Star Wars X Wing Miniatures Game Wave Six Part One Most Wanted

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 So, I misbehaved a little. The plan was to reassess my x wing collection (it’s a little excessive) before adding anything new, especially the new Scum and Villainy faction, but I may have accidentally added a new box to my collection. The Scum and Villainy Most Wanted box. 
This is a whole new faction for the game, adding the smugglers, bounty hunters and other miscreants that don’t fall on any side of the galactic civil war between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance- unless the price is right of course.

Pulling them out of the box (which was unnecessarily huge by the way) I was impressed at the paint schemes. Recently Iv felt the schemes to be basic at best but these really impressed me, specifically the YWing


These of course are ships we’ve seen before (I genuinely am not going to be adding any more until Iv cut down a little) but it seemed a good place to start as it also provides new cards for current ships

At the top you’ve got a dial for each ship (as you’d expect), plus another YWing dial, a firespray dial and a HWK dial, meaning I can fly a scum and villainy faction right away without just piling points into the three ships in the box. And it’s not just token addition, there’s loads of options 


Look at all those pilots; six Z95 cards, four Firespray cards, six YWing cards and four HWK cards which actually means I could probably jump straight into epic play with the models I already have.

But that’s not all of course as upgrade cards are in here too

Some of these are unique to the Scum faction but mostly they add new additions to the existing forces, the Andrasta title for the firespray for example adding bomb space  and the Bomb load out on the YWing. I don’t use bombs a great deal as they tend to be disappointing, but this expansion definitely seems to want them to become more prevalent so I may give it a go.

Overall a fantastic expansion, three nicely painted models and a whole host of options for them, plus the cards and dials to ‘retrofit’ current models into the new faction. My only complaint is that the box had no scenario, which is always a nice addition to the expansions and promotes use of the new bits and pieces 


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