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So, last week I missed a parcel and couldn’t work out what it could be. I just picked it up from the sorting office and after a moments confusion at the scribbles over the envelope I noticed the word ‘Bulgaria’ and remembered I had backed the kickstarter project for Bright Future by Vermin Games.

Here’s what the project has to say

It finally happened – a crazed general pressed the big red button, releasing the missiles of war and destroying the surface world after an all-out nuclear war. In order to survive, humanity was forced to hide deep underground in the metro tunnels or in the decrepit ruins of the civil defense shelters from the Cold War.

The unimaginable forces unleashed by the thermonuclear ICBMs caught some of the survivors, mutating both their forms and minds into something new, something different.

However, these shelters were never meant for permanent inhabitation. Slowly, irradiated water starts to seep in. Most people have resigned to their fate and just plug the leaks wherever they can, but everyone knows that eventually they’re going to get flooded. 

The last hope lies into the legendary Tunnel of Power, where an old, enormous, filled-with-food soviet bunker is hidden. A recent earthquake exposed an impossibly thick door with a terminal beside it. Could this be the entrance to the mysterious bunker?

First impressions are that the box is of excellent quality, My expectation was of a cereal box style cardboard, but instead it’s a decent sturdy container with some smart box art.  Opening The box up I’m hit by that fantastic new smell of cut cardboard, and it’s a lovely smell.

The rulebook quality is good and it’s nice to see my name in the list of backers. The rules look well laid out and clear with only about ten pages there so hopefully no unnecessary padding.

A decent card stock tile and the character cards are of a good size with a nice thickness.

Overall the quality is good, the project delivered within the timeframe and I look forward to playing a game as soon as possible. 


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