Life, eye injury part two 

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so, previously (Part one here)  I talked about my corneal abrasion (scratched eye) and at the end was starting to worry about the lack of sight in my right eye.

Well, the two days between appointments did nothing to ease my worry, the pain was lessened by the various drugs and drops but the inability to do very much- ie go outside or drive- was getting to me. Come Thursday I was looking forward to at least getting some news at my latest appointment. If I were to be blind, fine I’d cope, if it were to recover all the better. Either way anything but the uncertainty.

Kids shuttled off one eyed to nursery/school I headed for the bus stop for my 11 o’clock appointment. It was not a good start, the bus was busy meaning I was sat at a window staring into the sun. I closed my eyes and dropped off to sleep, fortunately waking in time for the hospital.

Upon arrival I head into the building to see a sign stating “x ward left, all other wards right.” Excellent, turn right, down a corridor, another corridor, another corridor following ‘eye clinic’ signs, until I have to double back on myself because the latest sign requested it. Doubling back once more I finally find my ward, which frustratingly was through the door ahead of the sign I initially found. Regardless, I was still early enough to hope for a quick appointment, however after struggling through checking in (as people surrounded me and conveniently ignored the fact I couldn’t see out of one eye) I sat and noticed the sign ‘delays 30 minutes.’ Ok, I’ll be a bit delayed.

Excitement rose as my name was called at the time my appointment was due, so I followed, sat and removed my eye patch on request. 

“How’s the eye?”

“Sore, I can’t see”

“Ok, quick eye test then”

Ah, I realise; it’s a nicety. Ignoring my suggestion I can’t see she proceeded to go through the motions and ask about  letters I couldn’t see. 

“I can tell you there’s an A at the top because I know it’s there”

Being my best offering. Back to the waiting room and I notice the sign now says ‘delay 45 minutes.’ Excellent, I can’t see, I’m sore and I now have no eye patch to ease the mass of strip lights in the ceiling. Forty five minutes of sitting numbly (I tried reading, but one eye it seems cannot do it) and I look up to see ‘delay 90 minutes.’ For fucks sake.

Finally, after hearing moaning and grumbling from all around I was finally called.

“How’s the eye?”

“Sore, I can’t see but it’s got a lot of light sensitivity, and sitting under those strip lights hasn’t helped”

“Ok, I’m going to shine this light in your eye now”


A few minutes of shining a light into my sore eye she sits backs and starts to make notes. 




“Ok, your corneas healing well, make these changes to your medication.”

And that was it. No prognosis, no chat, dismissed. Tired and grumpy I head home with no real ease to the nagging doubts, just in time for school pick up- so much for peace after the appointment.

Another appointment a few days later, mercifully at opening time and the same process- eye test with the nurse at which I could read three lines (progress)- and a (much shorter) wait. The doctor was mercifully less brutal with the light, and despite her difficult accent (Eastern European with a lisp it seemed) she actually spoke to me to tell me the cornea had healed over (excellent news) but the eye was still severely swollen- hence the poor vision.

I took some confidence from the fact I was asked to return in a week (not two days) an went home a little happier.

Several days on my eye hurts, really hurts but the vision has improved to the point I’m not strapping it up, though there’s still a lot of blurriness. I also found last night (catching up on the Game of Thrones I couldn’t watch) that extended screen staring makes the pain worse, but the restored sight is so far a relief. Just so long as the itching stops soon.

2 thoughts on “Life, eye injury part two 

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