Salute 2015 Free Stuff

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So, before I get to the detailed look at my haul from Salute 2015 I thought I’d have a proper look at the free stuff. I can’t show pictures of the sweets of course (given out at many stands) as they were the days sustenance.

Sweets aside its all about the swag bag given out on the way in. The free guides shown above and had a lot of content,  Mostly about longbows given the Agincourt theme but interesting all the same. There was also a focus on a Stingray game and an in depth background of one of the larger historical games on show.

Also in the bag-



Gaming aids, always useful. The dice will join my mass of others floating around in a box whilst the angled piece will end up in a box somewhere until I need it.

An Agincourt themed model, with a choice of heads and the choice of a ‘V’ gesture or a large blunt weapon. The magazine shows the final builds 


So all in all a decent bag of bits, the models interesting enough that I’ll likely build and paint it soon enough (motivation depending) and the magazine was better than an advertising pamphlet so pretty happy with it.

Close look at my not so free stuff upcoming  


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