Kickstarter, @wargamesbakery basius 2 homestead pad

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So, my first backed kickstarter project has arrived (overwhelming numbers prompted a several month delay understandably). The Basius 2 Homestead basing pad from Wargames Bakery. Designed to help create unique bases this was really interesting, here’s what the campaign had to say about my pad

I chose the Homestead pad for its mix of bricks and rubble, suitable for pretty much anything.

The reverse side has already been earmarked for my Wild West exodus lawmen as a significant upgrade on using agrellan Earth from games workshop.      

The sheer detail on the pads provides an effectively infinite variety of options.   

Full prints of what can come out look good, I won’t be doing anything quite as large but it’s nice to see the full board.

So, as I said mine has arrived ready for use

Of course, as a pad I can’t tell much, I need to use it to get a proper impression (no pun intended) of the base, but the bricks and rubble look to be well defined

Again, without using it I can’t be certain, but this side looms a little less clean cut- a few of the details look masked  and more worrying what looks like plastic/resin flash seems to be overhanging in places so I’ll have to see how it comes out.

   The trapdoor handle covered over by ‘flash’ preventing a clear cast as shown in the stock picture.


Some of the overhangs on the planks, I worry they’ll ruin the definition of the planks.

My final worry, the thin sections look as though damage could be caused with extended use. Hopefully with the pad being a stronger material than anything being pushed into it it can take the pressure.

I plan on playing around with this tonight and will update then.