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So, I’ve been playing Wild West Exodus by Outlaw Miniatures for some time now. I started off with the lawmen half of the two player starter box (a fantastic deal) and aside from a Gyrocopter and some mines haven’t added to the force. Well, I have; I picked up a lawmen starter box some time back and put it in my to do box, which as you can see is quite substantial.


Well now finally I’m ready to get it built. The big motivator being that I finally downloaded the new army cards for the Hired Hands and want to use ten to get a ‘free’ heavy weapon on the field. So as I haven’t really covered the start of Wild West exodus I figured I’d do an unboxing post before properly tracking the assembly and painting of the models before using them on the table.

So this is the box


I nice compact starter for the army unlike some other unnamed companies that think big boxes are a necessity- having worked for one such major company I can tell you those big boxes just clog up shelves- and doesn’t mess about with model pictures on the front- I’m a fan of artwork on a box front.

Pulling it apart everything’s nicely packaged with minimal potential for damage (also a nice move).


First things first I browse over the quick start rules, only to discover that actually far from being ‘quick-start’ they are fairly comprehensive, meaning you can get into a full game very quickly 


Finishing up the paperwork side, the instructions. Now instructions can be a pain, often created digitally using 3d renders, it means it can be unclear exactly how a model goes together, however as you can see below Outlaw have left absolutely nothing to chance, indicating exactly what needs to be done for each and every model 



I especially like the highlighting of sprue sections.




Onto the models, the hired hands are well space on the sprue with a whole ton of detail (I’ll show more on that in a future post). Mould lines are also minimal and well placed.




The resin kits, again nicely laid out with everything clear of everything else to avoid sticking of hot resin to the model. I’m very excited to use my first sidekick- the UR-30 Lawbot- and really like the ready to draw pose. Because I already have the crouching pose of Wyatt Earp I’m undecided whether or not I’ll use this one (the legendary version with mega rules having been announced after all).



Finally, the accessories. The dice are a nice addition to me given I haven’t played many D10 games before.

The lipped bases are also a nice touch, giving every model a display style stand.

The cards are all in order, though this being an older box the hired hands are the older version so I’ll need to print out another couple, but otherwise all is good.

So I have no complaints with the box. I could say I’d prefer an alternate Boss, given that Wyatt also comes in the two player starter, but it’s an alternate pose so there’s always the option of painting him when my skills recover from 18 months of not painting.

This really fills me with confidence ahead of next years delivery of the recently finished kickstarter.


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