Life, eye injury part one

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so, Iv spent the last week and a bit minus an eye, and goodness hasn’t it been tough.

On Monday morning the boys flailing arms hit my face and his thumbnail caught my eye. The immediate pain suggested something was wrong and after a short time of being unable to open the eye, and the other closing in sympathy it was into the car to casualty to get it looked at. As expected the eye was scratched, the doctor telling me it was a deep gouge in the centre of my eyeline. Dosed up on codeine and ibuprofen I went home and felt sorry for myself for the day. Unable to read, watch TV, use anything bright I was bored and grumpy and fed up. 

Tuesday was more of the same- except that I had to clean the house ahead of the landlords visiting to inspect the apple trees. I was back in hospital that evening for the optometrist to take a look, at which point ‘deep gouge’ became ‘severe corneal abrasion.’ Because of the depth of the cut my eye was severely swollen and vision reduced to effectively nothing. 

At both appointments the doctor said “I’m going to put these drops in, it’ll sting for a moment but trust me it’s worth it.” My god, I have never heard such truer words; as the Oxycodone the sting was incredible, but nothing compared to the feeling of relief as suddenly all the pain was gone. The downside being the itching as it wore off.

Dosed up now on a dilating fluid (paralysing the pupil), antibiotics and the painkillers I was promised it would heal, but I could expect more pain as it did. Lovely.

A few days of feeling sorry for myself and the worry started to set in. My vision was still non existent out of the right eye and the worry that it would never return was nagging at me. Not being able to drive didn’t help as I got an insight into life as a partially sighted man. My time was spent wondering how I’d cope without an eye and whether I could do any of the things I’d normally want to do. It wasn’t a particularly pleasant couple of days.


5 thoughts on “Life, eye injury part one

    greggles said:
    June 1, 2015 at 12:02 pm

    Having had a scratched eye before, I feel your pain. It does heal rather quickly thankfully!

      hobbybutterfly responded:
      June 1, 2015 at 3:43 pm

      I scratched mine (less severely) about ten years ago walking home after a night at the pub (sober typically) and caught a twig in my eye, I remember a very quick recovery then, and this is progressing nicely, just the swelling in the eye stopping me from seeing that’s a pain

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