#Kickstarter, Heist by @pairadiceg (ames)

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Si, I had another Kickstarter game come through, Heist by Pair a Dice Games

As you can see it was a decent backing amount and a cheap pickup game, here’s what they had to say on the campaign

 In Heist, players compete to commit the ultimate art heist. By using special tools to break through top level security systems, players progress towards the big haul. But you have to hurry, as you’ll only have 3 minutes to steal the prize before the security systems fully trigger, and you’re unable to complete your heist.

The game can be played with 2-4 players and takes EXACTLY 3 minutes to complete. Set up begins by randomly laying out a series of rooms that players must progress their pawns through in order to reach the Vault and steal the prized art. Each room has a coordinating color and symbol-coded tool that can be used to bypass the security in that room and move on to the next. But you can use other cards in your thieving arsenal to make vital Hand-Offs, stop your opponents with Security Guards (or pay them off with Bribes), Sabotage your buddies and more!

Since each of your special thieving techniques requires you to do more than just play the cards (as you make alarm sounds, laugh evilly, and shout “Stop!”), this game of stealth will be anything but stealthy.

So after a slight delay (customs holding to endure the sand timer held sand and not an alternate powder it arrived and I immediately opened up.


The box design is nice and simple, and has room for everything. The instructions are straightforward with the other side offering alternate play rules for co-operative play and player numbers outside of the recommended.


 lining the cards up for a game I immediately draw the vault which is the target destination so that goes to the back and all is ready. 


 Two player hands, you’ll see the various designs poking out, including the Mona Lisa card which is required to be played in the vault to win. If the cards drawn aren’t enough the correct ones to get through the next door it will mean discarding cards and hoping to find the appropriate one next time. The three minute time limit of the game reduces the chances for boring digging through a deck as it becomes a desperate race against time to get the correct cards in place.


The expansion included in the kickstarter adds some additional art pieces which change the game dramatically, adding new elements to gameplay.

The only criticism I have with the game is that the kickstarter exclusive alternate art card is slightly larger than the other cards in the deck so it’s easy to see where it is, though once it’s in a hand it’s less noticeable.

I hope to give the game a proper run through this evening and I’ll add my comments then.


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