@lootcrate may box opening Unite theme.

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So I got hold of my first Lootcrate box, having ditched MyGeekBox and being satisfied but not overwhelmed by Infinity Crates I’d heard good things about this one.


 A good sized box this one, and well packed too.

A Rick and Morty Jigsaw. I don’t know them but jigsaws are always fun.

Ice cube trays are always good, these are cooler than bog standard ones.




A selection of badges, again these can go into the pile for my future project.

An avengers decal, not sure what I’ll do with it but I have a few now. 

I’m going to have Tob buy cooler shoes to use these now.  


    A selection of comics and magazines, I’ll have to flick through them to take a look.

The tee is awesome, really really awesome. 

So overall all good, by far the best box I’ve seen in a while So I may be tempted to pick up a Few more of these.
A cool feature is also the box

As you can see it has a locker room design, and if you watch loot rCates video On YouTube here You can see them assemble it, cool if you have action figures and kids…


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