Life, what am I doing on my iPad? An aside for football chairman

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So, you may remember that I was going to expand on a game in a seperate post. The game is football chairman by Freaky Robot.

Iv been playing the lite version so any comments are based on that.


You are the chairman of a non league football team. Of course, lots of management games include an element of the chairmans role, but in this its at the exclusion of the management side of things. As chairman you are responsible for the hiring and firing of the manager, as well as controlling developments to facilities and green lighting player purchases and sales.

I began at the very bottom rung as the chairman of Withington FC, selected a kit and manager and away we went. It was a strange thing not having any influence over match day but I was soon inundated with manager requests to buy players. Unless there is another message to be given the manager requests to buy a player every week whilst the transfer window is open. Saying no upsets him, saying yes but failing upsets him, saying yes and signing the player has no effect aside from adding the player to the squad. 

The first seasonsyou’ll see from the record screen brought the team immediate promotion, before a few seasons of inching up the table followed. 


 Aside from one blip mid table consistency was achieved before a shock promotion to the next league. Again, steady progress and consolidation followed followed by the team inching up the table season on season.


Promotion to the actual league was achieved with a second placed finish. Somehow I skipped the consolidation and had a decent couple of seasons before a drop and then promotion to division one.

Same process, consolidation and growth before promotion to the championship. Two seasons later I was promoted again to the premier league.


I say I but of course it was down to the manager, not me (though I paid for the squad of course). Following my promotion was an immediate relegation. The difficulty level seemed to jump more frequently in the premier league- I don’t know whether that was by accident or design but it felt realistic.

Having said that, once promoted I quickly settled into the top four and largely stayed there for a lot of seasons. Again, the game reflecting reality, maintaining that position led to the team bleeding money just to stand still.


Then something strange happened, I won the league followed by a fifteenth place finish followed by relegation. What a mad sequence of events. Immediate promotion followed before I got a bit bored and had a go at sabotaging the club


 A few relegations later I couldn’t get my squad stats down due to the quality of the training facilities and so began to climb up the league, before stopping playing.

Over my lifetime career I earned the following trophies



Which actually looks pretty poor, but when you ignore my messing about seasons it’s a little better. Plus the lack of any cups means less trophies are available.

 So the games fun, it’s hard work and there’s a whole luck element with managers that’s really hard to work out- pocking the best available isn’t always guaranteeing success. 

Aside from that for the best results you need to keep the media, players, fans and manager happy. Mostly this is easy enough, the problem comes in the drop in the managers happiness every time you say no to a player he wants. This as well seems random- as a sensible chairman I don’t wish to spend 30 million pounds on an average player in his thirties when I can buy a 20 year old of equal ability for a fraction of the cost. This only gets harder when your squad improves


With the majority reaching the 90s there aren’t many better players out there, yet still the managers try to push 50s/60s at you.

Overall it’s a good time wasting game that could do with some tweaking and feature improvements  


Which seems to be exactly the difference between the lite and premium versions. Unfortunately I’m just not willing to spend £2.99 on what is essentially the same game as I already have. 


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