from ironclad miniatures. These are fun models, and I have another nice Grubs to paint- just need to find a use for them.

 The grubs are also a nice opportunity to take advantage of my seeming inability to paint eyes that don’t look crossed.


  More Dropzone Commander models- the drop ships for the UCM (United colonies of man). These have taken a little more time than the scourge due to the human element, but I’m enjoying getting them done.

More Scourge ships- these a little further back on the process but should all get finished in my next painting session leaving just the infantry for the faction to paint.


And it’s not all painting as I have a whole host of models to get done, latest assemblies being these doctor who temporal travellers models from crooked dice and the undertaker/grave digger from freebooters fate. These will be sprayed today if the rain stops ready to be started next time.